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  • This is really quick & dirty (especially dirty), and needs a lot more work, but here you go:

    Fuck Monkey (Obviously NSFW)

    It's the story of a poor schmuck in the adult entertainment industry who dreams of a better life...
  • Brings a whole new meaning to the term "but his output stink". Just swapping that one word for most of the word code doesn't really convey the story you were going for, though. Heh, I do see all sorts of lewd, crude socially unacceptable ways to swap out words from other JoCo songs to get that to happen. Good thing I don't have any idea how to manipulate songs like this!
  • Like I said, there is still much work to do. I was going to change "maybe manager wanna write goddam login page himself" to "maybe manager wanna go ____ ______ _____ himself" but picking out the right words and changing the pitch, etc to match is challenging. Also, the word "swallow" in Creepy Doll is on the chorus track, so it doesn't work. This is just a start.
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    You could always have censoring beeps at appropriate pitches.

    ETA: I noticed a while ago (and notified JoCo) that the sound before 'till the break of dawn' in Baby Got Back is not in the source tracks. I wanted to use it in a PG First of May. But it would be kind of fun to put 'code' in FoM instead. Except that 'coded' has too many syllables.
  • lol. that's awesome moon_rabbit can't wait to hear the finished one.
  • Can you work in something from "Octopus" or "I crush everything" for that down home Anime tentacle improperness?
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    Considering the level 4 folk (and, presumably, people who asked them nicely) now also have source tracks for Artificial Heart, there must have been many more things created with JoCo source tracks. Has anyone made anything with source tracks from JoCo Looks Back and/or Artificial Heart that they'd like to share?

    I have! I started out wanting to make a song about Vi Hart using various mathematics- and heart-related lyrics, and ended up making a Cantor ternary set out of the words 'Cantor ternary set' instead:

    (Also, just looking back at this thread, I just realised it's been more than five years since I joined this forum to connect with other people going to JoCo's first UK concert. Should I celebrate with cake or something? Yes, I think so.)

    ETA: Here's a boring blog post about that video, and also the audio.
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