Shop Vac Animation

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Hi gang!

I made an animated music video for "Shop Vac". I'd love to hear what you all think of it.


  • It's more awesome than I can express! Great job!
  • Holy Fuck, Dude! That was Awesome!
    I like the bridge and solo especially but all of it is great.
  • Oh wow, that is really really really awesome! Love it! This is so saved!

    Are you planning on doing more like these? Probably even more JoCo songs?
  • Wow wow wow. Love it!
  • Are you planning on doing more like these? Probably even more JoCo songs?
    I don't have any definite plans. If I do another music video, it probably won't be in the kinetic typography style of animation.

    Before I started this project I worked on some storyboards for a Space Doggity cartoon. I have very limited experience with character animation, but now that I'm more familiar with the tools that seems like the next logical step.
  • As I said in my youtube comment, this is one of the most creative uses of kinetic type I've seen. I do love the song, but the personality in your graphics is what makes this. I am deeply envious. What kind of artistic background do you have? I'd assume you are a graphic designer from the quality, but seeing your musical talent I may just have to accept that you are better at your hobbies than I am at mine. (:
  • So awesome. So, so awesome. I'm sure I didn't get all the jokes, but that just means I'll have to watch it again. Off to do so.
  • That was fantastic. What tools did you use to make it?
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    Wow. I read all the glowing praise (here and on youtube) before watching it, and thought it can't be THAT great. But it is, amazing!

    Looks like JoCo got not just one, but two great video presents for JoCo Day. This one should get him lots of new eyes/ears (like the Youtuber who commented "Video aside, the song itself is relentlessly, morbidly catchy. Never heard of this guy, but I hope he keeps up the good work.")
  • Spiff: SpaceParanoids posted that in the video description:
    This was created using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere and Toon Boom Animate.
  • This is excellent! Love it! :)
  • What kind of artistic background do you have?
    I make my living from designing web site interfaces, but I've dabbled in all manner of graphic design. I've done a lot of logos, posters, business cards, powerpoint presentations and whatnot. I've been at it full-time since 1997.

    I've done lots of animated Flash apps, but this was my first "real" animation project, and the very first thing I've ever done in After Effects. It is a powerful tool.

    Thank you guys so much for all the praise. This was a real labor of love (somewhere between 500-1000 hours of work), and it's very gratifying that people are enjoying it so much.
  • I found the big reddit thread for this video and enjoyed reading all your responses there. I'm glad to see it getting so much traction! You deserve the praise and viral traffic; the effort you put in paid off in quality.

    Note to self: attention to detail matters. Be more like Jarrett.
  • That is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.

    Totally seriously.

    You are completely awesome.
  • I just have to join in on the praise for your work. You deserve all these kudos and more. Your attention to detail is stellar (LOL at YOU-CAN-CALL = 968-226-2255!). It's so chock full of awesome-y goodness that I have to keep pausing it to rewind and check for stuff I'm missing.
  • This is indeed awesome. May I suggest linking to the song in the video description?
  • Incredible stuff! I can't begin to imagine how many days of spare time that took, but the end product is by far the most amazing kinetic typography I've ever seen, anywhere.
  • Is there any chance you have a 1080p version I could download and project up on my wall? I am too addicted to this. So amazing.
  • That was fantastic! I love that you went to the effort of tracking the notes in the solo.
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    Thanks again for all the kind words. The amount of attention this is getting is crazy!

    I'm sorry, fireworksordie, but I rendered the movie at 1280x720, so 720p will have to do. Shop Vac has been posted to Vimeo, so you can download a really high quality MP4 version there if you have a Vimeo login.
  • Again: Absolutely incredibly awesome. I don't think I have anything more intelligent to say about it.
  • Thanks Borba. After listening to your JoCo covers, I decided to give up piano for good. ;) I think I'm better off focusing on making cartoons.
  • Nooooo! It's bad enough that I'm hardly touching the piano; don't join me in this iniquity!

    Gotta agree with robgonzo that the bridge and solo are the bee's knees. The simple repetitiveness of the handclap notation makes a nice sibling to the Starbucks map's moving cars and the various "traffic" phrases.

    In a way, the style/genre echoes sign language videos: the amount of interpretation could theoretically be distracting, but it's not and just sits nicely as a layer on top of the song.
  • Ditto on what everyone has said so far!!!!! Wow... just... wow!!!! Gotta go watch it again!!!
    Thanks for time well spent. You are a talented man indeed.
  • Did everyone else see what I saw at the end of the "Word Crimes" video?

    Way to go, dude!
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    Nice!  When I saw Weird Al's video, the first thing I thought of was this old ShopVac vid.  I guess that's why!
  • Here's a new interview with Jarrett.
  • And an article on the Mental Floss website.
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