Take Care of Me

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Take Care of Me
ReleaseThing a Week Two
Release date02-24-2006
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"Take Care of Me" is a song on Jonathan Coulton's fifth album, Thing a Week Two.

[edit] History

"Take Care of Me" was released as the twenty-second Thing a Week on February 24th, 2006.

[edit] Live performance

"Take Care of Me" is believed to have never been played at a Jonathan Coulton concert.

[edit] Trivia

  • The solo is played on an actual accordion which, according to Jonathan, was "a bitch".

[edit] Availability

[edit] Downloads

"Take Care of Me" is currently only available for purchase in the Jonathan Coulton MP3 Store as an individual track or as part of Thing a Week II. Of course this song is also included as part of the "Everything" playlist.

Downloadable FLAC versions of the above are available in the Jonathan Coulton FLAC Store.

[edit] CD

"Thing a Week II" is available for purchase as a CD here.

[edit] Themes

Thing-a-Week Two
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