Song-Fu 2

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Before we spend too much time making comments about Song-Fu 2 in the Song-Fu 1 topic, I thought I'd make a new topic for the 2.

Masters, challengers, and the challenge were revealed.


  • Hey. My first post here on Joco's forums. I'm a new fan of the man. I learned of song fu from this site and it looked like fun. So I guess I'm another example of a challenger with a connection to this site.
  • Wow. It really does seem like JoCo's fans are what's keeping this contest going. Seems like everyone in the running is at least reading these boards. Maybe it should be re-named "Masters of Jo Cu".
  • I don't know if I'm speaking out of line here, but I believe it's fair to say that all you Song Fuists should know that everyone on this forum is hoping that you beat Coulton, because if you do, that means we'll have found another funny, talented artist we can all enjoy.
  • I concur Spiff!
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    It's like a game of Risk!

    Edit: Oh, right. Concur. Not conquer. *Grr face*
  • or at least if they do very well, it forces JoCo to come up with an even better song (like space doggity)
  • A geek song arms race. I like it.
  • I'll do my best, but no promises.
  • No no, you challengers should beat EACH OTHER, but prolong the contest so that JoCo & Paul & Storm are all forced to write MORE songs before the contest is over.

    Except, I'd like to hear what the MST3K guys are like when it comes to song writing. So I hope folks vote for any of the masters except Doc Hammer....
  • Good point. Beat 'em, just don't beat 'em before they make lots of new, great music too. :)
  • as i was thinking about the contest last night several ideas came to mind. perhaps I'll write a song too, just for fun and the challenge if I can do it by the same deadline.
  • Uh oh, Coulton's on the ropes. Unable to write a song about the moon, and P&S are talking smack.
  • Heh, I'm having trouble too. With studying for exams leaving me only able to work on it in the evening, and lack of inspiration due to the subject, I've been unable to get anything on paper yet. Finally came up with a good song idea today, gonna try to write lyrics and music and record it before deadline. Wish me luck.
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    No way, couldn't be easier! Just pick a style. Maybe something beach blanket babylon-y, like something Annette Funicelo would be in. Then BAM!, there's your song -- it's a beach song about the kickin' waves and bitchin' babes on the shores of the Lunar "seas". Toss in some jokes about how sweet the girls are at Mare Nectaris (nectar, get it?) and how cool the guys are at Mare Frigoris (frigid, get it?), and the song writes itself.

    I got a million of 'em.
  • Maybe you could write something beautiful relating the moon to women... you know, at certain times of the month, they're only half there.
  • Again I've got two words: Moon. Pie.
  • Maybe you could write something beautiful relating the moon to women...
    This sounded so lovely til the second half of the sentence! :P
  • @Angelastic: I thought P&S would be doing that. They're already on 2/3rds of the way with their name anyway. :)

    Thanks for all the tips.
  • Werewolf love song...the world needs more of these.
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    I actually considered writing a teenage werewolf's lament, but it didn't work out. For a while I toyed with a Coulton-ish song, at least lyrics-wise. But halfway through it the narrative got stuck. I'll record it anyway, and see how it turns out. But for the contest I decided to use my initial idea which is *secret* (but not for long). I'm curious if there are any "duplicates", like three werewolf-songs or something like that.

    Back to recording,
  • I was thinking of a werewolf song too, but everyone's gonna do one of those probably. :/
  • Oh, I hope Jonathan does one. A JoCo werewolf song, now that sounds great.
    I can't stand the anticipation!
  • Wouldn't surprise me if he did... But that might be too predictable. We should always expect the unexpected from Jonathan.
  • I wrote three songs, and all of them sucked.

    And yes, one of them was about a werewolf...
  • I'm sure whatever JoCo writes will be awesome, and maybe unpredicable, he has intentionally not done the obvious previously. (Space Dogitty instead of Monkey)
  • I once asked a proctologist why, out of all the possible choices he had in medical specialities he had chosen >that< particular one, and his reply was "I think it is because I always enjoyed spelunking as a kid".

    I totally lost it- best reply to a question like that ever, IMHO.

    Ought to be a song inspiration in that someplace, though it does seem more like one for Paul and Storm...
  • "One in a million shot, Doc."
  • I never watched much Seinfeld, so I had a different mental image come to mind initially than what you presumably intended. I had never before considered the destruction of the Death Star as an exercise in proctology...
  • And I associated it with Discworld, where one in a million chances happen nine times out of ten.
  • Versus Order of the Stick, where "everyone knows that a one-in-a-million chance is a sure thing".

    Segue City!
  • I was there with you Mitch!
  • Warning, awful puns approaching: In this phase of the contest, the moon waxes lyrical.

    In other news, on impulse, I just started writing a poem about the moon (I also happen to have a tune for it in my head, but of course it won't be a song, because I know nothing about music. Luckily for you, I'm not in the contest.) I was about to share my idea for it with any desperate fuers, but then I looked at the deadline, and I guess that's some time either later today or in the recent past, so it's too late for anybody who'd want to use the idea.
  • Well, I guess the fourth time is the charm.
    I finally managed to finish something I don't hate too much.
    Is it my magnum opus? I hope not.
    But it does make me grin a little.
    Hopefully there aren't 13 other people doing the same theme.
  • Well done, ManFriday. And good luck to all the others!
  • yeah, my idea did not come to fruition either. I got some interesting verses and a nice concept idea, almost complete music but have no fu to go beyond that.
  • the Muse is a strange and cruel mistress, my friend.
    strange and cruel indeed.....
  • one might even say a harsh mistress. that'll be ironic later...
  • I'm having really issues figuring out who is who from the forums on the Fu!
  • I just re-read Percephene's (and hence my own) comment, and then checked the Song-Fu challengers... apart from two fifths of Run at the Dog, there are no women in the competition!
  • @Angelastic: Any thoughts on why that is?
  • @kerrin - I can give you a hint.. my first name is "Jason" and my last name rhymes with "Norris", but is in fact "Morris"
  • @mtgordon: um... not really. I can't really give generalisations on women, I might be one but I don't understand them any more than the mythical stereotypical man claims to. However, generalisations about women frequently brought up when discussing gender equality in the workforce or in academia include such things as pregnancy and childcare, so I suppose it could be that due to such 'family commitments' a greater number of women aren't able to lock themselves in their cellars/studios/soundproofed nurseries for a couple of days writing songs to a schedule. Or, you know, they could be too busy putting on their makeup. I've never figured out why some of them waste so much time on that.

    I vaguely recall some comments last time about a competitor who happened to be female (with quite an attractive photo, if I recall correctly) getting more votes than expected, so perhaps being of the 'fairer' sex would be an advantage to any who actually entered. I do rather like female voices, myself.

    Oh, wait, there is actually a pre-selection process, isn't there, so not everybody who enters gets to become a challenger? I forgot about that. So it could in fact be sexism (conscious or not... I read about a study showing that people sorting out priorities on hospital waiting lists tend to inadvertently favour people similar to themselves) on the part of whoever selects the people.

    But none of these thoughts are really mine (except for the makeup comment, which was just put in for comic/polemic effect), they're just the average of whatever I might have read on similar topics, which isn't much, since such topics don't particularly interest me. Wow, I have gone on quite a bit for someone who has nothing to say.
  • I believe the pre-selection consists of "The first 20 that reply in time".
  • @Angelastic: Maybe screaming kids make it hard to record, but JoCo managed to record from home, and I've managed to do a bit of recording from time to time, downstairs with the Shop Mac. My guess is that men might be more motivated to engage in a songwriting contest, on the assumption that men find deadline pressure and competition to be more enjoyable (or at least more tolerable), whereas women songwriters might have different motivations for their writing and might be less inclined to find a songwriting competition interesting.
  • I would have guessed that it's the time taken by caring for kids that would be the problem, not the screaming (though that is also a problem, I know because I've tried to record a song while a handful of Norseman was running around.) And I'd say that the time gained by quitting his job more than counteracted the time lost by having a kid.

    Wait, you can't counter my regurgitated points about women by pointing to men who were able to do it. Implicit in my statements was the idea that women somehow invest more in the whole childrearing process. Which they surely do, what with pregnancy and lactating being almost exclusively female activities. I'm not saying that this is actually the reason, just that it's the most commonly mentioned possible reason in the things I read, and that your response doesn't really address it.
  • Done. My theme stopped making me grin after three minutes of song writing. So I doubt I have the same ManFriday has picked. But yeah, the moon is in it and the song's just two and a half minutes; so hopefully some listeners are still grinning at the end and vote for me. But yeah, I'm also curious what the others came up with - and if the muse inspired two or more in similar ways.

  • Guitar track in the can, trying to finish the lyrics, preferably I'd throw in a bass line in as well for good measure. Less than 2 hours left before recommend bed time before exam, though. Hmm...
  • Ah, I take it EST is behind CEST. :) For some reason I assumed it was the other way around.

    Hey, I guess a good tactic would have been to work some of the things you need to know for the exam into the lyrics, then by singing you would also be studying.
  • *singing* and the liiight of the moooon shines down upon the usury act of 1936, which states that lennnnders cannot.....
  • Yeah it is kinda weird that there's so few women in this round, but I'd say its probably just coincedence.
    Unless the fact that the final rounds were mainly dominated by male masters and challengers subconsciously put them off. Personally I don't like female voices unless they are really good. I'll appreciate any good voice, but I find it harder to find female ones that don't grate on my nerves. Perhaps I'm pickier about pitch with female voices because its more in my hearing range? Dunno.

    So when do we get to hear all these songs? I'm quite excited! Need some new music!
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