Astronaut Training Experience day before cruise

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In 2012 we visited ATX in Kennedy Space Center and it was a blast.
Is anybody interested in a repeat? 
ATX takes about 5 hours and costs ~$175 including KSC admission for the rest of the day.

To measure interest please fill this form:

If we get 10+ people interested we could get a private ATX tour just for us.

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  • ATX is awesome and I might be interested in doing it again! Here are some videos from last time, in case people are wondering what's involved. There's also a full mission simulation, which I did also film but never got around to editing or even watching.
  • I can't go on departure day, but I plan to go on arrival day if anyone else is interested. I believe RCI has a tour that takes you from the boat to KSC, then to the airport, and luggage valet would still work. I'll keep people posted on this as I find out details. Spaceship spaceship spaceship!

  • I filled out the survey earlier saying I was 'very interested' but I've had something come up the day before the departure that means I can't do the ATX on the 20th.  :-(

    Dr_Leila, do you know what time the RCI tour gets you to the airport on the 28th? I don't fly out until 6:15pm so if I can semi-realistically make my flight I'd be interested.
  • I was planing on going to KSC the day that we return as well. I fly the following day and im staying at ytjr JoCoTel that night, so I have all day to spend and would love to meet up with you all. 
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