Recommended Posts (July 6-12, 2008)

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This thread lists some particularly good posts in the forums from the week of Sunday, July 6, 2008, to Saturday, July 12, 2008. We hope you'll read the others, too, but if you're in a rush, here's how to catch up!

Start Here
If you're new to the forums, welcome! We'd love for you to participate in any discussion you like. Here are some good places for you to dive right in:

Introduce Yourself
It's always fun to hear from new JoCo fans (or old ones who've just gotten around to joining the forums). If you're curious, feel free to read through the old posts in the thread and see what other people have said about themselves, but we're happy for you just to, well, introduce yourself!

Favorite Songs List
Tell us your five favorite JoCo songs and why you like them!

How did you discover JoCo?
The thread title says it all, doesn't it?

The Forum Code of Conduct / FAQ
You'll probably want to read our policy, written by, of, and for the members of the JoCo forums. We're really loose around here, but it'll give you a good idea of how people behave in these parts. (You don't have to read the whole FAQ, but if you have questions, look there first.)

New this week
New threads:
"A Talk with JoCo", by me (Bry) and Jinx. We got the rare opportunity to interview JoCo a couple weeks ago, and somehow or other we managed to get nearly three hours of audio footage. We've divided the interview into five segments:
Part 1 (Early Years)
Part 2 (Undocumented Songs)
Part 3 (Thing a Week)
Part 4 (The Present)
Part 5 (The Future)

Classic JoCo, started by Jmonkee, who discovered a better recording of probably the earliest JoCo solo appearance on videotape. An "awesome piece of prehistoric coulton footage," writes three08.

Ongoing threads:
Here are some threads that have had really interesting posts added in the last week!
Masters of Song-Fu
A thread to discuss the contest Quick Stop Entertainment is holding. In the words of three08: "some seriously awesome new Coultontent coming out of this contest - interesting discussions since the last round of the differences between our hero and Paul & Storm."

Covers of JoCo Songs
A couple of variations on "Code Monkey" this week: Jutze's recorded a brilliant German translation of "Code Monkey," and the Grammar Club has added a really polished version that includes a smidgen of rap. Take a listen!

Ongoing projects:
We have a pair of stuffed animals (or cuddly toys, as you please), being shipped around the world. Here are some pictures of their tour!

muckalarkuary's pictures of Code Monkey in Springfield, Missouri

Percephene's pictures of the half-pony-half-monkey monster in Christchurch, New Zealand

PS: I want to get this out every Monday from now on, but I'm out of town this weekend -- I'd really like to rotate who does these posts. Can I get a volunteer? It didn't take me twenty minutes, not including this postscript and the "Start Here" segment. You can copy my wording from this post for anything that recurs.


  • To recommend posts from this week (July 13-19, 2008), go to the wiki page that Mitch has set up (thanks, Mitch!).
  • Triple(sigh)-posting to beg for feedback. How's it look? Too many exclamation points? Anything that would make it more useful?
  • was a rather lot of exclamation points, i think, but then my typical level of energy is pretty low on its own. otherwise it looks good! stop worrying. ;P
  • I think it's a very engaging way to get an idea of what's going on on the boards. To be honest, I didn't think the chaos around here could be successfully summarized like that. You did such a good job, I'm thinking of only checking in once a week now. ;)
  • While I'm a forum regular, I never checked the travels of Monkey/Ponkey threads...but now I will!
  • Looks great Bry! I'm happy to help with the wiki end of things, my only feedback about this end is that there seems to be too many blank lines either side of "Start Here" and "New this week." Otherwise I think its definately a great summary.

    If I could commit to having the time to cross post from the wiki to here at the end of the voting I would, but I just can't guarantee I'll be around, sorry :(
  • Quick Q: is it worth locking archived vote wiki pages? I see no reason for anyone to want to change them, apart from being sc/vandalous.

    I'm pretty sure you have the ability to lock pages, Bry (I think it comes with the ability to edit locked pages such as the main page), but let me know if you don't and I'll give it to you.
  • Thanks for the feedback, guys. It helped a lot that three08 gave really clear comments in the recommendation page that I could easily pull quotes from -- saved me a lot of time trying to summarize them myself. It's hard to tell, but it feels like this is about the right length -- maybe a little longer, on particularly active weeks, but I don't want to overload the page, which would rather defeat the purpose. Thoughts?

    Percephene, the "too many blank lines" seems to be a function of how this forum handles heading (<h3>) tags. Brings to mind all the trouble I had, back when my job description basically stretched as far as "making a chart of all the tab pages" -- HTML tables looked okay in the forums, except that there was about half a page of blank space before them.

    I can indeed protect pages, Lex -- thanks for the tip. What do y'all think -- no reason not to lock them, huh?
  • edited July 2008
    Aaaah, dirty ole < H3 >! That explains it.
    Can you hack the CSS? Never mind, I'm sure its not that important!

    I agree, lock the pages once the voting is done. No reason why not to that I can see. Saves on confusion too.
  • BryBry
    edited July 2008
    Didn't hack the CSS, but your comment reminded me that I could use span tags. Fixed, I think, and thanks!

    ETA: I've also protected the page. Now I want an "archived" template. Percephene, you're really good at those -- could you, y'know...? :)
  • Flattery will get you everywhere Bry ;)
    I'll get right on it!
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