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  • i tried and failed to deliver the monkey this morning. sent an email and am awaiting a response. i wish i had *not* been an idiot and had remembered to include my phone number but i will be available all day via email anyway, so.

    have uploaded a few pics so far. like a fool i forgot to take any at DnD, but oh well. since i've got the ape today anyway, i reckon i can get a few more in the financial district and thereabouts.
  • BTW...i got my pics up on the picasa site with captions and stuff. Code Monkey visits Scarborough Faire.
  • Thats weird.. Ponkey was either bang on, or ahead of schedule when it left me...
  • It was stuck with me for quite some time. The next two people who were scheduled to get it after me never got back to me with their mailing addresses, and I was hesitant to give up on them.
  • Yeah I remember that, but even then, the time you had holding on to it would have amounted to around the same had they contacted you, no??

    Oh well... its moot anyway ! ;' ))
  • Basically I got distracted with other things and mtgordon held on to it a bit long due to people saying they wanted in but then running and hiding. Then suddenly JoCo day was upon us and schedule was in the bin. Oh well the thought is there still.
  • Just got email from three08. Code Monkey has been delivered to Scarface!

    Thanks so much to everybody who took part in my crazy scheme and to the folks watching at home. I can't believe we pulled it off. :-D
  • Thank you Colleen, for starting it! Looks like Jonathan appreciated it. :)
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    Seeing as how the Code Monkey has been received by Dr. Coulton (squeeee!!1!!!11), another update appears to be in order.

    Back in April, he went to a Renaissance Faire in Texas with robgonzo. He got a lot of lovin' from the ladies (and saw lots of boobies, apparently).

    He visited NASA in Alabama with ShaggyJD over the summer. Here he is imitating Dr. Strangelove King Kong from Dr. Strangelove.

    In Sweden with paladino. (Paladino: We need captions for the pictures!)

    Here he is hanging out with some zombies in Nottingham on the UK Tour.

    Nearing journey's end with three08 in Brooklyn, NY.

    Hey you Britons, get off your duffs and upload your pics already! ;-)
  • imitating Dr. Strangelove
    I think you'll find some kind of simian collective unconscious has led Code Monkey to imitate King Kong.
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    Uh-huh. That's what I meant. ;-)
  • In regards to my photos (which are months overdue now) I think an explanation is in order, primarily I filed them very safely... Almost too safely in fact.
  • My mother does that with Christmas presents all the time.

    Kerrin commented on JoCo's blog post about the monkey that it's a pity nobody transcribed the diary. I think it would be a good idea if the last person to have the ponkey takes a photo of each page in the diary... it's easier than transcribing and captures things like handwriting, pictures, stickers, or whatever.
  • I have transcribed both the ponkey and the code monkey diaries up to the point I moved them on.
    I did suggest this somewhere or other, but nobody took me up on it.

    (I photocopied the pages.)
  • Oh, that's great!
  • Just an update: Ponkey has arrived in the Garden State, which if I'm not mistaken is her last destination before Brooklyn?
  • Maybe she'll get to JoCo for Christmas! Then both travelling critters would have arrived on JC's birthday, just different JCs. :)
  • Just a note: I'm sorry for the delay/lack of update, but I've had a week full of personal crises, both for myself and friends in need. Ponkey is pretty much done here, and will be shipping to Brooklyn as soon as I can. So there is no reason she won't be home in time for Christmas.
  • Update: Ponkey trudged through the slush and snow and lines a mile long to get to the Post Office, and ensure delivery home to Brooklyn by Tuesday. I hope to upload her pics later today. The good news about the delay is that she got a few snow photos in!
  • Since I am now the sole poster of this thread, let me go for three in a row: Ponkey's visit to NJ is now uploaded!

    Ponkey meets Chimchar
  • Where's Ponkeys hair !?!?!?!
    (Is it just bad light?)
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    Ponkey meets pokey(man).

    I have no idea how I knew that was a pokeyman.
  • As Mitch has mentioned that I should probably get around to linking the previous two sets of photos in the Ponkey's travels that have been and still are on my list of things to look at. But here are links anyway:
    Ducktown, Tennessee, USA
    Blue Ridge, Georgia

    Enjoy, sorry I haven't put pictures in here but it is easier for e to link it and I don't have time to get the pictures.
  • Hey, it's been a while since anyone posted in this thread. Where's the ponkey now? Any closer to JoCo?
  • Five posts up Angela ... Ponkey went to Jonathan back on Dec 20th.
  • No tweets of eternal gratefulness !?!?!?
  • Five posts up Angela ... Ponkey went to Jonathan back on Dec 20th.
    Well I saw that the ponkey was on its way to him, and very close to arriving, but since then nothing has happened... do we know that he definitely received it?
  • Actually, I guess not. I didn't put a receipt confirmation or anything on the package. I did put "The Forums c/o Mitch O ..." as the name in the return address, so hopefully he would see that and not reject it as a potential bomb of anthrax or something.

    I guess someone can ask Scarface ...
  • Just did a doubletake when I saw that AT&T has made a traveling codemonkey commercial...on actual television.
  • Angelastic: Are those your pictures from last year's JoCoPaSto UK Tour that were uploaded to the Code Monkey album?
  • Actually.. I never *did* upload my Code Monkey pics!
  • Yes, those are my pictures from the JoCoPaSto tour, though the code monkey was in Kerrin's custody at the time.
  • cross-posted from the google group, since it seems not everyone still gets those messages :)

    Hi folks,
    Sorry to keep spamming you all, but I have another question: how would you feel about making the pictures available under the creative commons? i.e., available for anyone to use, without having to explicitly ask permission? The stated license on the Picasa album is all-rights-reserved; I think Picasa has an option to change the license to creative commons. Or, if they don't have an option, we could still make it available as creative commons, and just post something in the description saying so.

    I think I'm going to release the software I developed as open source (i.e., free as in speech & beer). It would be a lot more useful if the pictures were also completely free to use. This way, anyone could download the software and the pictures and start animating right away.

    Specifically, I propose the same license that JoCo uses for his music: by-nc

    The tricky part here is getting a consensus, since it seems not everyone still gets these messages. If you DO get this, please respond yes or no whether you would be ok with the photos that you took being licensed as creativecommons by-nc. Oh, and just so there's no ambiguity, also say which albums are yours if possible, though hopefully we've worked that out correctly already. I'll cross-post this to the JoCo forums in case some folks are there and not here :).

    Ideally it would be best to get unanimous consensus. If not, maybe we could at least mark the individual albums of those who agree as creative commons.

    Thanks again!
  • by-nc is fine for me (I took all but one of the JoCoPaSto tour images... I doubt whoever took the picture of all of us cares about copyright, or anything other than braaaaains.)
  • @sporksmith I tried posting on the google group but didn't see my post come up. Feel free to use my pics CC.
  • (FYI, Gina, your post went through.)
  • here's the finished Travels of Code Monkey video link for those of you who missed it!
  • I thought all my images had been deleted, but then I found them this morning. No idea where to upload though, or if there's any point.
  • I finally remembered to ask Jonathan whether he got the ponkey. He doesn't remember getting it, and thinks he would have posted about it if he'd got it, so I suggested somebody send him the photo album, which he said would be a good idea. Whose idea was the ponkey again? Maybe they should send it. Or maybe I should, since I'm the one who just told him about it.
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