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Hey everyone,

Here's the Kickstarter page for the JoCo musical project I'm working on:

I'd really love your support with this.  Please help us make this project great.  I really want to do JoCo's music justice, and I can only do that with support from fellow JoCo fans.

Please share the page and donate if you can!


  • We have a new video on the Kickstarter (it is shorter and to-the-point).  Here's the page again

    Thanks again for your help and support.  Only 17 days left!
  • I think this project is nifty and really hope it gets off the ground, but I've got some questions about the kickstarting of it in relation to Jonathan's non-commercial license.

    First, of course, is have you contacted Jonathan about the Kickstarter, and what are his feelings about it?

    Your Kickstarter says that under the CC license everything's kosher so long as you don't make a profit, but the CC license says non-commercial. If you do, how do you make a distinction between these two things? Pledging money to support a project in return for premiums feels like a commercial transaction to me. It may have other motivations, and all the money not directed at fulfilling premiums goes to the project itself, but I can't shake the feeling that money for goods = commercial. It's definitely a huge grey area, and I'd love to hear what anyone has to say on this topic.

    Again, this isn't meant as any sort of attack on the project. I just get really fascinated by how these distinctions are made and the language that surrounds them.
  • JadeSnake,

    Excellent question.  I've been in contact with Scarface on-and-off since the very beginning of the project in September.  As long as we aren't selling the final product, JoCo has no problem with the project.  It has a full legal blessing from them, and Scarface has approved the Kickstarter page.

    I can definitely see your point, though.  The rewards that will be distributed after the project is completed are considered a thank-you more than they are a product to be bought.  The final film will be distributed for free on the internet on video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo.  The DVDs/Blu-ray copies are our special thank-you to our backers.  Without the Kickstarter pledges, we won't be able to make the film the way we want to make it (if we can make it at all).

    I hope this answers your questions.  It is sort of a gray area, but everything is A-ok with JoCo.

    We won't GLEE him in any way.
  • Hey all, 

    Just wanted to give a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to our Kickstarter so far.  It is really encouraging to have your support.

    Also, check out JoCo's Kickstarter for his new comic book project with Greg Pak.  It is going to be awesome, no doubt.
  • Oh yay, it's funded! I finally got around to backing and sharing it yesterday, and at that time it was only halfway there. I hope my sharing it helped.
  • Angelastic,

    Thank you very, very much for backing and sharing.  I can't tell you how excited we are to dive into this project!  
  • I'm so glad this got funded!  I was getting worried that I'd only get to enjoy the inspired graphic novel without the inspired musical.
  • I was really impressed by the support we've gotten the last few days.  A lot of our backers came to us after backing JoCo's graphic novel, so that project has become an ultimate win-win.
  • Hey everyone, I just wanted to let out a HUGE THANK-YOU to everyone who helped fund our Kickstarter for Artificial Heartache.

    Because of your help, we raised $1861.  

    I'll make a few updates here in the future about our progress during the filming and post production phases.

    Again, you guys rock.
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    The trailer is here!

    I hope you all enjoy it.
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