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  • a website he founded after quitting his day job writing for Popular Science.
    Profile fail.
  • Comment about said profile failure added.
  • And apparently it's been corrected.
  • ...based on a fan base almost exclusively composed of the same technologically savvy “geek” set of which he is a part and that he wrote for in his previous job...
    Although probably a holdover from the Popular Science reference, it may very well still be true ;-) Who can tell what code he moneyed in his previous life?
  • Who can tell what code he moneyed in his previous life?
    Well, he's said in concerts while introducing Code Monkey that he worked on software used by executive recruiting firms.
  • And he's also said that he used to use Visual Basic for said software. I remember in one particular YouTube video (with TheDoifter at Joe's?), he asked if was out and how was it.
  • It's come up before that the company in question was Cluen.
  • Did you mean moneyed or monkeyed?
  • Ah, that was an honest slip of the finger. But it does suggest the phrase "the monkeyed classes" - you know, those who can afford robot butlers...
  • Stop making me laugh, I'll die of either choking or starvation.

    (We've already had 'Till the Monkey Comes' as an oblique clue in the twenty questions game. Is there anything that isn't made funnier by switching those two words?)
  • Is there anything that isn't made funnier by switching those two words?
    "Where's the monkey, Lebowski?"
    Yeah, that still works.
  • "Show me the monkey! SHOW ME THE MONKEY!!"

    Yep, definitely funnier that way.
  • Monkey monkey monkey, must be funky, in a rich man's world! (This means that if you can afford a monkey butler, you must assure that it is modern and stylish in an unconventional or striking way.)
  • @Angelastic: Believe it or not, I just had that exact thought ten minutes ago.

    I suspect we should really be starting new thread for this, because I imagine it dragging on. Having said that, one could expand on Jmonkee's thought by picturing Steve Ballmer jumping around like an idiot, shouting "Geneticists! Geneticists!"
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    If you were looking to find a mistreated monkey butler a nice home and the men taking it away came and told you "we have found your money a nice home, you won't be seeing it again" I'm not sure I would find it especially more funny. But I just don't like sweeping statements as there are usually exceptions to them. You may now continue making funnies.
  • But I just don't like sweeping statements as there are usually exceptions to them.
    Oh, yeah? What about the sweeping statement, 'there are usually exceptions to sweeping statements'? Bet there isn't an exception to that one.
  • "Monkey makes the world go around, the world go around...."
  • I said usually not always thus not making an all encompassing sweeping statement, there are lots that always hold true but equally lots that have exceptions.
  • Well, I guess every strange loop has a hole in it.
  • one could expand on Jmonkee's thought by picturing Steve Ballmer jumping around like an idiot, shouting "Geneticists! Geneticists!"
    Hilarious as that idea was, I have just discovered that it's even more amusing to imagine him jumping around shouting 'Bananostring! Bananostring, bananostring, bananostring!'

    Sorry for pulling the string [and this whole thing's coming down] thread off topic.
  • "I'm gonna love you till the monkey comes"
  • "I'm gonna love you till the monkey comes"
    Yyyeeaahhh.... That's just wrong in so many ways....
  • Yeah. Angelastic already mentioned that song, but without the full context, I didn't have the necessary mental image.

    I just hope "monkey" is a euphemism here and not to be taken too literally.
  • A euphemism for what, though? My monkey gets bitter sometimes... and has an ulcer...
  • Maybe its a secret alcoholic?
    "My monkey drinks bitter, sometimes.. my monkey's got a lot of bottles hidden at his work..."
  • Strictly speaking, this interview should go in the "Hodgman in the Media" thread. But since there isn't one, and he discusses JoCo at some length, I think it's fair to post it here.
  • And this thread should allow us to migrate the silliness out of the present one.
  • Here is the podcast to go along with JoCo's tweet (twitter?)...
  • I just noticed that JoCo got some blog love over on
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    They mention my NSFW "First of May" video. It always surprises me when I hear how far the vids have spread throughout the Neterwebs. :)
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    Best Beatles covers (see Number Nine):
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    Ah, it's nice to see that cover get some love. One of my favorite JoCo tunes. :-)

    (My favorite Beatles cover is still Bobby McFerrin's version of Blackbird. Just - wow.)
  • Kage! I fucking got it!

    They're only rocking out HALF THE TIME!
  • Uhm, sorry folks .. new is new, and cool is cool, but the all time best Beatles cover will always be Joe Cocker's With A Little Help From My Friends?! Take it from someone who has loved and hated a lot of Beatles covers. :p
  • I like that list.
    I'd also have to add for consideration
    John Tams cover of Girl on the Rubber Folk album
    Carry that weight medley by Phil Collins on the In My Life album by George Martin
    In my life by Sean Connery as a spoken work off the same album
    Drive my Car by the Donnas on This Bird Has Flown: A 40th Anniversary Tribute to the Beatles' Rubber Soul
    and Hello Goodbye by Beatlegras

    Another lover over Beatles covers
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    @MitchO: I trust you've seen this? One of the funniest sequences of mondegreens I've ever seen.
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    Nice blog post here about Jonathan's latest Creative Commons venture.

    The same guy wrote a bit about the "Coulton Conundrum" a few months back. Worth a read if you haven't seen it.
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    There is a nice mention of JoCo in a Clive Thompson article, in this month's Wired magazine.

    (edited by Bry to fix the link)
  • Thanks for the link, appelpi, and welcome to the forums!

    (Clive Thompson, some might remember, wrote last year's brilliant New York Times Magazine feature on JoCo.)
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  • That article is right. I bought the Thing A Week boxset cause I felt guilty for stealing. Not that I didn't have inklings of plans to buy it one day, but the fact that I had all the mp3s, and they were selling them not 10 feet away from me at the was an impetus. Let's leave it at that.
  • did a piece on the Rickroll at the Macy's parade, and JoCo is prominently featured. Well, sort of. His tweet is, anyway.
  • just saw this... still giggling.

    <a href=""></a>
  • That's awesome Jeff.

    That must be the best 5 seconds on the internet, at least for a JoCo fan....

    Here's the link again
  • Hahahaha... I think I saw them recording another part of that in Nottingham.
  • I think part of that recording is in one of kerrin's videos from Nottingham, too.
  • Yeah, I haven't watched them all yet (but it's the weekend soon, yay! Time!)
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    Here is the finished product.

    ETA: The finished product has inspired a total bullshit wikipedia page, seemingly cribbed largely from the similarly total bullshit JoCopedia page.
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    A Christmas treat....

    Hodgman and Coulton recorded a "holiday special" with Leo Laporte that will air next weekend. It will be episode 174....
    get it on TWiT or get the iTunes podcast (audio or video) as well.
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