Recommended Posts (July 20-26, 2008)

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This thread lists some particularly good posts in the forums from the week of Sunday, July 20, 2008, to Saturday, July 26, 2008. We hope you'll read the others, too, but if you're in a rush, here's how to catch up!

Start Here
If you're new to the forums, welcome! We'd love for you to participate in any discussion you like. Here are some good places for you to dive right in:

Introduce Yourself
It's always fun to hear from new JoCo fans (or old ones who've just gotten around to joining the forums). If you're curious, feel free to read through the old posts in the thread and see what other people have said about themselves, but we're happy for you just to, well, introduce yourself!

Favorite Songs List
Tell us your five favorite JoCo songs and why you like them!

How did you discover JoCo?
The thread title says it all, doesn't it?

The Forum Code of Conduct / FAQ
You'll probably want to read our policy, written by, of, and for the members of the JoCo forums. We're really loose around here, but it'll give you a good idea of how people behave in these parts. (You don't have to read the whole FAQ, but if you have questions, look there first.)

New this week
Long Posts:

I LUV CALI's post in How did you discover JoCo?, a touching account of how I LUV CALI discovered JoCo and became hooked.

Ongoing Projects:

Lesson a Week 19: A Talk With George, another great guitar lesson from Suuuupaadave. Check out his other lessons at the JoCo lesson blog.

We have a pair of stuffed animals (or cuddly toys, as you please), being shipped around the world. Here are some pictures of their tour!

Dinaden's pictures of Code Monkey in Laconia, New Hampshire

To nominate threads to appear in next week's edition, go here.

NB: This week's Recommended Posts were compiled, on his own initiative, by my new Favorite Person Ever, BenS, who sent them to me privately. Three cheers for BenS!


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    As Bry requested I pop in and tell all you nice people how long it took me to do the above. Well I think it would be quite easy to make it a lot easier to do than how I did it as I was unsure how Bry formatted everything. So what I did was view source on the last one and copied it all from there, I think it would be helpful for there to be a template posted somewhere, probably on the wiki. Otherwise it was pretty fast to do. I can't say I really timed myself doing it being a man of leisure for the next 5 weeks (school holidays) I had plenty of time to spend, though saying that it didn't take long. I would say it took around 15 minutes, maybe a bit more as I say I wasn't watching the clock, and only that long as I read all the things that had been nominated to ensure the summaries were good.

    ETA: I will make aforementioned template, will appear on the wiki soon.
    ETAA: I have made aforementioned template, it is (i think) usable however it does not look good someone please prettify it.
  • Thanks again, BenS. Had I known you were going to do this, I'd have figured out a way to put up a template -- at which point let me know if there's anything I can help with, but it looks like you've got it all under control.
  • What you can do Bry, is read through the template I made, make sure it is all correct and followable. It is hard to read your own work from the eyes of someone who isn't you so doesn't have your understanding of things. Since the edit I have made it look a bit better. It, in my opinion, is sufficiently good looking now. I think I even picked up on some of the mistakes I made when I did it and made the template such that those mistakes shouldn't be made again. I do love feedback.
  • Looks good to my quick cast-over. What day of the week does this normally get done? Maybe a couple of us could roster ourselves on to do it alternating weeks or something? I'd be happy to help if I knew that it was my job every once in a while and all I had to do was fill in the blanks on the template but couldn't commit to every week.
  • Ben: The template looks really good. Thanks for putting that together.

    Percephene: It's generally been posted on Monday-ish; I would be very grateful if we could get volunteers to rotate the responsibility, but there's also the question of recommending posts in and of themselves -- if there's only going to be one or two threads "recommended," it will -- well, it will not be much of a burden for volunteers, but it might not be so useful, either.
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