First of May Cover

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Hey guys, I know I don't post much, but I read around a lot, and I was inspired by a few things around here today. I figured I'd spend a few hours today covering one of my favorite JoCo songs. Doubt too many people care, but guess I might as well share it.

PS: JoCo is a MUCH better singer than me, but that's why it's fast and loud =)

Also, funny, but I am going to my first singing lessons tonight, and I had to choose 2 songs to sing. I chose Re: Your Brains and Ikea.


  • Hey Jeff,
    This is really cool. I also quite like your stuff from the FuMP (I'm the guy from Smashy Claw... if you've heard of that). I think your vocals (and particularly harmony parts) are always pretty solid.
  • Fantastic cover!
    Your vocals are excellent. :)
  • Hey Austin, thanks man! I appreciate it. I do remember you also. I feel like we were on the same week or something. Sorry, my memory isn't the best.

    Also, thank you fuzzyslug. Very nice :)
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