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  • I think exactly the same thing as I'm typing and yet I don't stop....Worse is when I don't go back to fix it.
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    I'm not sure what this thread is about. Does everyone here have their own monkey plush doll? Or are a select few forumers mailing a plush around the world?

    edit: Looking more closely, it seems that only Colleen is actively involved, and she is just sharing the Code Monkey's travels. This makes me assume that the monkey doll is Colleen's, and that makes tons more sense.
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    See the thread linked in the first post in the thread, CoolJammer. Short version: There are two stuffed animals that are currently circulating the world -- people have signed up to receive the toy, spend about a weekend taking it around, and mail it to the next person on the tour. The initial idea was Colleen's, and she's arranged tour 1, with Code Monkey; a couple months later, BenS stepped up to start a second one (to incorporate people who didn't get in on the first tour), with the half-pony-half-monkey-monster. In any case, both are supposed to arrive chez Coulton on or around JoCo Day, which is December 1.

    (I forget that people actually weren't aware that this was happening.)
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    Code Monkey spent the 4th of July with Dinaden in Laconia, NH. Oooooo! Shiny!


    And this one was just too cute not to post.

    Also, Code Monkey is apparently quite the pool player. Go see for yourself...
  • Okay, Code Monkey people! Thanks to Gina, I have the monkey. I have taken the photos. I have almost finished my diary entry. But who do I send the monkey to? Noah has disappeared from the face of the earth or changed his email address; I wrote to Shabbydew in Easton PA, and haven't heard back.

    Help! What do I do? Should I contact Sporksmith?

    End of worried tantrum. If anybody knows what to do, please reply. :\
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    Hey, Jinx. I'm sorry I haven't been on top of this. (CPA exam prep + music conference = no time.) I'll poke the Google group as well, but yes, I would suggest just continuing down the schedule until someone responds. :-)

    ETA: On the plus side, we're making up some lost time!
  • Hi! I've uploaded my photos to the PiCasa site here. I took so many pictures that I put up my own overly extended photo site (also on PiCasa) dedicated to Code Monkey's trip here. I hope you all enjoy!
  • Great Photos! I really wish CM could visit me. I really like the Bonsai trees. Used to be a huge hobby of my hubby's.
  • I am currently looking at my Bonsai tree and weeping. It hasn't done any leaf growth for 4 months now...
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    Wonderful photos- the bonsai trees would make great watercolor paintings. Loved feeding the squirrels- DC squirrels have got to be the most tame of anyplace. I didn't know you taught sculpting! I will be taking both ceramics and sculptural ceramics this fall at Annandale NOVA to get the last 8 credits hours I need to apply for GWU in January again.
  • I really like the Bonsai trees. Used to be a huge hobby of my hubby's.
    Something about that sentance made me laugh.
  • Is it the close proximity of the words "hobby" and "hubby"? (And the addition of huge to make it a bit more tongue-twister-y.)
  • And the juxtaposition of "huge" and "Bonsai". :)
  • @LaDeDa - Thanks! I like my new camera that I took most of them with - a Panasonic Lumix FX-55. It's a nice little point-and-shoot. I bought it because my JoCo concert/after concert photos were coming out terrible compared to my friend's with decent cameras!

    @JoAnn - Thanks! I teach wheel mostly, and a little hand building to kids, but I do both. Not much "sculpting" really. Hand building just means making stuff with clay without the wheel. I'm sure you will enjoy the ceramics classes - it's so much fun.

    I edited down the 146 photo set from around 270... I have even more pictures of the squirrel, and everything else too. :)
  • The PIttsburgh photos are up:

    Next stop, Sweden!
  • Thanks for all of these fun photos, Sporksmith. This is quickly becoming my favorite thread - what can I say? I like pictures. I'll be traveling to Pittsburgh next summer for a convention and appreciate seeing your fantastic shots of the city. Even the Convention Center!
  • (Thanks for keeping this thread up to date, everybody. I'm out of town through the end of August, and my internet time is limited. :-) )
  • This is a really fun trip to Pittsburgh- I have been there many times, and enjoyed it, but I think the Code Monkey has had the bestest fun ever!
  • I have the ponkey, and I haven't had time to upload photos yet, but I would like to send the ponkey on to its next host... are Christophano or BenS around? I sent them both emails but so far I don't have an address. I'm in danger of keeping it another weekend, and although I can still think of pictures I'd like to take, I know I really shouldn't keep it too long.
  • I'll leave BenS a msg on the wiki as well, he's very active there but I'm sure he'll be around somewhere!
  • Yes I am normally very active everywhere, here, the wiki, the ponkey group (well relatively, that group isn't the most active place). Alas I was on holiday in Wales from Monday until yesterday (Friday), so was not around. I am back now, just try and get rid of me (though I would rather you didn't).
  • If we were to make you go away I'd have a spare LoCo ticket...
  • I finally got around to sorting through the photos of the ponkey in Geneva and putting them up... I managed to get it down to 131 photos.

    On the first full day here, its left ear came off, and I took quite a few photos before I realised it. Luckily I found the ear (where did I find it? Well, it was just left 'ere) and reattached it, but I didn't retake the photos, I figure I'll admit to the mishap.
  • It amuses me somewhat that Angelastic knows the phrase "Fly, my pretty, fly!" but didn't remember the flying monkeys in "Wizard of Oz". Sorry, carry on...
  • Yay - nice pics, Angela! Ponkey really liked that fountain.
  • Well, of course I know the phrase now, it was in the word association thread! Anyway, I'd seen references to it elsewhere (in The Simpsons, for example), without realising where it came from.
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    Ponkey came with me around London, UK.

    Buckingham Palace

    The Houses of Parliament

    OK yes I just did the obvious sights but wow they are spread out and it is always fun to go and do them.
  • Thank You BenS. Another great tour of a city I would like to see again (was there in '84 when the dollar was strong and I could afford to travel)
  • Ponkey's been to Dundee (And points thereabouts!)
    Meeting The Natives Meeting the Natives

    Mains CastleMains Castle.

    The rest of the pics are Here!

    He'll be heading out to mtgordon as soon as I get the lid for his traveling tube in the mail!

    A Man Hosting The Ponkey!
  • CM arrived this morning, just as we were leaving for school, and so he's here now too.
  • mark, on a scale of 1 to 10, how many amusing parsing errors have historically resulted from that screenname? it took me a moment to realize that cov wasn't actually saying, "he'll be heading out to mount gordon as soon as..."
  • 1. This is maybe the second time it's come up, and I've been going by mtgordon since 1992.
  • (Actually, is Ponkey heading anywhere post-mtgordon and pre-JoCo? If not, would it make any more sense to keep it Over There until the Glasgow show occurs?)
  • @Bry... I thought of that too.

    @three08 *I* keep reading Mt Gordon too ! ;' )
  • ;' ) it's not an ambition ! ;' )))
  • So long as whoever has the Ponkey last takes a photo of the tube and uploads it so we can all see the stickers! ^_^
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    I've got photos of it SO far...
    (To be honest there isnt too much room for any more!)

    Tell you what, gimme 10 mins I'll upload it to the page.

    ETA: Thats it up, same page link as above.
  • Yay! Thanks for the piccy! The tube looks great, like a bona fide traveller's case! Great work all! ^_^
  • Today is the day I plan where to take the monkey this weekend. Since I have 4 hours and nothing to do.
  • The ponkey is going to about 5 or 6 people in the states pre JoCo, we haven't actually done the states yet just the west coast. So I am not confident enough with timing to keep it here until the JoCo show.
  • Ah, for some reason I thought I was the end of the ponkey schedule. I see that's not the case.
  • I just got the lid of Ponkey's tube in the mail !
    It'll be on its way to mtgordon this weekend!
  • If you look at this map of approximate locations of people (either to state or city no more accurate than that) it was either you (mtgordon) ot MitchO who went last and first as you are the two closest to JoCo and the UK. I tried to solve the travelling salesman problem by just looking at a map so went for the anti-clockwise circle of locations. for those in the ponkey group the schedule is done right up to JoCo day now, it will likely get pushed back in various places but to get a vague idea have a look, for those not in the group sorry, no can see.
  • I was expecting to get Ponkey close to November since I was closest to deliver it to Jonathan near JoCo Day when we were done.
  • are there any available time slots left for either? can i check that on the google group? i'd go look and not bother you, but it's blocked from work, and my puter being gone, i'd have to make an extra effort.
  • @308: The Google Group for Code Monkey 1 is a private group anyway. We have some slack in our schedule right now, but I'm still trying to sort out whether to leave the extra time in the schedule to cover unforeseen circumstances, or if there's time to cram in another monkey host or two.
  • Colleenky-while your here and on the topic of slack-do I still send monkey on after the first weekend (i.e. this one) or what?
  • If you're able to send it on after this weekend, that would be great. If you need more time, that should be fine. Just keep us updated. :-) FYI, check the group first, 'cause Kerrin posted a message about the schedule recently.
  • The ponkey google group is also private but as far as I am aware there is space on the ponkey tour depending on where abouts it is you live. On that note, Colleen, what sort of time frame have you found to have to be left per person/for the thing to be posted on? at present I have left 3 days for it to travel in the post across different states, not sure what the postage speed is like there could I get some feedback on that to see how much space we actually have. Comments from anyone who has access would be great.
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