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  • Yay! Has someone emailed this to him yet?
  • Here is an interview, I would comment but I haven't listened to it. I heard about it a day or two ago but as I have been feeling under the weather I have only dealt with it now. Haha, I make it sound like a day or two is a long time.
  • Wow, all sorts of interview fun today. The Sci-Fi Guys have the full Coulton interview available for download now.

    I haven't listened to the whole thing yet (it's over an hour long!). But I have noticed that there are no songs performed live. Oh well...
  • heh...Spiff has been reduced to "some strange reason".
  • Another site with so much crap on it that it takes forever to load properly. Is it just because the site is hanging, or they actually have grey text on a black background there? I swear, it's like half the people on the internet have never seen the other half. I blame MySpace.
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    hmm... the sci fi guys page came up pretty guick for me. but the do have light grey text on a dark grey background.
  • I just listened to the super cool stuff interview. Near the end of the interview it sounds like Indigo Monkey making noises in the background.
  • I finally got around to listening to the interview you're talking about Gle3nn. It's the one Bry posted from Super Cool Stuff Show dot com.
    Indeed there are some adorable noises in the background. I noticed at about 15:40 (the interview starts at 10:30 btw) a little voice saying "daddy" and then another voice saying "daddy's on the phone right now". Cute.
  • BTW, sorry for the double post but I had to get this out there. In this interview the host says @ about 17:45 that when the time comes that jonathan gets radio play people will recognize it not for the genre but because of the lyrics or vocals. I have to say I agree with this whole heartedly. When I heard the song that he did at PAX with Sir Mixalot I thought, "wow, that chorus sounds like something Jonathan would write. And well....he did apparently" His words and his rhymes are very distinctive.
  • Do you mean MC Frontalot?
  • yes....i plead uncoolness.
  • I'm watching GT.TV on Spike, and this JoCo interview made me rage.

    "So your biggest claim to fame was Still Alive from Portal. Got any other songs for games you've been working on?"
    "Uh, not really. I mean, that's not all I do. It was just a one time thing."

    "Are you gonna work on Portal 2?"
    "Uh, I dunno. I haven't talked to those guys in a while, but I'd like to."
  • Raged because some people associate him mainly to Still Alive, or because he's not involved with Portal 2?
  • I guess because the interviewer seemingly didn't care about anything that wasn't for games.
  • I guess that's understandable. It's a gaming show.

    It was sort of a kneejerk reaction, since they were pimping an interview with JoCo, and it was sort of disappointing.
  • It's the one Bry posted from Super Cool Stuff Show dot com.
    ITYM BenS -- I didn't post nothin'.
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    For the record it was this one that BenS posted, not Bry...
  • Yeah I thought that was me but thought I may have missed Bry posting it before me so kept quiet, you don't need to name drop me though, just knowing people are using it is enough.
  • For the record it was this one that BenS posted, not Bry...
    So it is, so it is. I'm sorry, I plead stoopid.
  • Heh, no stupidity involved.... just trying to clear up any confusion!
  • the raging previously mentioned is probably because that's a pretty shitty way to treat an interview guest - basically reducing a long and storied career to one song? i mean don't these goddamned apes do any research on the person they're interviewing before they actually do it? christ.
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    We have another interview, well we have part 1 of another interview. It was conducted by Mike Vardy for Effing The Dog. The website can be found here, however the actual podcast is only available on iTunes, link here.

    ETA: part 2 web link, link to .m4a
  • I thought the title of this article on BoingBoing was interesting.
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    I have news of more press, this is all to do with Scottish press in preparation for the UK tour.

    -A piece in The Scotsman, one of Scotland's national newspapers. link

    -A much shorter piece in The List magazine, which is basically Scotland's version of Time Out. link

    -The original piece was for The Herald newspaper's ABC arts supplement, but for some reason they don't put that section online.

    It was all written by the same freelance writer who did an interview with JoCo. The coolest thing about it is they lifted a line from the piece to use as a strapline on the cover: "Jonathan Coulton – Troubadaurus Rex". Also I just put part two of the podcast I mentioned in my previous post up, check it out.
  • Ach BUM.. I was away to tell you guys about those !!!

    ;' )
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    [message redacted - just noticed it is the same thing I mentioned before]
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    Looks like JoCo will be on BBC radio 5 tonight, as per this tweet. I don't know if it's available outside the UK, but you can find the schedule here and there's a live feed link. The show starts at 1am British time, which is 9pm Eastern.

    No, I didn't work that out wrong, it's out of sync because our clocks went back last night.

    ETA: Yes, I'm afraid you have to install realplayer. I didn't make the BBC's poor decision.
  • Be warned though... up all night (the show on BBC5 Live) is around 4 hours long....

    ;' )
  • It's finally starting. At 3:11am!
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    Okay guys and Gals...
    Here it is....
    JoCo on Radio 5 Live

    This has got to be my BEST JoCo week ever...
    Not only the stories I've already told, but In this programme Jonathan says my, "Code Monkey likes Tab and Irn Bru", shout-out was the best he's heard and says he should use it for the rest of the tour! (Whether he does or not remains to be heard! ;' ) )
    (I know.. I know... PLEASE just bear with me being insufferable for a little while!!!!)

    So JoCo plays 'The Future Soon', 'Code Monkey' and 'You Ruined Everything', live on this one.
    Good interview too, although the interviewer suffers a 'little' from not *really* knowing what JoCo is all about.

    (Edited to remove transfer timings and to add...)

    File is 22.5 meg and runs to 19m 09s

    ENJOY !
  • GRRRR..... i was going to post this stright away with webcam links and schedual ect. but for some reason i couldn't access the forums it was really slow to get to. then i ended up running a checkdisk and going to sleep, i wanted to ask someone if they planned on recording the webcam?

    anyways, going to listen to it on my way to college and (probably) in college :P

    Wow, it's been a good week so far!
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    Due to the idea that the JoCo portion of the LoCo is going to be cut short by P&S's presence, I will download this and all the other mp3's linked, but not listen. In an attempt to make it all better.
  • It comes to that time again when I hear of new press. Today we have an interview and (i think) concert write-up for the Scottish gig. It can be found here, enjoy.
  • Hmm... that interview is missing quite a few apostrophes and commas, and Jonathan's name in is misspelt in several places. But I managed to read it anyway, and I found this part interesting:
    A Ready Up! tradition is to present our guests with some treats and tonight Jonathon was extremely gracious to accept a bottle of chilled Irn Bru, a bar of tablet, a Scotland mouse mat and a Lion Rampant flag,
    So that's where they came from.
  • One of my friends ended up with the flag, signed !
  • There was some actual news to come from that story, too.... that the DVD is delayed until "next year" and will be called Best. Concert. Ever.

    At least, it was news to me.
  • He just gave his swag away? Lame. He even "brought the lobster on the plane" when he got that large thing.
  • Interesting. He seems like a decent interviewer - yes he asked the mandatory Still Alive questions, but he asked questions about Jonathan's childhood/past/etc as well, which you don't normally get. Good going, interviewer! :)
  • Yar's revenge was my favorite Atari game too! I used to beat it - get to the end where there was no more...
  • I don't believe anyone has posted this interview yet:

    Listen Up! #55
  • Just found this of JoCo on Radio % and looking at the view count I'd say no one here's seen it.

  • The video is listed Not Available in the U.S.
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    What a load of rubbish. I'll get it mirrored.

    EDIT :: Done, just got to wait for it to get processed.

    Disregard, cocks.

    EDIT 2 BUD THE EDIT :: FFS, had to upload it again.

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    Uh-oh, xamm. Just tried that link and got this message: "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation."
  • This one worked for me.
  • Yah, I'm an idiot and forgot to trim the video down from 12 minutes. Sorted it now though.
  • Thanks xamm, that was worth the wait! Looking forward to the rest of it, if you're putting it up.
  • Sadly no, that's all they put up :(
  • Stupid isn;t it?
    JoCo does three songs and a good interview, what the put up is the opener but leave 2nd half the actual VIDEO the radio 5 logo with no sound !?
    Did everyone get the direct link to the MP3 I put up?
  • Here's a nice little profile of our favorite self-deprecating, relatable musician....
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