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I notice that on JoCo's music page some but not all of the songs are playable from within the info link. Suppose I wanted to send a noob here to listen to a specific song without making them scroll through a bunch of songs? Say, Stroller Town for instance. Is there anyway to do that?

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    Well, the reason Stroller Town's not streamable from the info link is because it's a free download, I think is how it works. And I think the rest of them that aren't streamed are not streamed for the same reason.
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    If you wanted to do a little extra work, you could view the source of the Music page and find the direct link to the .mp3 of the song you're interested in. For example, the direct link to Stroller Town is: Town.mp3 (note the space in the .mp3's title).
  • yeah but I like sending them to the info page because they can read along with the lyrics all in one easy link.
  • It would be great to be able to see the lyrics while listening to the songs....for all of the songs. For some reason I'm stuck on "Blue Raincoat" lately and it's easier to play & sing along when you can see the words (you can w/ this song). Weird this came up today because I was thinking about this same thing about four hours ago.
  • Well, for the songs that don't stream, you don't even need to view source, since they're provided as free downloads from the details page (i.e. there's a link directly to the mp3). But there doesn't seem to be a good solution, other than telling them just to download the mp3 file or open it in another tab or window or something...
  • I believe, but don't quote me on this, that the streaming is provided by the site that you pay for buying the songs, so if it is not a song that can be bought, it has no where to stream from.
  • It looks to me like streaming's just the playtagger javascript (here), streaming directly from the directory on JoCo's servers.
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    Looks like I was wrong then, it happens. It not like I wrote the page....oh.

    OK - Here is the deal. I would like to purchase the last set of mp3s on the music page. These are the "Other Experiements." NONE of the columns (anywhere on this page) have any buttons to click on except the "Play" blue arrows. Nothing in the "Buy" column, or any of the others. I wrote to JoCo about this and he suspected that I may have a firewall issue. I have never had problems on other sites. The real bad news is that if you can help me, you will have to speak to me like a child - I am not a Geek (sadly) and have very limited computer knowledge. I use a G4 MacBook Pro. My internet server is Safari.

    These songs are not available on iTunes or Amazon. Anyone?
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    I'm not sure what is causing your problem, but here are the links to the song-details pages for all the Other Experiments. Maybe the purchase links on those pages will work, I dunno. If not, we can do it again for the purchase links.

    Bills, Bills, Bills*
    A Laptop Like You
    Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance (demo)*
    Beds Hurt My Booty
    I Crush Everything (demo)
    Skullcrusher Mountain (demo)
    The Future Soon (demo)
    Gambler's Prayer*
    Mandelbrot Set (demo)
    Camp Bachelor Alma Mater*

    By the way, for the songs that haven't been reissued, links to these pages can be found on JoCopedia. Admittedly that doesn't help very much for the songs that have been rerecorded (e.g. The Future Soon, Mandelbrot Set), since the JoCopedia links take you to the page for the "official" release.

    (JoCopedia staff: And no, I'm not going to lobby again for a separate JoCopedia page for those demo versions, but maybe we can figure out some way of including those links too?)
  • Bry: I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. I really appreciate this. Unfortunately, I have to do each one individually but it works. Thank you very much!
  • You're welcome! 'S what I'm here for. (I guess I should've provided the link to the Other Experiments album "details", with the link to purchase the whole album for $10, huh? Sorry!)
  • Thank You. I am armed and dangerous now with my credit card in hand . . .
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