The Mandelbrot Set: Let's Get Rolling!



  • Arguably better than most of the solos would be :P
    Lex has on his snarky pants today. ;-)
  • Something suggests to me that a recorder solo wouldn't work very well...

    Maybe I can come up with something on the stylophone for somewhere in the song. That could be fun :)
  • Lex has on his snarky pants today. ;-)
    There is never a day when I don't have them on, my dear :P
  • Somebody mentioned mine was not in sync. I know, it was a test that I made way the hell back in April. Not meant to be used.
    But I will contribute mine ASAP
  • Jsten419: Are you still unable to download the tracks from the Google Group? Do I need to email you my files?
  • That would be fabulous Collenky, (for everybody else as well) I can not listen via GG. Could it be a quicktime error and if so, how can I address this?
  • Jack, have you tried right-clicking and saving-as? That's what I usually have to do to the Google Groups files.
  • Ditto that.
  • Or when you have the quicktime thing on screen press file and then save as.. does the trick equally as well.
  • @Jsten419: I've uploaded my several megs of files to, so as not to crowd your inbox. Let me know how that works for you.
  • @ Everybody, I found us a zombie chorus. Will post by Friday and then explain what it is.

    @ Everybody again, I've been trying to right click save as since listening in quicktime hasn't worked. No dice, I get an error message.

    @ Coleenky, checking out those files now.
  • @Jsten, the zombie chorus has for some time intended to be the way in which non-musical people in the forums can still participate in this project, so if you want to preempt a great number of people's involvement, I suggest you let us know sooner rather than later what you've got in mind.
  • I nominate Coleenky for lead vocals. But not for backup or zombie chorus, you're not maniacal sounding or hoarse enough.
  • @ Bry, I have a group of about 25 which I can involve, it can be mixed in softly, used in full, or not at all. I'll post seperate wav files for everything I can do. Lead and backup vocals, zombie chorus, and rythym guitar, you can put in what you like and scratch what you don't.
  • Bump! Just a few more days to submit tracks by the July 14 deadline...

    @Mark: I finally got around to listening to your track. Well done, sir! Strong, resonant voice and good pitch. :-)

    @Jsten: Thanks! Might I humbly request that you use the harmony parts I provided, which don't require "zombie" sound? So far, no one else has submitted harmony vocals. (Disregard this, of course, if some get submitted by the 14th.)
  • Strong, resonant voice and good pitch. :-)
    I think I sounded lousy, but that may be that I'm used to listening to myself singing from within my own head. Some of that is also that I think I need more practice (and probably more training). You, on the other hand, sounded great!
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    I think I sounded lousy
    Bah! Based on my experience, everyone thinks they sound worse than they really do. (Except maybe drunk people.)

    And, thanks. :-)
  • I agree with sounded worse to yourself. I get that all the time. A very sloppy (but complete) RE: Your Brains came together on my mixer Wednesday. It's all there, including what I hope will be my own creative spin on the chorus and bridge. I use F barre chords (basically just an E barre chord without the A or low E strings played. It gives it a nice tone and a cool sliding effect.
  • I can't wait to hear it.

    I thought I sounded awful in my recording, and I know I'm right! I'm starting to hate this song... always a risk when you try and perform something.
  • I sound awful in my recording too, and now I can prove it. Seven files uploaded -- all harmony tracks, and all, for once in my life, not manipulated or doctored, though I would've given a lot for AutoTune. (As I indicated elsewhere, the bulk of the melody sits between my "ranges".) Please don't just listen to them alone, because clearly I'm not in tune with the lead vocal you're used to, since obviously I'm not singing the lead vocal. (For the verses, it's mostly 6ths below; elsewhere, I'm doubling Colleen's vocals at the most appropriate octaves for me. Note that I don't actually have a low E, even though that's the note I'm attempting to sing in the verses.)

    Jsten, what error message are you getting when you try to download? I'll upload to, I suppose -- I'll let you know when that happens.
  • When I right click save as it tells me the file must have been removed from the group. It can not be found, something along those lines.
  • So where are we at on this shiznit?
  • Somewhere between "it seemed like a good idea at the time" and "almost there".
  • Belatedly: My aforementioned harmony tracks are on (Considering it took about ten seconds to put them there, one wonders why it took me so long.) Feel free not to use them -- really, I mostly recorded them because of Colleen's curiosity about my singing voice.

    We do need a soloist, and again, I'd like to open it up to anyone.
  • Since nobody else has responded, I will say this: If you would like a flute solo, I could possibly provide it. "Possibly" because I did not practice the entire time I was in Argentina, nor have I since, so I would need to, um, make sure it is still possible for me to play in a way that's not entirely terrible. I can know by sometime this weekend. If you would not like a flute solo, that's okay too.
  • Shruti, will you give it a try? I remember you did a great job with "Famous Blue Raincoat", and I'd love to hear what you make of this one. No pressure, though.
  • Here is a basic version, I guess. I'll try and record a nicer-sounding one in the near future, probably, and maybe upload it to the group. Is that what you're looking for at all, or should I be doing something else?
  • Oh that's nice. It might sound a bit suddenly odd if it appears without there being any flute anywhere else in the track though.
  • Now I'm imagining Jethro Tull covering Re Your Brains.
  • Well done, Shruti! I agree with MaW, although I don't have any suggestions for where to put more flute, unless it just doubles the melody or harmony parts.
  • Nice job on the flute solo. It will be awesome for me learning the solo myself. Not that I should be the lead guitarist, actually... it might be all I can contribute at this point.
  • Out of curiosity, what happened to SuperDave? He was interested in doing the solo at one point as well.
  • I think Dave's been busy; he mentioned to me in an e-mail, in passing, that he'd try and put something together, but I don't know that he's had the time to. Dave?

    Shruti, I like your flute version a lot. (I feel as though I'd have to hear it in place to get a better sense, but I'm pretty pleased with it.)
  • Sorry about all the delays. I've got a solo in my head somewhat, so I've just got to get it recorded. Hopefully I'll have a few minutes this week. Today is my cousin's wedding and I've been busy being at all of these wedding related events as a result.

    Also Bry, have you gotten any of my e-mails about my Boston trip? I haven't heard back from you on that.
  • Anyone want me to record vocals/guitar/bass? :)
  • Dave: Just sent a reply; sorry again about the delay. Hope you've been having a good time.

    Dantes, if you want to, go for it! It's all voluntary, after all. :)
  • So I figured I would try to put the parts we had together to figure them out. And it was almost impossible. Why? Because all we have are these little snippets. That means the person who assembles them has to painstakingly try to match everything up.

    Here is how these parts SHOULD be recorded (and apologies to anybody who needs to re-record their parts as a result but it will make the overall product better):

    1) Sing/play over the karaoke track that Bry posted on the google group.

    2) Remove the karaoke track.

    3) Leave ALL the dead space before you start singing as well as the clicks that count off.

    Just to pick on the worst offender, Bry, but all the little 15 or 30 second tracks you uploaded have to be manually lined up one at a time. Maybe you can line all your tracks up into one continuous track and re-upload them?
  • Done, and uploaded to the GGroup and the aforelinked directory. Sorry I didn't leave everything intact originally -- I'm just not altogether in tune with myself, and I figured there'd be lots of places where you wouldn't want my voice.
  • Well, it's easier to put everything together and start cutting then... Thanks.

    Anybody else who didn't do this should do it. It will make life a lot easier.
  • Bry said it warn't too late!

    I just added another uke track to the Google Group, hopefully sufficiently different from Schwartz's as to make it interesting.

    I vote YES on the flute solo, by the way.
  • Thanks, Big C. I'll rerecord and post tomorrow. Just got back into town this evening.
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    Ok. My goal for tomorrow is to try and figure out what to do with the flute part for the rest of the song...I've been working on other projects recently and got sidetracked. Hopefully I'll record a full-length thing by Friday and post it to the group.

    Update: As of 8:30 EST on Thursday, I've got planned out what I'm going to do for everything except the 20 seconds preceding the solo ("I'd like to help you, Tom, in any way I can..."). I'll figure out the rest tomorrow, I think, and then try and record it. I hope this turns out okay...
  • Life has intervened. I hope to have my files uploaded by Monday evening.
  • Same here, if by "life" you mean "a sudden influx of relatives."
    Hopefully Monday.
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    All righty. I think I'm getting the hang of this recording thing. I've uploaded my files to both the Google Group and to

    P.S. I discovered that a paper dust mask makes a pretty good pop filter. :-)

    ETA: Forgot to say that the Google Group's file storage is at about 90% capacity, so some files will probably have to be deleted before more are added.
  • How do I make my breathing less noticeable?
  • Tsk tsk, breathing through his nose?
  • It's not a no-no for singers. We take our breath any way we can get it. ;-)
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    Oh. Fine, then. Stupid cookie-eaters. (My high school band director's name for the choir kids - he was convinced this was how they spent their class periods, having snack-time and, you know, "fun" rather than actual practice. He was just kidding...maybe.)

    Here's my first run through the song. Awkwardly loud tonguing and breathing, and noticeably poor tone quality. Sigh... Edit: Also, upon re-listening, whoa, intonation in places. Will try to record a better version tomorrow. Sorry for being so slow, guys...
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