Travels of Code Monkey photo album

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I thought it might be helpful to have a link to the Travels of Code Monkey photo album posted conspicuously so that folks can easily check in periodically. This thread is just for the album. Any discussion of the project itself should be done here.

@Bry: Would it be OK to sticky this? I don't want to abuse the "sticky" feature.


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    Colleen: I think it wouldn't be out of place for it to get a sticky, but I kinda want a sticky thread to collect all the ongoing / long-term-ish projects [e.g. Travels of Code Monkey (1 and maybe 2), Spiff's videos, suuuupaadave's instructional vids, JoCopedia, etc.].

    I'll sticky this for now, then once I've created such a thread (which might be, to some extent, a redundant reduplication of the JoCopedia "Fan Projects" page, except that the thread can be bumped when milestones are reached), I'll switch the two threads' sticky polarities. :)
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    Code Monkey Visits Nixon, Yoda. New pics from Orange County, CA. Awesome pics, Gle3nn! :-D

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    Code Monkey visits Yahoo! New pics from his first visit to Dallas, TX. Thanks, Ben!

  • I am pleased to announce that the second project travels of the hphmm has got its very own photo album up with the first set of pictures available. It can be found here. It looks like we should have a good run, check back for updates.
  • Sorry to ask this, but I really don't have time to read the 9 or so CMP messages in my inbox. My fault I know, but could I have a very brief overview of what's going on? If anything.
  • Both (m/p)onkeys are circulating. Neither looks to be UK-bound for several weeks yet.
  • Rightio, cheers Bry!
  • I currently have Code Monkey, Jon Who. He came today... We'll be taking him out on the town tomorrow.
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    More Code Monkey pictures! Thanks to Jim in Lawton, OK and Linz in Wichita, KS.

    Code Monkey on the First of May in Lawton:

    Code Monkey with Joan of Arc in Wichita:
  • What is Joan of Arc doing in America?
  • I was going to ask the same thing.
  • Joan of Arc is everywhere.
  • Love the first of May pic- with the binoculars! And does lil code monkey look somehow a trifle >smug< there?
  • @Jon & Gle3nn: I dunno. I just reports the news.
  • According to my Google sources...

    "In 1970, a stone statue of Joan of Arc was presented to the people of Wichita by the people of Orleans, France and was dedicated at a location near the Kansas Gas and Electric Company reflecting pool. It was removed from its original site in 1987 in response to concerns about its condition. A copy in reconstituted stone is currently in storage and is scheduled to be placed at City Hall.

    In 1996, a bronze copy was cast in Rome and dedicated to a new site in front of the Wichita Public Library."

    According to Wikipedia, Orleans is one of Wichita's sister cities.
  • Thanks for your search-fu, mucklet. :-)
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    Heyyy. Ignore this.
    (But cool pictures ;))
  • Hey, I've not had much free time to arrange and post my pics to the official site but you can see my raw images with no explanation over at my Flickr page.
  • I see Code Monkey got a lot of cleavage action at faire! Code Monkey in hot pants was a little disturbing, though. ;-)

    Thanks for the pics, Rob!
  • btw my mail i got for the google group isent working so trying to fix it
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    I have been shirking my duties here. Code Monkey recenlty visited IndigoMonkey in St. Louis, MO. Too many monkeys? You decide...

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    For those still wishing for updated, I have the Ponkey (group 2) currently in New Zealand, heading for Germany this week!
    Photos here.

    Here's a taster:
  • Ceridwyn -- I just have to post to say I really enjoyed seeing Ponkey in Christchurch. It was a great collection of photos, and it really gave me a feel for a city I knew nothing about whatsoever except its name. Plus it gives this great sense of immediacy to the idea that seasons differ on opposite sides of the equator. I mean, you know these things intellectually, but the sight of a ponkey more or less today watching snow fall, while my own area has a Heat Advisory, brings it all home so much better. Thanks so much!
  • Excellent travelogue, Ceridwyn. Ponkey looks very happy and, depite her/his? genetic manipulation and its monsterish result, he/she appears to be confident in his/her roll. Watch those ducks, Ponkey - they can be brutal during mating season.
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    Thanks guys! I hoped people would enjoy seeing round a city that ordinarily you may not have visited! I feel the same way browsing the albums of Code Monkey and Ponkey. I'm unlikely to visit the states in particular any time (perhaps ever!) and one would rarely get to see the city from the point of view of a local rather than a tourist, so I think this is a great way to virtually tour some beautiful places and for free!
    I really love my city and showing off some of my favourite sites gave me a whole 'nother appreciation for this beautiful place I'm so lucky to live in!

    And yeah I did think that the snow would amuse people in warmer climes! I actually took a short 10 second video of Ponkey watching the snow fall but Picasa doesn't like vids :(
    Even his previous stop in Melbourne would have been far from snowing I'm sure!

    This is a great project and I feel so lucky to be part of it! Its great fun!

    I'm sending Ponkey off to QueenKalliope in Germany today!

  • Ceridwyn: The picture embed didn't show up in your previous post. Try copying the embed code directly into your post, without using the "img" button. Awesome photos, BTW. :-)
  • I'd love to Colleenky, if I could find the embed code. I know how to do that with Photobucket, but I'm new to Picasa. Can anyone give me a clue, or can I just use BBCode like [img]url[img]?
  • Sure thing! There's more code than that. When you click on a photo in the album, there's a link on the right that says, "Link to this photo." You'll get a drop-down with the choice "HTML to embed in website." Before you copy that code, though, select the size of the image from the drop-down immediately below. (I usually choose medium.)
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    Well on the Ponkey album, there is no such link, nor any drop down boxes

    That's what I was looking for. I'm reading Bry's FAQ at the moment to see if that will help but I'm suffering from a case of the TL;DRs tbh.

    Edited to delete img.
  • Are you signed in? You have to be signed in to get those choices.

    (P.S. You might want to delete that image now that I've seen it, 'cause it takes a long time to load.)
  • I'm signed in as me, not the Ponkey album user. I guess thats the trick. Trying that now, thanks! ^_^
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    I will take the liberty of embedding the picture.
    Ponkey at The Bridge of Remembrance over the River Avon.
    All you have to do is right click an image and select view image then copy the URL from the address bar.
    Enjoy. Seriously though this Ponkey is basically running itself, and to think I am supposed to be in charge, ha.

    ETA: Shrunk picture to the correct size using my Ben magic. Just got to understand how computers name things in perfect patterns and it was easy.
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    Thanks all, I got it sorted now. I'm going to delete my comments relating to the linking issue in order to preserve the thread's topic. Cheers.

    Darn, I can't. Bry would you mind deleting back to the last relevant comment about the topic now that I have it sorted out. Thanks!

    Ben: I tried just pasting the image's location and that didn't work either. It would be more useful to see the code you used rather than the img itself :P
  • I'm signed in as me, not the Ponkey album user. I guess thats the trick.
    Yes, you have to be signed in as the album owner.
    All you have to do is right click an image and select view image then copy the URL from the address bar.
    True, Ben, but if you use the embed code, the picture becomes a link to the album. (Also, isn't that hotlinking, and isn't that a Bad Thing?)
  • BryBry
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    C/P: Looks like you've found the Picasa embed code, but in the general case, copy the image URL, which in Ben's example is , and use the "img" button in the row above the comment box. Out pops a dialog box - paste it there.


    Sorry about the TL;DRs -- I'm afraid I'm suffering from the too-lazy-to-writes myself, or I'd do better than "click the img button".

    (Also, isn't that hotlinking, and isn't that a Bad Thing?)
    That is, yes, hotlinking, but embedding is hotlinking too. In this case, it's not a bad thing, since the embed code more or less hotlinks the same file, I believe. (I've written about three different versions of something to explain this, but my brain isn't working. Maybe Wikipedia will be clearer.)
  • OK colleen had a point you should also link to the original page as I have now done in the post I did with the picture. That is simple copy URL of original page, select entirety of what Bry posted in the yellow box select link button and paste URL in dialogue box. Unfortunately what Bry said I did is a little simple as I had to change the picture to the small one it got a little more complicated but what Bry said works in the general case as he said.

    I know hotlinking is probably a bad thing but it works and is quicker than hunting out the password for the ponkey picassa group and doing it all that way. I should be less lazy in future, etc.

    PS I am happy for this conversation to be deleted as C/P suggests if you can/will Bry
  • I'll be glad to delete these, but first I want to compile them and add this to the FAQ, and that involves writing, which I really don't want to have to do. Bear with me.
  • No worries Bry, I meant more that the entire "I'm having trouble getting images to work" bit is quite long and simplistic with the whole description of webpages vs pictures. I get all that stuff so I kinda switched off and found it hard to scan for the info I needed. Didn't mean to be rude to your FAQ! I just prefer short and snappy :P

    But this was a specific issue with my nubness when it comes to Picasa, I know how to post an image generally, as I briefly demonstrated earlier with my photobucket pic.
    Thanks all for the help.
  • BryBry
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    Ah, there we run into one of the problems with FAQs -- what's "long and simplistic" to A may be "appropriate level of description to understand what's going on besides just 'click that button and it'll work, trust me'" for B; what's "short and snappy" for C may be "way above comfort level" for D. If you'd like to write a short and snappy version that would be useful to someone at your level of techiness, please, please do, and I'd be happy to add it to the FAQ. (Of course, I'm not suggesting we provide full tech support for Picasa here.)
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    Perhaps someday when I have time or a sufficient level of boredom, I'll write summaries for the longer bits of the FAQ. For this section see if this suffices:

    If linking from an image hosting site, copy the text from their embed HTML box (usually to the side or below the image) and paste that into the image. Where it offers a range of sizes, choose something smaller than the original image. The posted image will automatically link back to the original if anyone wants to see the big version.
    Note: If using Picasa, you need to be logged in to get the link options.

    Otherwise, link the pictures hosted address (by right clicking on the image and selecting Copy Image Location or IE equiv and then back in the forum post, click the little img button and paste the URL into the dialog box.

    To me that covers all the bases. I'd put it either at the beginning or the end of the longer post and call it the quick version or something appropriate.
    Or did I miss something about the Bad Thing™? Should the pic also link to the source? In which case add at the end:

    Then select the whole img tag, click the blue link button and paste the address of the page on which you found the image.

    For example: - The image location
    Monkey - The image tag created
    Monkey - The full linked image tag. A Good Thing™

    I agree that the more detailed version needs to be there, not debating its content at all, but for experienced users who just aren't used to Vanilla (me) or sites like Picasa (also me) they may just want a quick tip to sort out their issue. All I needed was the bit in bold ^

    I used to write big long threads for my WoW guild and one of our officers refused to read anything long so I took to writing a summary for him in big bold letters at the end. Then I realised that the big bold summary actually said 99% of what needed to be said and detail questions could be covered if they arose and so I started just deleting my big long post at the end once I'd written the summary.
    Perhaps its just the Plain English classes finally working!
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    On with the pictures, then! Code Monkey visited Mucklet in Springfield, MO.

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    Oh God... That's me. I'm certainly a... handsome woman. *sigh*
  • Is handsome a word used to describe women? I've only heard it in reference to men...
  • It is sometimes used to describe women... Mannish women. Which is what I was saying. :-P
  • Oh yes indeed. You probably don't recognize it because you've stopped time traveling. It's got a kind of faintly Victorian connotation to it when applied to women. Personally, I just think Mucka looks very nice.
  • Thank you for saying so. I'm not actually fishing for compliments. I was just surprised to see that photo there. :-P
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    I would quite like to point out I'm not a Victorian. Nor am I a time-traveller.

    There was no message here *shifts eyes*
  • BryBry
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    I like all the pics; keep them coming!
  • You know Jon, if you type something you don't think sounds right, you can just delete it. You don't have to keep typing...
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