The "Coulton" - a measurement of Nerd fame.

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Upon reading a conversation between @genoboost and @hipsterplease on Twitter I knew I had to make this.

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  • Hehe fun! XD
    Since I think I only have a following of one I rated pretty low :(
  • Is Coulton the new MegaFonzie in relation to the coolometer?

    I'm actually thinking of giving a Wrist Strong bracelet to JoCo. I've just recently gotten into Colbert Report, and I hear that's teh rule.
  • 0.0022
    But I think that should be higher, as Mr Coulton is one of my subscribers, that has to be worth something.
  • That should be worth 1 Coulton, as it's Coulton himself. :)
  • But then that means that everybody Coulton subscribes to is worth more than Coulton himself, which defies logic.

    I say that having Coulton subscribe means that your number of Coultons should be squared.

    (yes I am aware of the implications of that)
  • Agent Lex: No that's not true, because everyone Coulton subscribes to immediately gains him +1 Coulton when they follow him, because he considers them equal to himself!
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    But, there is no allowance for the fact that Coulton follows ME!

    ETA I did not read Kerrin's post above. So....What he said!
  • Dan Plus Plus, you deserve a mountain of stuffed monkeys for this! IMO, you are doing exactly what every JoCoFan ought to be doing, which is advancing the JoCo brand. Major kudos to you! (And of course, to the pantheon of fabulous types whom JoCo is twitter-following, too!)
  • Glad you all like it :D

    I'm thinking of changing it slightly. Unfortunately, it uses the latest status to get the number of followers you have, which isn't 100% accurate. I put this together at 3 in the morning and couldn't really be bothered to go through the more complicated part of the Twitter API so I'm having a look now at authenticating users so that more information can be gathered for a better measurement. I'll let you know when I've changed anything.
  • Great job Dan!
    Sadly my results.
    Your Coultonic state is sub-coultonic;
    You have 5363 fewer followers than JoCo;

    And if awryone gets a bonus because JoCo follows him then what bonus do I get for awryone following me? hehe!
  • And if rob gets a bonus from awryone following him, do I get one for him following me!?

    6 degrees of JoCo!
  • This is all just one big piece of proof that JoCo is connected with all of us, and we are all connected with him. You're in our hearts, and we're (hopefully) in yours, Jonathan.
  • Confused... :-S
  • Veronica Belmont has so many Coultons....
  • I have a Twitter account solely to read JoCo. I have 1 person I read, I have zero people who read me. I'm as sub-Coultonic as fractally possible :p
  • You don't need an account to read his. I don't have one and read it.
  • Yay. Me and Ben. The only two people left in the world without Twitter accounts. ;-)
  • I don't have one either... To be honest I had never heard of Twitter before coming to these forums. Probably because I'm Belgian.
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    No no i hadn't heard of it before i came here either. It is a bit odd, seems to be filled with you had to be there jokes to me.

    ETA: that is one of the great things about this forum, always finding out about cool new things
  • "...a lot of mayonnaise with your tweet."
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    We need a twitter distance calculator, so that people can work out their Coulton number, like an Erdős number but with 'wrote a paper with' replaced by 'has as a follower'. It's not a symmetric relation though so I'm not sure it would work the same way.
  • It's also like the Shusaku number. ^^
  • Well, anyone can follow JoCo, so that direction becomes trivial. In the other direction, we're looking at people whom JoCo follows, people they follow, lather, rinse, repeat. Among forum regulars, awryone and kerrin have Coulton numbers of 1.
  • What I don't get is how the whole "replying" thing on twitter works. I always seem JoCo replying at people and never see what they said or how he acheived said reply?
    Maybe I need a twitter for dumbies book :(
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    Basic Twitorial:
    Let's say you visit JC's Twitter page. A few tweets down, you see that he has twittered (tweeted?) at thedoifter. Clicking on thedoifter's handle will take you to thedoifter's Twitter page. Clicking on the date and time will show you just JoCo's tweet by itself. Clicking on "in reply to TheDoifter" will take to her tweet that prompted his response.

    Did that help? :-)
  • Thanks Colleen but not really, I'd figured that much out myself. :P
    Presumably to reply to someone you have to be following them? So JoCo only replies to ppl he's following?
    And do they get some sort of special notification that someone replied to them or do they just have to read it.
    But how does one actually reply to someone else's tweet?
    Say I'm following my friend, and he makes a tweet and I want to reply to him. How do I do that?

    Sorry I know this is totally off topic now and makes me look very dumb :( Twitter needs more pages explaining just what is going on!

    (Oh my goodness, my friend's mum knows how to do this and I, a programming student and self-professed lover of the intarwebs doesn't. QQ imo!)
  • Wait I see the little reply to icon. But how to reply via txt I wonder?
  • My Twitter has never felt so lame.
  • @Ceridwyn: Aha. You were asking as a Twitter user, not a Twitter reader. In the words of Inigo Montoya, there, I cannot help you.
  • To reply, all you have to do is type "@personyou'rereplyingto"

    If I were replying to you (assuming your name is the same), I'd just type @Ceridwyn and go from there.
  • and that works? nifty!
    thanks both of you!

    any help on these questions from earlier?
    Presumably to reply to someone you have to be following them? So JoCo only replies to ppl he's following?
    And do they get some sort of special notification that someone replied to them or do they just have to read it.
  • I don't know if you have to be following to reply to someone. I personally don't get any notification that someone has replied to me. I'm not sure if you can turn on those sorts of notifications. There is place on your Twitter page to go and just see replies you've received.
  • Yeah I just found that. Oddly enough there are no reply to buttons on my friend's tweets and I'm following him.
    Strange. I just ask because I'd like to think that if I "replied" to a JoCo tweet, he might see it! If he has to be following me to see it then theres no chance of that =S
  • I'm not a Twitter user (obviously), but it would seem to make sense that you could only receive responses from folks you're following. JoCo has 5,500+ people following him. Can you imagine if all of them were responding to his tweets?
  • This page offers some clues:
    Thanks Mucka, I'll stop derailing it now!
  • People have replied to me that I don't subsribe to. Although, I never noticed until just now.
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    0.0005 Coultons! Is that really bad?

    heh, I like what it says when you search JoCo himself.
  • I've impulsively sent one or two replies to people who are not following me. It's annoying when, about 5 seconds afterward, I think "d'oh they'll never see that"
  • I only follow JoCo, and I got a reply from you Agent Lex...which I only saw today...but now I know about replies, I will check them, and send them.
  • I follow you, Kerrin. :-D
  • Sorry, but Twitter is so narcissistic. The idea that you can't put on pants in the morning without feeling the urge to Twitter about it is kind of sad. Some of the Twitter posts are very clever (JC's are great), but they're still nearly completely information-free. I really think there are a growing number of people out there who feel like their life isn't really happening unless they're sharing it with strangers, as if that kind of validation is their oxygen. Not good.
  • I twitter on average once a day. Usually something mundane, yes, but I'm hardly a twitter shitter (excuse the language). I think a lot of people don't use it for its intended purpose, which is to let your buddies know what you're up to (not including such activities as pant putting-on or sandwich-ordering).
  • @spiff
    It is for the growing minority of us who tweet just to amuse. It's like having a really short stage to do stand up on. You have to hit the punchline in 140 characters, or less.

    Check this out. It's a site devoted to those posts which have been favorited.
    Merlin Mann aka hotdogsladies cracks me up.
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    It's like having a really short stage to do stand up on.
    I agree, and that's why I find it so pointless. It's a bunch of people all trying to look clever to the other people who are trying to look clever to them. Very self-referential and narcissistic and without real purpose. People need to realize that it's OK to enjoy the sunset without telling strangers that you're enjoying a sunset.
  • People need to realize that it's OK to enjoy the sunset without telling strangers that you're enjoying a sunset.
    But, I could not care less about someone telling me that sort of stuff. And, fortunately for me, none, of the few that I follow, do that.
    They all, however, use the 140 characters to crack me up.
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    @ Spiff I Twitter when I'm too lazy to post in my blog. And I post in my blog for my own amusement. People just happen to read it and also find me amusing from time to time.

    For some people, it really has nothing to do with a need to tell the world about the minutae of their day. In my case, I like to write something everyday, even if it is only 140 characters long. As writing professionally is my goal, it makes me feel like I'm at least exercising the muscle through this writer's block. And I like to read the things other people say.
  • a regular pastime with friends is to sit around and crack eachother up. Twitter just lets me do that long distance or at least attempt to. It's not narcissistic to tell a joke nor is humor pointless either, to me it's how we bond and relate.
  • I've gotten to know some people better, including Mark and Rob, through Twitter. I enjoy being able to read what they're saying away from these forums sometimes.
  • I am pro-twitter!
  • As am I, even if it is currently refusing to load.

    Did Hodgman break it again?
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