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Back in the dark ages of the internet, when everyone was on dial-up. There was a Movie Quote game page that I loved. I think I'll attempt to get the same thing going here. The rules are simple, name the movie the guote comes from. First one that gets it right gets to submit the next quote.
We'll start with this one.

"I cannot believe what a bunch of losers we are. We're looking up 'money laundering' in the dictionary!"


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    That would be Office Space.

    "It's hot. It's Africa kind of hot. Tarzan couldn't take this heat."

    EDIT: My brain went ahead and I started to post the movie I was going to quote. So I corrected my answer and changed the quote~
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    That is from Swingers
  • No, I said I changed my quote :p
  • I originally asked, "That is from Swingers?" because of your original post.
    I have no idea.
    Game on.
  • That's one of my favorites MitchO but I'll let someone else answer it.
  • Good Morning Vietnam?
  • Nope. I should have started with an easier one. I'm far too good at this game.
  • Biloxi Blues. :D
  • It was a wild guess. I remembered a bunch of "It's really hot" rhetoric from that movie.
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    Muckalarkuary got it. Add a quote now.
    Mtgordon, I was going to say you were close as they both have to do with the army.
  • I was pretty sure I was right. I'll give you one of my favorites...
    I don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that.
  • Say Anything!
  • Of course! I hoped that would go fast... I'm headed out. :-P
  • Can you tell I graduated in '88.

    Here is mine:
    No, Donny, these men are nihilists, there's nothing to be afraid of
  • Ah the wonders of Google, but that would be cheating.
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    One of my favorites of all time. I own an actual cast member bowling shirt courtesy of David Thewlis.
    The Big Lebowski

    ETA I know this is right, so I'll keep this movin'

    "Who's gonna stop me, you old bat? You and those fag dogs?"
  • I own an actual cast member bowling shirt courtesy of David Thewlis.
    You need to tell this story. ;-)
  • It's not all that interesting.
    David Thewlis-Fairuza Balk-Carty Talkington-Me.
    He gave it to her when they were dating, she gave it to him when they were dating, he gave it to me when we lived together in LA.
    It's completely awesome, though.
  • I found that story very interesting. :-)
  • That is awesome! My husband LOVES that movie more than anything, maybe more than me. We did prep work for a Lebowski party where we drank when and what he drank. I don't think we made it halfway through.
  • Hint...
    The quote is from a film directed by the same as Lebowski.
  • I apologize.
    IMDB states it was written by the fabulous Coen brothers, but DIRECTED by Sam Raimi.
    Regardless, it is not Fargo.
  • Is it The Evil Dead?
  • No. It is not The Evil Dead. 1 or 2.
    But, Bruce Campbell has a great role in it.
    This movie was a weekend staple for get-togethers in Colchester during the mid-eighties. I didn't think it would be this hard.
    LOTS of great quotes in it...I
  • Crimewave?
  • Bubba Hotep?
  • Crimewave is the only movie that comes to mind that fits the written by Coens, directed by Raimi constraint. So the quote is hard to get because it was such a flop that nobody's seen it :P
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    IT IS CRIMEWAVE! A flop, sure. But, sublimely ridiculous and worth finding the Chinese DVD (only one left in print--Chinese packaging, but still in English)
    Just woke up, sorry for the delay.
  • Sheesh, I knew I had odd tastes in films, but I don't know ANY of these so far...*goes to hide her head in a cucket some more*
  • I've never even HEARD of Crimewave.
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    No prob. I just woke up too.

    new quote:
    "That's some heavy duty dog doo!"
  • do i need to give a hint?
  • Sounds familar.
  • The Chorus to Over There would be appropriate. I think Carl Weathers said the line.
  • Force 10 from Navarone?
  • That's it!
  • You and I should start a website.

    "So since I've never had sex with you, by your own advice I shouldn't accept your advice."
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    Sex, Lies, and Videotape

    I want in on this website. *is looking for a quote*

    Edit: *has a quote*
    A: I understand you're a neurosurgeon.
    B: No, I'm a barber, but a lot of people make that mistake.
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    OOh, that one's Rushmore.

    OK, I genuinely don't know if this one's obscure or right in this group's wheelhouse.
    First, there's your basic shift.
  • I'm getting none of these, which makes me sad :(
  • Me too, guess I am not the nerd I had thought I was...
  • yeah that's the hard part about this game. you want it to be easy but not too easy.
  • Hint time, I guess.

    The comment is about balls. As in testicles.
  • waiting?
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    Wow, really? I thought Biloxi Blues was going to be harder than this one.

    This was the second movie in my life where I got to see boobies (The first, btw, was "Buddy Buddy", a Matthau/Lemmon movie that my parents took us to, not knowing at all it was going to be rated R :P). The speaker is one of those classic 80s teen actors that you seem to see in a lot of things, but you probably don't know his name or can really name anything he was the star in. And there's another actor like that in the movie that real trivia buffs would recognize: William Zabka.

    And one more quote, same character, same scene:
    All balls itch!
  • that quote I remember! is it One of the Guys?
  • Close enough. "Just One of the Guys" would be the title, the second of the classic "Will Zabka is the bad guy" trilogy in the 80s (Karate Kid, Back To School). I remember it as being one of those movies that used to be on HBO .. ALL .. THE .. TIME. The speaker, of course, is the classic Billy Jayne, he of Parker Lewis Can't Lose fame.

    One more classic line:
    Terry: How do I look?
    Buddy: Dashing.
    Terry: My zipper's open.
    Buddy: That was the dashing part.
  • Cool..ok. here's a new one.
    "I never dreamed that a mere physical experience could be so stimulating."
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