Jonathan Coulton Virtual Scavenger Hunt!

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Find and post a picture (or better yet a link) of Jonathan Coulton with/near/in the vicinity of any one of these objects.
Jonathan does not have to acknowledge the object but he and the object have to appear in the same shot. No Photo Shopping!
Puns or creative uses of object names judged by the mob on an individual basis.
Each item is 1-5 points. All Bonuses are 1 point each

1 point group:
Baseball Cap Bonus if it’s Yellow
Boots Bonus for motorcycle boots
A pen. Bonus for a red pen. No bonus for multiple pens
A chair or seat of some kind.

3 point group:
Journal Bonus if it’s Pink another Bonus if it’s Fuzzy
Thank You note. Bonus if signed by JoCo
Picture Frame Bonus if an Empty frame.

5 Point group:
Meat Grinder Bonus if it’s Rusty
Garden Gnome
Lawn Mower
A Tree Bonus for a Maple tree

Winner receives applause and bragging rights!
Go forth and scavenge.


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    Well I'll get things started. In this picture JoCo is in the vicinity of a chair and a garden gnome.

    CORRECTION: That is in fact John Hodgman, NOT a garden gnome.
  • hehe! I looked at the pic before seeing the correction. I was going to comment that I'll give you the chair but Hodgman is NOT an Gnome!
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    Jonathan with a pen (two even! I know, no bonus).

    JoCo + Chair
  • Please clarify the rules, robgonzo..... are duplicates allowed, or do the points and glory go only to the first person to post a picture of a particular thing?

    And if no duplicates allowed, what about bonuses? For instance Mitch has posted a picture of a non-red pen. If I then post one of a red pen, do I get zero, one, or two points??

    Gotta make this as difficult and confusing as possible! :)
  • Hmm...should there be a bonus for multiple items in one shot? If so how much?
    I'm going to vote no because one of the ideas here was to see lots of pictures. Multiple items in a pic means less pics. No Bonus but extra kudos. Hows that?
  • Jmonkee. I'd say strive for original pics but it's just for fun so lets not worry to much about it. Extra Kudos for all the most exclusive shots.
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    Here is a rare picture of Mr. Coulton outside amongst the trees....
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    Tree! (I don't think it's maple.) And I think I see a doormat-like thing just inside that door, either that or a figurative doormat in the form of an incredibly helpful fan (no offense.)

    I have a feeling Kerrin will post a photo of a signed thank-you note.

    ETA: Aww man, ninja'd by a monkey.
  • figurative doormat
    I've been looking for a picture of JoCo near to a Hillary Clinton poster.
  • Aww man, ninja'd by a monkey.
    Don't worry... I think anyone who actually uploads their own pictures for the express purpose of winning this game gets full points.

    Nice pic by the way, post more!
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    I even opened a flickr account especially (I don't know why, since I usually use imageshack, or MobileMe, or my own web space on my sister's server... I guess I'm just seeing flickr-integration on more and more websites and wanted to get in on the action.)

    ETA: I know torches has been done very well already, so I can't get this one, but just for future reference... does a video of him talking about the object in question count?
  • It's hard to see in the photo, but those boots go up to her knees, they're definitely boots.
  • I know torches has been done very well already, so I can't get this one, but just for future reference... does a video of him talking about the object in question count?
    I think the spirit of the game is the more the merrier, so let's see it!
  • I will upload it once my computer starts working again/is carried to wherever it is that laptops go to die, and replaced.

    I also found an mp3 where he mentions a lawnmower. ;-)
  • I have a feeling Kerrin will post a photo of a signed thank-you note.
    I have a signed thank you note from JoCo on a picture of JoCo, does that count. I don't have a picture of JoCo with it though.
  • I think that counts... for bonus points, put it in a picture frame. :)
  • Good work guys. I'm impressed by some of those. remember it's a scavenger hunt so you can't really get ninja'd because it's a total points thing. So one persons pic of JoCo and a pen is just as many points as someone elses.
    Angelastic I guess you know now why I was asking for random things on Twitter and Facebook?
    I can't wait till someone shows up to a concert with a Gnome or a Meatgrinder.
  • I'm still waiting for awryone to show up with a twenty-year-old photo of JoCo holding a gnome-shaped bong.
  • You can get gnomes with other things attached, there must be one with a lawn mower or a tree, or both! That would be 15 points!
  • Speaking of awryone.... I spy a picture frame!
  • Bumping this thread. there are several shows coming up. Your Chance to get a picture with JoCo and a meat grinder.
  • I'm thinking that if I showed up at the Ann Arbor show with a meat grinder, it just _might_ make people nervous. Especially during "Re: Your Brains."
  • wait...and...that's a reason *NOT* to do it...?

    *yawns, stretches out across seven adjacent seats, pats meat grinder lovingly*
  • I'm going to be spending the next five hours braving the darkest corners of the Internets. If I don't come back, well...I expect a nice eulogy. =P
  • I have an antique cast iron meat grinder here...but, uh- why are we looking to put one in a photo with JoCo?
  • Because it would get you at least five points! Is it rusty?

    I should put up some of my pictures, I have many of him with chairs and pens. Though I don't think they'd beat my tree and doormat in the same picture.
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    At last! The elusive "Take a photo of Jonathan with a meat grinder" photo from last night in Anapolis. There is even a spot of rust on it, which I intend to scour off today, since I still use that grinder regualrly. I love his reaction look here- "What are you DOING?". That is Paul's arm holding it up.

    ETA I tried to use the img function but couldn't get it to work for me. if you go to my flickr page you will be able to see it though!
  • Where is your flickr page?
  • Wow! Good work JoAnn!!!
  • I believe this pic has a hat (not yellow though),a chair, a hairband and if you look at the guy in green in the far back there, I believe he's wearing boots. Oh, and why is JoCo in a cage?
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    Above link didn't work for me, so after examining the page source code....
    Here it is again
    That does look odd.
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