Smoking Monkey

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Smoking Monkey
Smoking Monkey album cover
Artist: Jonathan Coulton
Tracks: 12
Release date: November 5, 2003
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[edit] Track Listing

  1. I'm Having a Party (3:27)
  2. Bozo's Lament (2:40)
  3. Kenesaw Mountain Landis (3:31)
  4. Ikea (3:05)
  5. I Hate California (3:08)
  6. Christmas Is Interesting (3:53)
  7. Over There (3:35)
  8. Millionaire Girlfriend (4:24)
  9. First of May (4:10)
  10. De-Evolving (4:29)
  11. I'm a Mason Now (2:17)
  12. Overhead (3:20)

[edit] Background

This was recorded over "who knows how long", some of it in Pro Tools and some of it in SAW Pro. Halfway through Jonathan switched apartments (Manhattan to Brooklyn) and platforms (Windows to Mac).

[edit] Availability

The album is still available for download and the CD is available here.

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