I LOVE CRUISE. But holy hell is the coffee terrible.

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I love this trip, but every year the lack of decent coffee bums me out. Sure, there's a joint that'll make you a halfway decent espresso, but my prep of choice is pour-over -- a very different thing.

Has anyone else with a pourover/french press habit tried brewing on board? Can you get water in the Windjammer that's hot enough to brew with? Is that a plausible approach?

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    A portable immersion heater, maybe? I don't know if there are accessible plugs in the Windjammer, but you could at least use it in your room. Maybe use a thermos to take coffee from your room to the Windjammer. (You can get hot water for tea in the Windjammer—I regularly bring my own loose-leaf tea—but I expect that you need hotter water for coffee.)
  • Yeah, it's the heat of the water  I'm concerned about. I'm pretty sure they won't let me on board with anything like an immersion heater anyway. 

    IF I thought I could get 200+F water, I wouldn't at all be opposed to just brewing at my table in the Windjammer. A cup at a time doesn't take long, or require much gadgetry. 
  • Ah, good point. I checked the Royal Caribbean FAQ, and the list of prohibited items includes "Candles, Incense, Coffee Makers, Clothes Irons, Travel Steamers & Hot Plates. (Items that generate heat or produce an open flame."

    My impression is that the water is well below 200°. I bring very forgiving teas.
  • So, personally, I'm a cold brewer that likes coffee cold... but carrying liquids onboard is also a NoNo as far as I'm aware.  I know they won't let you bring on your own booze at least.  but I could have a batch going by end of day two of the cruise, in theory.  
  • You can take some liquids. They forbid booze because they SELL booze, so I think you'd probably be okay with cold brew coffee, but (as always) check with RCI first.

    Sadly, I'm not a cold brew person. 
  • I discovered cold brew coffee by trying some brewed by sea monkeys on JCCC2, so I know that's possible, at least on HAL. I can't remember whether I had it cold or warm.
  • I know our suite had a hot pot, so some devices like those might be available on-board.  Not sure about the options on the Westerdam.
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    The Westerdam had much better coffee than the Freedom of the Seas. And a chocolate bar with wonderful coffee/chocolate drinks. (Do not know if this still exists.) Although the land-based "Cacao drinkchocolate" shop, in the West Burnside area of downtown Portland near Powell's Books, is better yet.
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