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  • 308 is the one person who would probably be even closer to Jonathan than I would. Same borough and everything .. so maybe after me?
  • if he lives in park slope, i'm right on the other side of prospect park from him, in point of fact.
  • How are we making the presentation?
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    @Ben: I've been setting up the US schedule so that the monkey arrives on Thursday and is sent out the following Monday, so that folks get a full weekend. I think that's been working OK.
  • Rob, I think we're still just mailing it to JoCo, am I right? Or at least I don't want anyone to stalk him, particularly on his birthday -- if awryone or Kristen or Scarface or someone wants to take charge of the delivery, though, I wouldn't be too thrown off.
  • well in that case I'm sure 308 can join in might be hard for you and MitchO to get a different sets of pictures but I'm sure you can manage, request to join this google group for more info.
  • make sure and get a few pics at the brooklyn ikea.
  • Oh trust me, 308 and I would end up with very different pictures. I wouldn't be anywhere near Brooklyn for my set.
  • @308: You've been added to the code monkey group. Let me know if you did *not* receive a message.
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    gonna have to check tonight. can't get my gmail from work, and fricking newegg is taking its sweet gorramn time processing my order. has no one explained to them the idea of a balance between security and usability? >.>
  • Hey, umm, my plan to send Code Monkey by this weekend seem a little hard (I'm out of town-though I was gonna get a parent to do it) but I haven't had a reply from Covenant yet. Can anyone from the Ponkey side help?
  • So everyone knows, I have given Jon the relevant address as I was the one who sent the ponkey to Covenant.
  • Hi All...
    Just got this bloody computer back.
    Re: the WIndoze SP3 discussion in anther hread?
    Well, my S.O. thought she was doing me a favour and 'installed' it.

    Computer = Brick.

    So... Computer worked on, no joy. Computer into shop.
    Computer now back (As of 6 pm tonight- 3.5 hours ago)
    So I'm trying to catch up.

    @mtgordon - Ponkey will be n its way to you tomorrow as your address was, guess where.. on my computer !
    (On the plus side, it meant Ponkey got to see Portmerion and the Scottish borders!)

    @Jon, I don't know what you've sent to me yet, but I'll be finding it soon I hope!
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    Mark Gordon

    Let me know when you have it copied down, and I'll edit the post.
  • @mtgordon...
    Ponkey went in the mail this afternoon!
  • Ponkey's Side trip
    A few from this week just past.
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    Code Monkey has arrived safe and well!

    My WORD thats a big parcel !!!
    If only I'd known... There could have been a Ponkey/Code Monkey mash up !!!
  • The Monkey had a ver enjoyable trip around the UK on the JoCo UK tour, he got to see a lot of things the general public didn't. He recorded the glasgow show.
    I didn't get as many photos as i had hoped, and most of the ones I did get were taken on other peoples cameras. I had intended on taking him to Cambridge, but I have been struck down by the pox. :(
  • Sorry to hear you have been struck down by the pox, I hope it's at least a famous pox. :( I'll see if I have any photos of the monkey, and send them to you. I think I might have a picture or two of it with my very own ponkey, so we kind of have a mash-up.

    Hmm, it's a pity we didn't think to take pictures of it at the chocolate factory... or did we? It's all a blur... a sweet, JoColatey blur.
  • No we didn't.
    We'll just have to be happy in the knowledge that Code Monkey made it to the Bournville (Cadbury World)
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    Code monkey also filmed the Nottingham show. See?
    (sorry for poor image quality, the iPhone's exposure time is ridiculously long and any movement whatsoever ruins the photo)
  • I've just glanced through my photos and I see a few of Code Monkey, including one of him recording the audio for the Nottingham show (he's one busy monkey!) I guess the best idea would be if I (and Lex, if he has others) upload photos directly to the picasa gallery, but I am not in that google group, so maybe someone could send me a private message with the password.
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    Here is a video of Code Monkey and my ponkey (not the ponkey), mono-a-mono, before the Nottingham concert.

    I put it on mediafire so you can download it, since it's less than 100MB, but if people want, I'll put it on YouTube too.
  • @Angelastic: I've PM'd you!

    I'm sorry that I haven't kept this thread up to date. Life intervened in a big way. Code Monkey has traveled quite a bit since July. He visited Washington, DC...

    Not once...
    (with laureli2, Weird Al and Gina)

    Not twice...
    (visiting the Air & Space Museum with Gina)

    But three times!
    (visiting IKEA with Jinx)

    Then off to Pittsburgh to see sporksmith and blackcatbonifide.

    And belated pics from Code Monkey's second trip to LA with TheMadScientist.
  • :O

    Code Monkey was with Weird Al!? O_O
  • Yeah, I was surprised to read that in the diary. The monkey was sent last week back to the USA. It should be there shortly.
  • Gina used to date Weird Al, if I recall correctly. It's awesome that Code Monkey got to meet him. :)
  • Gina used to date Weird Al
    There is a lot of people that are famous or know/knew famous people that are Jonathan Coulton fans. Does this mean something?
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    There is a lot of people that are famous or know/knew famous people that are Jonathan Coulton fans.
    Yeah. Me, for instance, I've met Jonathan Coulton. And Paul and Storm. I'm too modest to reveal details of our relationship, but I will let slip (hehe) that they have seen my underwear.

    ETA: No, I didn't wear it.
    EATA: That's not to say that I wasn't wearing underwear at the time.
  • You have funny underwear Angelastic, did I ever tell you that?
  • I fed Jonathan. And Paul and Storm (they all like my cookies). Woot!

    Oh yeah, I met Captain Kangaroo once. And I met and gave to Barbara Bush someTupperware sippy cups for her grandkids when she and GW Sr were in the White House.
  • Must...upload...monkey images...
  • Me... too...
  • Uploading... at... 195... bytes... per... second...
  • Okay, I had to restart the upload a couple of times but eventually it worked. I've made the album JoCoPaSto UK Tour with my few photos (most of which are of Borba... I couldn't decide which was best), and I would encourage the other people who took photos of Code Monkey during the tour to put their photos in the same album.
  • Oooh, I'm immortal! Thanks for having a camera handy; it was fun to cross paths with humans and (semi-)simians and having that documented ;-)
  • I'm starting to feel like Jonathan, getting my minions to do all the hard work (that is where the similarities finish though)...I must upload the few I have too.
  • That's exactly how I felt once the wiki took off, kerrin.

  • My computer is dead! I tried to DL a political speech from YouTube to my Ipod and something else crawled in and ate my operating syutem. This is hubbys puter, mine is headed fro the shop. Bummer. Guess I better leave the politics alone and stick with JoCo songs and Spiff videos instead.
  • Youtube gave you a virus?
  • I suspect it was the mp3 conversion site I was using- it worked ok in the past but it couldn't seem to dl this particular speech and after that everything got slower and slower till by the end of the day...dead.
  • ok...finally have a night off and a day coming wednesday and thursday I will try to transfer my pics from my flickr page to that picaso place. it didn't really make it easy last time...
  • same here, been incredibly busy
    my pictures are up now
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    <Thread end pending!>
  • Not till all the pics are posted!
  • And you need to wait for Ponkey, he's got two more people~
  • And you need to wait for Ponkey, he's got two more people~
    Oh, I thought they were both going to finish today.
  • Ponkey's schedule got screwed up when they added someone in the middle.
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