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This thread lists some particularly good posts in the forums from the week of Sunday, July 27, 2008, to Saturday, August 2, 2008. We hope you'll read the others, too, but if you're in a rush, here's how to catch up!

Start Here
If you're new to the forums, welcome! We'd love for you to participate in any discussion you like. Here are some good places for you to dive right in:

Introduce Yourself
It's always fun to hear from new JoCo fans (or old ones who've just gotten around to joining the forums). If you're curious, feel free to read through the old posts in the thread and see what other people have said about themselves, but we're happy for you just to, well, introduce yourself!

Favorite Songs List
Tell us your five favorite JoCo songs and why you like them!

How did you discover JoCo?
The thread title says it all, doesn't it?

The Forum Code of Conduct / FAQ
You'll probably want to read our policy, written by, of, and for the members of the JoCo forums. We're really loose around here, but it'll give you a good idea of how people behave in these parts. (You don't have to read the whole FAQ, but if you have questions, look there first.)

New this week
Ongoing Threads:
The Word Association thread
As Jinx says, "Originally, this thread was simple. Very straightforward and simple. Someone would post a word, you'd post whatever word that word made you think of. Now, though, people like RobGonzo and Gle3nn and Angelastic are turning it into a linkfest of unexpected weird things. Which is making it pretty fun to read, as well as to jump into."

Insightful Posts:
Tindomiel's post on technology in the Luddite Geeks thread
To quote Jinx again, "I've liked nearly all the posts people have made in this thread, but I was particularly struck with Tindomiel's. It made the point that there's more to life than technology, and plenty of reason to remember that there is."

To nominate threads to appear in next week's edition, go here.

Big, big thanks to Colleenky for putting this week's post together.


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    /Message redacted/ Because of stupidity.

    ETA: I thought jinx swore never to go into the "Word Association" thread... Only a matter of time before Bry joins in.
  • Nope. When it was just word followed by word, I found it not to my liking, because there wasn't any discussion. I didn't feel I got to know anybody any better because they associated up with down, or beer with shandy or whatever. I continued to scan it, though, and I don't know -- I find the more detailed postings, especially with images, pretty fun.
  • Oh, come on, Jon, I've been in the Word Association Thread before. (In fact, I always read every post, mind-numbing as it gets.) I still find it tedious, but I enjoy the "links, images, descriptors, and whole sentences" association much more than the "word" association.
  • FYI One of the reason I'm okay with games that might not be specifically JoCo related like word association, lyrics, movies is what it tells me about the other people and their tastes. In that sense, it's community building and that's never bad.
  • That, and we can't possibly talk only about JoCo all the time. We'd go mad, I tell you mad!
  • What do you mean go?
  • I'm with Percephene on this one. (It is only now I realise I've been spelling your name wrong, my apologies)
  • These past 3 comments remind me of the scene in "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind" where they have all arrived at the foot of Devil's Tower in Wyoming. The French guy and his interpreter are discussing why the dozen or so people have all risked their lives and reputation to find their way there based upon a compelling, albeit mysterious and inexplicable, whim.

    This is how I feel about the forums sometime.
  • And here we all sit, playing in our mashed potatoes.....
  • Maybe a little more like this
  • (It is only now I realise I've been spelling your name wrong, my apologies)
    That's ok. Its spelled wrong anyway so I'm used to people spelling it the correct way "Persephone" and combinations thereof! :) You can just shorten it to Ceph if you like :P
  • What about Percy?
  • I don't like Percy as much because its a traditionally guy's name, but Perce (pronounced Per-cee) would be ok. I'm used to being called Per-cee on VOIP (i.e. Ventrilo) but generally only by RL friends.
  • By "pronounced Per-cee," do you mean pronounced Percy? Because I don't see the difference.
  • Yes. But I don't like it written Percy. Make sense?
  • @Gle3nn: Curses! A time-honored favorite, trashed by bit players! (really funny) I will share with my sons tonight - they know my fondness for Close Encounters. Yes - it was cheesy and sentimental but I am unapologetic when it comes to such things. REALLY funny!
  • But do you mean pronounced "PER-cee" (like Percy) or "per-CEE"?
  • Well, Perce says it's pronounced like Percy, so I assume it's pronounced "PER-cee," like Percy.
  • It never occurred to me that anyone might pronounce it per-CEE. Shruti is right, however I still prefer 'Ceph if it must be shortened. Only my RL friends tended to call me Perce. Sometimes like purse, sometimes with the ee sound.
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