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Sometimes Jonathan tweets something that I feel like saying something about, or responding, or have a question about. Anyone else? Will you join me on this thread to talk about his tweets?

I'm wondering about "getting weepy over Hil's speech." I guess I need to find the speech he's talking about. I don't pay much attention to the news, but I assume it's Clinton's bow out speech. Must have been touching...


  • Great idea, Gina!

    As for Hillary's speech, I just went and found it myself because of John Hodgman's blog. I'm about to watch it now over lunch.
  • his last one is about sexing HRC, so a little, ew.

    but yeah, I'd like to reply sometimes, but as he is just using the site, and not an app, he doesn't get all the @jonathancoulton messages, just the ones of the people he is following.

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    His tweets are always fun. ^^

    CoolJammer: What app do you have to use to see all replies to you? :\
  • you can use one of many Twitter apps out there that do this, apparently.

    one TWitter account I follow, @hijinksensue, uses TWhirl, which is an app and shows you all replies, so he can see when I reply to him.
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton
  • Thanks.
  • his last one is about sexing HRC, so a little, ew.
    I think @jonathancoulton is finally starting to demonstrate the influence of @awryone.
  • @Mark: So funny. I was thinking the same thing. :-)
  • @awryone promised to only use his powers for good!
  • Guys, I try to be over-the-top with my tweets for comedy's sake, and no other. Considering I am FOLLOWED over there. I wouldn't think of being so "BLUE" over here, where UNFOLLOWING is not a possibility.
    Hodgman gets it.
    If Jon has been following suit lately, I can only say, IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!
  • I like awryone's tweets. the only problem is you know, when I look at my phone and giggle and then have to explain what I'm laughing about. Awryone just said he wanted to ________ his _______ and then _______ it.
  • @awryone: I think most of us know not to take your tweets seriously. I'm not so sure about dantes, though.
  • I joined twitter for the JoCo updates.
    I stayed for the awryone ones.
  • @Shruti...Thanks. Very kind.
    @ robgonzo...You and I would share a laugh over most things, I'm sure.
    @mtgordon...I never doubted it.

    To address:
    but yeah, I'd like to reply sometimes, but as he is just using the site, and not an app, he doesn't get all the @jonathancoulton messages, just the ones of the people he is following.
    Everyone can see all @replies sent to you, even by people you don't follow. They won't show-up in your time line, but there is a "reply" tab where they all are archived.

    I check them out at least once a day, to see if anyone out there has anything to say that might lead me to follow them. Bring the funny...

    And, @dantes...I love your replies. Keeps it in perspective. Thanks.
  • Most recent tweet:
    "They're shooting Rescue Me here in Dumbo. They set up a fake NY on the actual NY sidewalk."

    What is "Dumbo," other than a flying elephant?
  • Aha. Thanks for coming through once again, awryone. :-)
  • Heh, it reminds me of the How I Met Your Mother episode Dowisetrepla

    ("downwind of the sewage treatment plant")
  • I had always pictured JoCo as a Park Slope kinda guy.
  • i saw him at two boots brooklyn, which is in park slope. he must live near-ish to there.
  • He is indeed a Park Slope kinda guy. I live on the ugly edge of Park Slope, and he lives a couple blocks from me in PS-proper. Begin speculation over what he was doing in DUMBO. . . now.
  • cavorting. carousing. gamboling gaily about the various and sundry pavements!
  • gawking at a movie filming.
  • looking for an elephant to play the part of a giant squid
  • clearly he was on a pill bender, watching the day unfold in front of him.

    or is he "feeling" the day?
  • OK, I want to know what this and this are about. I'm intrigued by what Dr. Coulton could be doing with a balalaika.
  • shredding it, clearly.
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    Allow me to rephrase. I'm intrigued by the circumstance under which Dr. Coulton would be shredding on a balalaika. :-)
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    I'm guessing its for the Masters of Song Fu entry. I'm hoping that its another song due out song in addition to the MoSF entry :)

    ETA: Damn, I just realized I missed an opportunity for a Back to the USSR joke here. Now I have to settle for this lame "Look at me, I know trivia" edit. Lame.
  • What would the 'Back to the USSR' joke have been? Or did you already make it and I didn't notice?
  • "Let me hear your balalaikas ringing out"?
  • Yes, as Mark points out, they reference balalaikas in the song. If I was anything other than completely awful, I may have been able to work a clever reference to the song in, but now not only did I just basically go "HEY, LOOK, I KNOW THEY TALK ABOUT BALALAIKAS IN THE SONG! PH34R ME!", but I didn't even do a good enough job of that and now I have to be further embarrassed by explaining it.

    I fail at getting nominated for Recommended Posts.
  • Oh, I'm sure you did a good enough job of it, it's just that I didn't know that (so I PH34R j00) and didn't even know what a balalaika was until about 25 minutes ago. And I thought that maybe you were referring to something other than the song, due to the difference in conjunctions, so I didn't re-listen to the song even though I actually have that one. I'll listen to it now, as penance.
  • It seems JoCo plans on popping this one out quickly, or work on it all week. JeffM, on the other hand, seems to be stagnant for now.
  • it's hard not to laugh at the mental image of mr coulton crumpling a life-sized 2d version of himself (wearing the same outfit, for added comedy) into a trashcan.
  • So am I the only one wondering why he has a giant poster of himself? That's so hilariously absurd.
  • leftover from some publicity thing, i'm sure. anyway i can think of a million uses for such a thing, most of them mildly but amusingly cruel toward an audience.
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    If I had to bet, I'd bet it looks something like this
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    Just saw this in a Wired bit called "How to Twitter," and it reminded me of awryone. :-)
    "Every single Twitter post you write should be something that could get you laid, ruin a marriage, or bring a tear to a fat little kid's eye." — Joshua Allen
    (So, who's Joshua Allen? Is it this one or this one or this one...?)
  • I think he should just put the life sized poster on e-bay rather than throw it away. I'm sure there would be a fan out there to buy it. He could always sign it and get some money from it. I would gladly take it off his hands.
  • Sounds like JoCo is having quite a time at his reunion... I bet no one there has a better answer than him to "so, whattaya been up to lately?"
  • He shoudl play 'Brookline' tp them.
  • It's his wife's reunion.
  • Yeah, JoCo isn't from Brookline, but Mrs. JoCo is. Also, Hodgman. And Conan.
  • And JFK. :D
  • And Gillette :D
  • Gillette wasn't originally from Brookline, he moved there after he founded the company. But yeah~
  • Colleenky, that sounds like something the Fireland Josh Allen would say.
  • It is absolutely Fireland Josh Allen. (Also, of House of Wigs.)
    One of the best...
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