Youtube copyright claims & Tunecore?

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Some of you may remember me -- I was a pretty avid forum user way back in the the Song Fu days, and then sorta dropped off when the forums began to become cruise-planning central.

Anyway... the reason I'm coming back here is because of a copyright claim question. You see, I recently made this nifty video that I uploaded to youtube, using clips of Thor & Loki set to JoCo's Nemeses (feel free to watch it, I'll wait):

The other day, I noticed it had a copyright claim on it from "TuneCore":

Now, granted I've been out of the JoCo loop for a while, so things could've changed, but this seems sketchy to me. The last I'd heard, JoCo published everything with a CC license that explicitly allowed this kind of usage, so long as he is properly credited (which, you'll note, I did). If this is has changed since then, and this a legitimate claim on behalf of JoCo, with add revenue going to support him, that's fine -- I obviously don't have a problem with an artist being paid for his work

But I'm not that naiive... this smells more like an overzealous (or perhaps even false) claim by Tunecore to rights above and beyond what they actually have a right to. After all, if JoCo does still use a CC license, then shouldn't I be able to use his song without a third party making ad revenue in the process? (not that the 30 views its received would make that much anyway, but it's the principle of the thing). When I googled tunecore, one of the articles that came up on the first page was: An Artist Finally Gets the Guts to Take on TuneCore -- which is none to reassuring.

Has anyone here come across this issue before with JoCo's music? A superficial search on the forums and his blog didn't find anything, so I thought I'd ask here directly.


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    I had something similar with my Dissolve music video being claimed by IODA, so I asked JoCo about it and disputed it on YouTube at the time, but never realised anything had come of it until just now when I checked the video. It no longer has a copyright claim, so I just set the license to Creative Commons, which is all I wanted to do in the first place. :)

    Edit: Cool video! I haven't seen Thor but the clips you used sure look like they go with the song. The suit (well, the helmet) even sort of has teeth.
  • Hi Caleb!  I don't have an answer to your question, but thought I'd also chime in with a hearty "Cool video!"  It's like that song was written with Thor and Loki in mind...

    I remember you well from those long-lost days, before cruise chat took over the forums.  You never know, this forum may rise from the ashes one day, if someone can convince Mr. Coulton to going back to what he does best (meaning quirky, catchy songs, and lots of 'em!).
  • Hey, nobody's talking about the cruise (or anything) in here much at the moment. If you're quiet, and careful not to wake the slumbering cruisophilae, you could start up conversations on anything you like. ;) Like this video, for instance; I like that.

    Also, I still listen to your Song Fu (and SpinTunes) songs.
  • Thanks for the compliments! I went ahead and tweeted him; we'll see if I get a response.

    Angela, nice catch on the "suit has teeth" nod. I was wondering if it would be too subtle. Your video is fun too, BTW.
  • Just got a response back. He says it's legit, and that TuneCore does indeed collect YT revenue for him. Interesting.
  • Just wanted to chime in and say great job with the video.
  • I am glad that this worked out, and also glad that it's possible for creators to both release their stuff under a Creative Commons license, and *also* monetize it on YouTube. Folks get to use cool music in their stuff, and creators get to earn money from the ad revenue, so everyone wins!

    Except people who feel entitled to watch free stuff with no ads on it on the Internet.
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