Excited about JoCo Cruise 6 Entertainers!

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I am so happy to see the initial list of entertainers.  In particular, I may have given an excited whoop of joy at reading Imogen Heap and N.K. Jemisin on the list, both new faces I'm particularly excited to see.  Also yay for a lot of excellent returning faces.  :)

Anyhow, I thought I'd share a topic thread for anyone else making hand flappy gestures at the ir monitors in excitement.  YAAAAAY!  (I will Kermitflail away now.)


  • The list of entertainers looks good so far! It's a shame that some of the "featured guests" can't have full sets as well, as they could in a land-based festival setting where the event had constant use of the stage(s). Perhaps the organizers could find a ship where this was possible.
  • You are nothing if not consistent, Brett.

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    Well, here in Laramie we have a festival where we have three stages and run at least two of them simultaneously most of the weekend... it is simply amazing. More performers and more music in 3 days than the cruise has in 7, and at a lower cost to attendees because they don't have to pay for a boat. Yes, I've got to admit that I do like that. All it needs is a game room and more geeks. It could easily have a ball pit, too, if we had a mind to set one up.

    So, yes, I guess I'm consistent. I love music and comedy and smart people and geekiness, in the largest doses possible. Big boats? Can take 'em or leave 'em. YMMV, of course.
  • Yeah, I'm gonna have to go ahead and agree with Isabela on this one. (NSFW Desire Demon)
  • I know you've seen this before, but I guess if you're going to continue to make the same suggestion, you may as well get the same answer. :) Honestly, I think repeating the suggestion just wearies people of it and makes them less likely to seriously consider it.

    (Though, thinking of things that are repeated ad nauseam, if it's done right maybe nobody will be able to shake it off.)

    Anyway, I'm excited about… 

    Aww geez, do I have to pick one? I'm kind of glancingly familiar with most of the new guests but not enough to be super excited about them specifically. So let's say I'm excited that Hodgman will be back because my friend who was a new sea monkey this year would like to meet him.

    I noticed that David Rees is not on the list. I hope that isn't permanent.
  • While I'm sure the Lebanon, Kansas, Convention & Visitors Bureau would love to host "Equally Inconvenient For Almost Everyone Festival" at the geographic center of the contiguous 48 states, this definitely isn't the appropriate thread to suggest it in.
  • When Imogen Heap was rumored to be coming I asked my hubby about her, he's a huge fan and immediately sent me a play list! Excited to see Rothfuss again, we've been introducing all our friends to his books, maybe him and Ted Leo will read to us again!! Is it February yet?!
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    @Angelastic Hey; I only say it once a year or so! And that yearly mention is now a time-honored tradition. The first one was, in fact, three years before the first cruise happened -- in the older version of this forum, before JoCo's site switched to Vanilla.

    In any case, it does seem a shame that the cruise has such fantastic headliners on it who won't get a slot on the main stage. Maybe they should try to set up a Hot Tub Stage.
  • I think it was always vanilla; it just upgraded the version, and went from yellow to blue and chopped off the ends of any posts containing non-ASCII characters in the process.

    Any headliners, tailliners, cruiseliners, slackliners or oneliners are welcome to perform from the hot tub during the second annual Presidential Variety Show. Flatliners should report to the infirmary.
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    I love love LOVE the line-up so far (except I too am concerned about the aforementioned missing David Rees... I don't know how we can possibly shake it off if he's not there and how will the WiFi Temperance Brigade be able to avert their eyes from temptation while silently judging others without their leader?). 

    And since they haven't been mentioned by anyone else yet, I'll just put in an **OMG!  Yay!!!** at seeing Janet Varney (Korra!) and the comic book writing spouses Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction names on the list for JCC(C)6.
  • Well if there ever is a land-based MonkeyCon / JocoPalooza, we'll have to title an event in Brett's honor.
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    The Brett Glass Memorial High-Speed-Internet Conference Call (ETA: And Stair-Climbingavaganzapalooza.)
  • Memorial?

    I intend to be around to enjoy it.
  • Things don't always go as intended. #murdercruise
  • For some of us, cruises are always murder. ;-)
  • Paul F. Tompkins had the same intention, and see how that worked out for him.
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    As far as I know, he's been around for every one at least some of his "memorial" socials, so apparently he has been able to escape the mayhem. Unless, of course, that's his ghost I've been seeing.
  • He wasn't around for his first, third, or fifth memorial moustache formals. In any case, his being around for the others shows that the BGMHSICCASC can still be a memorial even if you are around to enjoy it.
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    Guess it depends upon your definition. As it happens, today is a US holiday called Memorial Day. It honors soldiers who didn't come back. There's a separate holiday called Veterans' Day honoring those who did. So, personally, I'd prefer to be honored as a (cruise) veteran rather than to be "memorialized." ;-)
  • @ricks, if there is a JocoPalooza, I want in on it! Also love the equally inconvenient for everyone ise. Peoria Illinois anyone?
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    ♫ We are schlepping to Peoria; Peoria; Peoria.... ♫

    (Seriously, though, I would rather schlep to Peoria than Fort Lauderdale, scam capital of the US. The only likely restriction on the location of such an event: From what I know of JoCo's preferences he would want it to be near sea level. He has remarked that he's less comfortable performing at high altitudes, where a singer gets less wind.)
  • Guess no Denver jocopoloosa then! Too bad, that be one ripped event! :D
  • I was going to repeat my "where's David Rees" comment after all the #shakeitoff shenanigans at w00tstock 7.0 when I realized that John Roderick's not on the list of the performers... maybe it's because he's "gaining steam" in the race for the Seattle City Council position?
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    I would love to see JoCo back in Denver sometime. Maybe at Swallow Hill Music Association for a change rather than The Soiled Dove. The Swallow Hill crowd would love him.
    As for Roderick: as I listen to his podcast, I sense that if he is elected, politics will be a life-consuming pursuit for him. He may not be able to get away for the cruise anymore.
  • I am bumping my own thread to make more flappyhands about Allie Brosh coming - that is so awesome!

    (Though I really hope we don't freak her out, 'cause I get the impression a huge crowd of geeks might be anxiety-inducing to her.  Certainly there are a fair number of monkeys also in this camp, but probably not as many who have reason to potentially have a slew of people crowding specifically around us all at once.)
  • Allie made it through Comic-Con so the boat should be a breeze!. :)
  • Well, then, it's good that they alot-ed her some stage time.
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