JCC2016 - Helper Monkeys Needed

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We're looking for a few good monkeys. Or, like, a lot of them...

Form here.


  • A little bump... we always like to have more. :)
  • Are there helper monkey tasks that don't require a whole lot of standing?
  • SeaMonkey Info Desk is a very sit-down job... literally sitting behind a desk for a while. :) There's also registration help on Day 1, getting people checked in.
  • Still need any help? I am good at sitting (bad hips) and answering questions
  • I'm sure they'd be interested. They will need a lot of monkeys at the typewriters to produce good Shakespeare. ;-)
  • @Arian Fill out the form linked in the first post and we will gladly put you to work!
  • The link will only be open until Sunday night! If you're interested in helping but haven't filled it out, time is running short... :-)
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