The Mandelbrot Set: Let's Get Rolling!



  • Your high school band director can bite my shiny metal ass. ;-)
  • I think the discussion of cyborgs was in a different thread. ;-)
  • What, you don't like me better? ;-)
  • Version two. Is it the final version? YOU decide.
  • (@Shruti: I sent you email.)
  • Your breathing will be less noticeable with the mix of all the other instruments going. And once all the parts are assembled, if any breaths are still obv, it will be short work to edit them out.
  • Okay, good to know.

    (@Colleen: Got your e-mail, thanks! I will probably respond in full when I have more time, either later tonight or tomorrow afternoon/evening.)
  • @Shruti: Very nice! That's definitely going to add a different flavour to our version of the song :)
  • Did anybody check to see how well it syncs up? Sounds great though.

    Expect guitar parts from me when I find the frakking power cord for my mixer, it just disappeared...
  • BryBry
    edited August 2008
    All right, how far are we away on this? Does anyone still intend to submit a track? Has anyone done anything like a clean mix?

    ETA: For those new to the forum, I should say: This is a open, collaborative JoCo Internet cover band (called, of course, "The Mandelbrot Set") comprised of forum members (that means you!). We're submitting parts for "Re Your Brains", and I've gotten way behind on keeping this project moving. I ought to have closed the submissions by now, but if anyone really wants to lay down a track, you might let me know.
  • Yes! I should have something to add by Sunday night...
  • I'll try to record some vocals this weekend! By the way, are we doing just one person on lead vocals and the rest just doing the chorus? I suppose I should go back and read the entire thread.
  • As promised...

    Here are 3 files. 1 is a bass part, 1 is guitar (distorted choruses & bridge only) and 1 is an initial mix of what we've got so far (with apologies to anybody I might have missed - let me know if so).

    The theremin part I've been working on is in need of more practice, so I don't have it ready yet.

    The mix is fairly basic - just getting rough levels, some stereo spread and adding a bit of reverb to vocals and uke parts. Also de-noised some of the hissier parts. Early days, but I thought it was time we heard what the submitted tracks sounded like together.

    Any comments?
  • Sounds good to me, I think it actually works quite well together. Though I am more interested to see what others who have better ears than me and can express opinions on music far more eloquently. Good to see the group have finally come to fruition.
  • Lunacy: Very, very cool! (Only thing I'd say is that my intuition was that Shruti's flute part should be about half a bar ahead of where you've placed it.) The flute, by the way, really adds a lot -- nicely done, Shruti! (I really appreciated the uke and banjo parts, too, and especially the great new distortion guitar track -- thanks for that, too!)

    What do the musically-inclined think could be done with Mick's mix? I'd kinda imagined the lead vocals being traded off from person to person instead of all done together, but I have to say I like how it sounds this way. We're percussion-light -- does anyone mind, and does anyone care to fix that?

    Thank you for the mix, Lunacy. That's so awesome!
  • Colleen ... yeah. About re-doing that flute part ... it never really happened. I got busy with realizing I had to move down to IU, and realizing that I had no idea what all I needed to buy/take, etc., etc. Sorry ): I really appreciated your suggestions and ... okay, if it sounds awful like this and screws up the chords terribly, I can probably find some time somewhere to do it, but the whole college thing, as I found out last year, definitely detracts from the time-devoted-to-the-internets thing.

    Oh, a mix has been made. That's exciting. I'll come back later to comment on it - first class begins in 34 minutes, hopefully I can grab a sandwich before then.
  • the whole college thing, as I found out last year, definitely detracts from the time-devoted-to-the-internets thing.
    (Funny I find it the other way around! In fact, I find it the other way around with most things not just study!)

    Carry on! Is there a version us plebs who aren't partaking can listen to yet or are you keeping it for a Big Reveal?
  • Percephene, do you mean a full mix of everyone's part so far? Lunacy links above to the one he's done, which is the same link I'm posting here. Or am I misunderstanding you?
  • No you aren't misunderstanding me, I wasn't sure what Lunacy's mix was of. Thanks for clearing it up!
    I intend to have a wee listen later tonight! ^_^
  • Oh yeah, just wanted to drop in to say I couldn't record anything, my mic is broken and I'm getting really busy with studying for an exam.
  • Congratulations... it's a song!

    However, if we're going to have choral lead vocals, we're going to have to use one as a reference timing and get everyone to record one that matches it perfectly, or harmonises or whatever, but at the moment it's a bit scrappy around the edges of notes. I also feel like I can hear my line really strongly, but maybe it's because it's burned into my memory from so many bloody takes.

    If we're not having choral lead vocals, we need to pass it around somehow. Hmm. I hope everyone didn't peak on the same verse.

    And, of course, we need the zombie chorus.
  • @MaW
    You'll always hear you're own voice coming through on a recording like this...

    The rest will probably hear their's in the same way ! ;' )
  • Thanks for putting together a preliminary mix, Lunacy. I think the current version sounds a little chaotic, but I'm guessing that's just because you were kind of throwing everything together to see what we have so far. Maybe the mix could use some judicious pruning, maybe picking certain instruments to be featured in different sections of the song (with bass continuing throughout)? And I agree with MaW that his vocal level was a bit overbalanced. I'm in favor of passing the lead vocal around from verse to verse. Also, Shruti's flute is about half a beat behind.

    @Shruti: Your tone is lovely, and I especially like the riff leading into the chorus, but unfortunately, I hear just a few places where the pitches don't quite mesh. I feel awful for saying so, because I know that you put a lot of effort into it. Please don't hate me. :-S

    @Jsten: What happened to the zombie chorus horde you had lined up?

    I could also take a crack at a mix, but it probably wouldn't be until after this weekend.
  • Not hating at all. Just wanted confirmation. Will re-do. Hopefully I have time in the near future.
  • question, what riff into the chorus are you talking about.

    also, for the record, I don't understand the bridge.
  • Now that I think about it, what I should have said was the riff in the second half of the verse, which, of course, leads into the chorus (e.g., "I think I speak for all of us when I say I understand," etc.). I can't remember the pitch names, but the solfege is la, ti, do mi sol mi re mi re do la, do ti, - and the rhythms speed up. Nice countermelody. :-)
  • Thanks for the comments everyone.

    @Colleenky: You're welcome. Yes it does sound chaotic and your guess is correct. Everything was thrown together as a taster, with a view to pruning (usually a better method for me than adding bit by bit). My intention was to split the vocals across verses as suggested, with perhaps the last verse as a combined effort, but quite happy to change if that doesn't work. I just felt that MaW's voice seemed to naturally come to the foreground as a good lead vocal, so just left it at that. For my next bash I'll try a couple of different folk at each verse and see which ones work best.... Won't be until next week though. Will also sort the bass out, as there are some sloppy bits in there too.

    @Shruti: Not sure what happened with the flute - everything else lined up perfectly - it may well be something I did. The flute does sound great, though.

    Maybe we should start a new thread - "Zombies Wanted. Tone Deafness an advantage, but not essential." ? I can provide a few zombies to add to Jsten's, but I'd guess the more the better.
  • All of us with mics should probably just go ahead and record zombie chorus vocals ASAP - instrumentalists and vocalists alike! Maybe multiple tracks each, in different octaves and varying degrees of in-tune-ness. :-)
  • I'll give it a shot this weekend. At concerts, I often don't even bother singing lyrics, but instead just try to moan a harmony part.
  • I'll look into zombie vocals after work :)
  • Also I got an Akai EWI4000s today, so maybe I can lend that to the instrumentals for something... when I've learned to play it!
  • Working on recording now. Last version involved a messed-up flutter tongue at the beginning of the solo, damn it. Starting over. Crossing my fingers. Etc.

    Let me know, by the way, if the occasional popping sound in the version-to-come isn't my computer's speakers being somewhat screwed up. (Although I'm pretty sure it is, and that furthermore it is a result of my having dropped the beloved macbook last week.)
  • At concerts, I often don't even bother singing lyrics, but instead just try to moan a harmony part.
    I like that your zombie is so far-zombified that he can't make out words but he can do a harmony :P
  • Maybe he can make out the words, but lacks the physical capability to form them anymore so can only moan a complex harmony instead.
  • Resuscitating this thread to say that I'm currently working on a mix. Zombie chorus additions welcome.
  • Yes, let me start a thread to request zombie chorus additions. It'd be great if we could get it finished by Dec. 1.
  • The curse! The curse! I've been in bed with a horrible sore throat for two days, and now I see it is because Colleenky rescucitated the thread.

    I so wish I can find the means to participate. It's, what? nearly a year down the line? At the moment I have a keyboard buried under the bed, and I have to impose order on the new house before I can even consider disinterring it.
  • horrible sore throat = good zombie chorus addition, see my logic?
  • I thought the same thing Ben !! ;' )
  • And I can't help but agree with the benefit of hindsight (that clarity that one finds beyond the grave). Pity I didn't capitalise on the situation; when I called my manager on Friday to report I'm off, my telephone voice would have put the fear of God into your average death metal singer.
  • All righty! A preliminary mix is in the can, sans zombie chorus or any other last-minute parts. I'm going to let it marinate overnight and see if I still like it tomorrow.

    Either Audacity sucks just a little or my computer doesn't have quite enough computing power to do something like this properly. I had to keep making tiny adjustments in the timing, because the tracks kept getting ever so slightly out of sync with each other.

    (@Borba: When I had laryngitis after the DVD show, I practically had to cough to speak when I called out sick, because my chords refused to proximate. You have my sympathies! Feeling better now?)
  • Oooh activity.

    I never had time to figure out anything else, and I really don't seem to be able to sing this song any better than my last attempt. It just doesn't suit me somehow.
  • I'm working on this as we speak. I kind of started over, to some extent, to take care of the timing issues. It's sounding pretty good! I may have it done tonight or tomorrow night. (Yesterday was a complete loss.)
  • Awesome! Thanks for putting the effort into putting it all together.
  • Actually, I'm having a lot of fun doing this! I'm quite nearly done with a mix that at least won't stink up the joint. ;-) I need to sleep now, but all I have left is to mix the zombie chorus and drop it in.
  • You are a star! A star!!
  • edited December 2008
    Woo-hoo! IT IS DONE! And it only took a little over a year and a half to turn out our first cover! ;-)

    Can I just say, wow. Lots of talent in these here forums! I hope I did you all justice.

    I hope I don't disappoint anybody with my fledgling attempt at mixing this. I made some executive decisions and cut a couple of tracks that were submitted. That being said though, EVERYONE who submitted got something in the final mix. I can see how Our Hero can spend hours and hours and hours mixing stuff. (I did.) There are still even more tweaks I could make, but it's already JoCo Day, and also I have this life that I need to get back to. Please give me some feedback, here or by PM or email if you'd rather be more discreet. I haven't sent it to the birthday boy yet, so there's still some time to make changes if need be.

    The Mandelbrot Set is:
    Angelastic - Zombie Chorus
    bigcambridge - Banjo, Ukulele
    Bry - Vocals, Zombie Chorus
    Colleenky - Vocals, Zombie Chorus, Sound Editing
    Lunacy - Electric Bass
    MaW - Vocals
    mtgordon - Vocals, Zombie Chorus
    Shruti - Flute, Zombie Chorus
    SpaceParanoids - Piano
    The Doifter - Ukulele

    Thank you! Good night! And remember to tip your waiters!

    P.S. I actually made one more tweak as I was writing this. Somebody stop me!

    P.P.S. No, I did not update the wiki. It's 2:15am, and I'm going to sleep now.

    EDIT(s): Updated file link. Again. And again. And yet again.
  • Okay, what's next....

    (nice work, us, and Colleenky for bringing it all together!)
  • Wow...that turned out really good! I'm impressed!
  • Very nicely done.

    I wish I could have been a part of it, but I didn't have the means to do so.
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