A Brand New JoCo Musical!!!

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Hey everyone!  A new full length Broadway-style musical is about to launch on Kickstarter! 


  • I don't suppose this one will be within walking distance of Thompsonville, MA? The one at Boston College was, and it was very convenient.
  • Sorry, first workshop will be in Boise, ID
  • Hmmm. Boise is about a day's drive from here. Details?
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    The Kickstarter launched today!  Here is the link http://kck.st/15vWOjA 

    Please check it out!  We have been working with Scarface and Joco Heavy Industries for over a year and are now ready to do the workshop production of The Future Soon Musical.



  • It has 18 JoCo songs with robots, cyborgs and zombies and lots of geek humor
  • I wish I had more money to give this. I would love it if the timeline of performances matched up while I'm in town with family the week before Christmas....
  • We are shooting for trying to do the production mid to late December.  Hopefully it will work out for you!
  • We are waiting impatiently for JoCo himself to tweet out about the show!  We have been working with Scarface and their Broadway consultant Ashley Rodbro on getting the workshop production going.



  • Wow; from the looks of the Kickstarter page, they are much farther along than your initial messages suggested! Looks like they're almost out of the "workshop" stage.
  • We are very far along and a workshop is really to create a full scale production to raise the funds to get to Broadway.
  • Help spread the word!
  • JoCo just Tweeted about our project!
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