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I'm going to probably be covering a number of JoCo songs, so in the interest of not making too many discussions to selfishly promote that fact, I'll post 'em here.

First up, The Future Soon.

I've also covered JoCo's cover of Famous Blue Raincoat - so I guess this is sort of like cover squared. Does it even count as a JoCo-cover, actually... ?

Also, anyone who can tell me what the heck it is JoCo does in The Future Soon during the "I know that I'll forget / the look of pity in her face / when I'm living in my solar dome on a platform in space"-part? He does something with that A-chord in recent live performances that I can't figure out. Hammer-ons? Pull-offs? A complete chord-change?


  • Well I'm not exactly sure what JoCo does, but when I play that bit I palm-mute the A, play it open, and palm-mute it again
    in rapid succession to get that bouncy sound.

    Again, not sure if that's what JoCo does, but it's what I do and seems to sound right.

    My cover of it is here, with the part you're talking about around the 1:28 mark.

    Hope any of that helps.

    - Nyk
  • D'oh! The one thing I didn't try.

    I was all hammering on to Asus4 and all the other strings and pulling stuff off and failing. Palm-mute and open-strum.

    Proves what the Mythbusters say: simpler is always better.

    Thanks! :)
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    I just used Supadave's lesson with the hammers on. Sounded good.

    edit: I guess if it's a cover of a cover, it depends on which version you do. It's JoCo's version.

    and don't be afraid to piece together performances from different takes.
  • I love it! You very cute singing "The Future Soon" - one of my faves and your voice is great for it! Next time, exude confidence! Swallow that insecurity! :-)
  • Heh... thanks.

    It's hard to be confident when you have to deal with listening to your own recorded voice. The discrepancy between what you hear from within the comfort of your own head and what ultimately exits the speakers makes me nervous and unsettled.

    Anyway, gonna see if I can't record another sometime tomorrow...
    That is, later today when it is no longer night and I am no longer struggling to keep my head off the keyboard.
  • Finally whipped myself into doing more JoCo-covers.

    For starters, here's a two-in-one extra value super combo Shop Vac & Tom Cruise Crazy video
  • And for seconds, a cover of I Crush Everything, based on the demo-version.
  • Having aquired myself a proper camera and a much better guitar, what better way to celebrate than to play some JoCo?

    Big Bad World One
  • My German translation of Pizza Day, "Pizza Tag"

    Pizza Tag
  • Well! Here's a thread I made that I haven't used in forever. Useful, this system of keeping bookmarked discussions out on the right.

    A cover of Tom Cruise Crazy - based on Molly Lewis' version.
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    And I should note, all the other links to my covers in here are dead, for reasons of I decided to dislike my YouTube-account.

    Additionally, here's my cover of Fraud with SRDownie on unwitting keyboard

  • Me and Icemage's version of Nemeses

    It really should have had Icemage on vocals, but due to my negligence, that has not happened, and so you'll have to settle for the second-best.
  • A very quick cover of "Screwed"

    Didn't take me more than half an hour to put together. I've taken to playing that song very quick and upbeat.
  • A cover of Glasses:

    Many thanks to @suuuupadave for helping me out with the bridge on this one :)
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