The Mandelbrot Set: Let's Get Rolling!



  • Uh-oh. Not many comments from the participants. Should I be worried?
  • It's cool! I'm hearing some pretty weird (and not really zombie-weird) sounds in the zombie chorus, and I think I'm just going to have to listen to them individually to satisfy my curiosity.

    May I suggest changing the album and artist tags of the mp3? So that it's clear that it's a Mandelbrot Set cover of a Jonathan Coulton song, rather than just the karaoke version of the song.
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    Crap. I knew I'd forget something. (Remembered to change all that on the four or five OTHER "final" cuts.)

    And thanks!

    EDIT: Done!
  • Very cute, almost sweet sounding in the beginning. I loved the flute and uke especially, and hearing all the different voices of people. Sorry I didn't do a zombie chorus bit for you, but I have had off and on sore throat/larengitis for a week or more now.

    So, what is the next song you will be doing?
  • exciting exciting exciting!

    Where does the chorusy part come from?
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    The zombie chorus is all the folks listed, plus Mark recorded a multi-voice harmony part. The secret ingredient is ... JC's original zombie chorus track played backwards.

    So is it good to go? Shall I send it on to Dr. Coulton?
  • I meant the background in the I'd like to help you, Tom part, I think...

    But I'm glad you put the backmasking in!
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    Oh, the bridge. I recorded four-part backing vocals and Bry doubled one of the parts.

    P.S. I've messed with the mix at least three times in the last 2 hours (although probably no one but me could tell the difference. :-) ). This should be the final version. Really. (I've also updated the link in my previous post.)

    EDIT(s): Updated link. Again.
  • Nice job everybody. I like the flute and uke twist.
  • I'm not terribly fond of the flute myself...
  • BryBry
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    Actually a little regretting doubling that part in the bridge - Colleen's vocals sound so lovely without my part coming along and spoiling it all.

    I wonder if SpaceParanoids' piano half-solo could be amplified a little? It's not immediately obvious that it's a solo -- when it starts I expect another instrument to come in over the top. But that's a minor point and definitely my only criticism besides too much me.

    Great work, everyone! Extra special thanks to Colleen for the mixing and all those wonderful vocals, Mark et al. for the zombie parts, MaW for a great lead turn, Shruti and SpaceParanoids for the solos, and everyone else who contributed, especially the ukeists I petitioned specifically. [ETA: Aw, Shruti, I love the flute! Yeah, yeah, I know you wanted to rerecord it. So record a new track for the next one! ;) ] As Colleen says, it's been a long time in the works, including several months of no progress due to my laziness. I'm really glad we've got this finished!

    Would anyone object to leaving all the tracks out there somewhere so people could do their own remixes, etc.? I like the idea of having Colleen's be the "official" mix, but I also like the idea that this doesn't have to be a finished and immutable product.

    You guys have made me really happy. :) Thanks so much!
  • I second your opinions on the piano solo and the leave-all-tracks-available thing.

    So, what's our next song? haha
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    Thanks for the nice comments, folks. :-) Taking Bry's advice, I've punched up the piano solo as much as I could. Here's the FINAL final cut. Really this time. (I've updated the link in my other posts as well). I also wanted to say thanks to the instrumentalists, who played beautifully (despite what Shruti may say!), and who also made my job much easier by largely self-selecting which sections to play. The flute-uke duet was not my doing; it just happened that way.

    I've emailed our humble offering to Dr. Coulton, and, if no one objects in the next few days, I'll go ahead and upload all of the original unadulterated files to

    This was fun! Should we make it a goal to get another one in the can by next JoCo Day?

    EDIT: Updated link.
  • Definitely!
    If the Song Fu'ers can run off a brand new song in a week, surely we can manage a cover version a year?

    Let's get the ball rolling whilst we're on a high from the first one... I sense a poll coming on?
  • This sounds great, Colleen! Have you heard back from Himself yet?
  • If the Song Fu'ers can run off a brand new song in a week, surely we can manage a cover version a year?
    And yet...

    @Bry: Nothing yet.
  • Hey, just got to add my muttered penny's worth: Great job! (The muttering is obviously due to my non-participation) Something about the uke and flute, plus the random acoustic signatures of the different tracks, just gives it this fantastic patina of "authenticity" ;-) No, don't ask me what that means, I'm sure you feel it too!
  • Hey it sounds really good. Definitely better for only using me as lead in the last verse, which was probably my best. Well done everyone!

    So what's next?
  • Hey, everybody! Dr. Coulton's response:
    Hey Colleen,

    That's awesome - love the mellower vibe. Do you guys have it online somewhere, or shall I post it myself?
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    I suppose I should mention this before the mp3 shoots to internet superstardom... the latest mp3 has the Artist tag filled as... oh crap, my iPod ran out of battery just as I went to check. Anyway, I think it's 'Mandelbrot Set/Mendelbrot Set' and I assume that one or the other of those is meant to be in the Album tag, and/or is not deliberately misspelled (although it could be a nod to Mendel.)

    ETA: Did you tell JoCo that he's in the zombie chorus? I guess even if it's a secret ingredient then according to the CC licence it probably has to be mentioned somewhere.
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    Bah! Me and my stupid fingers and lack of proofing skills. All fixed now. And all links updated.

    No, I didn't think to tell him. Should I?

    ETA: I went ahead and told him in the email with the updated link.
  • Woooo! It's great how we got that mellower vibe entirely by accident with no planning or anything.

    Mandelbrot Set: Accidents Waiting To Happen.
  • You wouldn't need to say as you would already be crediting him for writing the song, the easter egg could be included in that mention without being specifically stated.
  • I was just giving it another listen, and it's really quite impressive. Go us. And Bry, I like that you're doubling that part so shut up.
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    Sounds pretty good to me... Now how do we make a video?


    Actually I'd like to suggest a different format if we do another one later on...

    It might be fun to do a song in a sort of chain letter fashion... Record a part and pass it on...In fact you could send the same song in multiple directions and see how it winds up different.

    The end product would be kind of like this.
  • Holy cripes, that is awesome. It's like a zombie lullaby. Well done everyone.
  • It's awesome, great work guys! Too bad I didn't contribute, but I'll be sure to do so for the next one. :)
  • Yes, and here's JC's most recent comment via email.
    Just posted finally. Thank everyone for me, I think it's really awesome.
  • Double-posting to say that downloads of RYB have exceeded 1,800. w00t! :-D
  • Holy smokes. Almost 2,300 downloads!
  • Eeeeeek. This is what you get when you get mentioned on JoCo's front page I suppose!
  • Now nearing 2,500. Crazy.
  • Uh-oh. Double post.

    Just wanted to say that I finally got around to uploading all of the source tracks for Re: Your Brains to the Mandelbrot Set folder. If I've left anything out, please let me know. FYI, the Re Your Brains.mp3 file is the current final mix. (Over 4,800 downloads!)
  • It doesn't really count as a double post if it is two months later... (I guess you guys care less about necroing around here...)
  • I guess you guys care less about necroing around here...
    we rather preffer it.
    In fact that is one of the things I like when noobs join up they start necroing all the old threads we'd forgotten. Although...some we may have forgot for good reason.
  • I should just like to point out that having all the source tracks means that someone could make a Re: Your Brains lullabye DANCE REMIX! Anyone?
  • Necroing seems appropriate here. It's a zombie thread about zombie music.
  • I'm pretty new to the joco forums, but i would love to collab on the next project you guys do (if that's possible). I play guitar, melodica, mandolin, and violin ("pyrofiliac" is my channel on youtube, it appears i'm slightly popular apparently).
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    @SpaceParanoids: But wait... shouldn't it be called "zombying" or something?

    @Pyrofiliac: Check out the "The Mandelbrot Set 2: Zombie Boogaloo" thread. I just bumped it, since it seems to have fallen off the front page. This is where our current efforts are taking place. There's a nearly-finished mix of Skullcrusher Mountain in the works, and parts are being submitted for My Monkey and Creepy Doll. You'lll need a account, which you can get by clicking Collenky's link. (ETC: Actually, the most recent link is only for non-collaborators. The collaborator link is earlier in the thread).
  • Not really wanting to Bump but is the Mandlebrot set still active?

    I have banjo, bass (when I get a new string on it) keyboard, piano (if I tune it) violin if I get round to learning it, mouth organ (hell don't need to learn it, Bob Dylan didn't bother!) acoustic guitar, electric guitar to offer and I am looking to add a mandolin and ukulele at some point.

    Not highly skilled but I can generally do backing, rhythm etc and to be honest just need so impetus to get stuff done again. I know there is a google group but I don't want to sign up to that just to find out the Set doesn't do anything any more.

    If it is dead, in the finest Science Fiction Double Feature tradition, who fancies sticking it on top of a castle in a massive thunderstorm and seeing what happens?

  • Last JoCo Cruise Crazy, I believe the Mandelbrot Subset left behind (which, thanks to the self-similarity of the fractal, looked just like the entire Mandelbrot Set) covered 'When You Go'. You were thinking of things those left behind could do, so why not suggest a song?
  • Is anyone else worried that might go the way of MegaUpload? I know a lot of services have been cutting access from the US.
  • @mtgordon I think Box is similar to Dropbox in that they serve a different target market (professionals, enterprise, etc) so I think it should be safe.
  • I suggest "I Crush Everything" for a Left Behind Song. Just to show we're not longing deeply to be with the rest of you on the pretty white ship we've been dreaming of.
  • I'm up for it although the result could be 'ahem' mixed.
    I am hideously out of practise on all the instruments I mentioned but with something to get my interest I might just get going again.
  • [bump]

    FYI, our goofy little Re Your Brains cover has been downloaded over 5,000 times. Ha!
  • Before you bumped this, I had no idea it was a thing. Would be glad to be involved - as a singer or musician.
  • Alas, I don't have much time for collaborating. Though, I should probably make time. It'd be really good for me musically.
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