SeaMonkey Ninja Assassin Game

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#SeaMonkeyNinja update : The Card is mightier than the NERF...

Y'all spoke on Facebook, and discussed, and I listened. I'm going to design a game, and get it printed. A game made just for the JoCo cruise in Feb.

( Thanks to the wonderful people at, I will be able to produce custom cards and pieces. I promise the game will cost only what it takes to make the cards, with enough extra to purchase some nice prizes to give away at the end of the game, I'm targeting $10 )

I'd like to see 20-30 players to make this work, and I don't want to 'rock the boat', so here's how it will work:

Like the traditional game of "assassin" each person will receive two customized cards. One is their own ID "License to Kill" card, and the other is their intended target. Players will also receive a manilla envelope with the rules, a deck of custom made cards, and a couple special smaller cards which are your "ninja weapons"

The rest of the rules? Weeeeelll... that would be telling now, wouldn't it. Y'all will find out once you sign up, and become part of:


Sign up here:


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