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  • Proof positive of the GIFT (which I would link to if I wasn't on my phone. Someone do me a favour and linkplz?)
  • well, in fairness, it's a robot and a girl coming out of the trailer after tycho says something about how "[Coulton's] trailer is rocking". i'm not sure if this colloquialism is exclusive to the states, but given all that, it's safe to assume that this is alluding to some sort of sexual congress between mr coulton, the ladyperson in question (who, it has been suggested, may be gabe's wife, which would explain his reaction), and a robot.

    from the secondhand reports of the carryings-on in the penny arcade forums, it sounds like that's all about par for the internet course.
  • No, Penny Arcade is one of the webcomics I don't currently read. I was flipping through 2006-07 last night ... I don't play nearly enough games. The few references I got made me laugh tho, mostly the Pokemon strips :p
  • This is the best explanation as far as I'm concerned because they read it the same way I did:

    Johnathan Coulton is a dreamboat musician. Tycho is asking him to come perform, but is hesitant due to the phrase "If this place is rockin', don't come knockin'."

    You see, people like having sex with charming, handsome, and famous musicians. Johnathan Coulton could have a lot of potential groupie sex at a place like PAX.

    Gabe is coming out of the trailer excited. Tycho cringes at his friend's post-gaysex thumbs up
    The redhead is just a groupie, the robot was involved also. All 3 participants have just exited the trailer, you didn't see Gabe coming out in frame 2 because he was behind the robot who has now exited the pane. It was a big crazy rock n roll 4 way with 2 guys, a chick and a robot. Gabe thinks he did pretty well by getting some JoCo action and Tycho is cringing because the whole thing is so sordid and because Gabe is pretty stoked with himself.

    I don't think you need to see JoCo for it to make sense, in fact its kinda subtler this way with it just implied. Maybe he's too big of a star to even see his new friends out, hes just chilling out in his trailer.
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    I am a moron who is easily distracted and posts things in the wrong forums.

    I blame my children.
    They are good for that
  • Like it's been said before, there's a good chance it was hastily redrawn, and finer plot points were cut.

    This is a comic that was late. PA, IIRC, hasn't had a late comic in its entire run.
  • Yeah judging by the forums they assume it has been redrawn too from the one being worked on at PAX. Obviously it was being drawn live and ppl saw it and some things changed in the new version.

    Shame its become so controversial or should that be JoControversial, when its such a fun comic :(
  • Chiron Beta Prime a reality?
  • so apparently, Coulton will be on the next Sci Fi Guys.
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    It's live at 8PM tonight! But in what timezone?

    Edit: It seems JoCo answered my question on the main page. 3PM EST. Could this be the first time JoCo has plugged himself as being on an interview BEFORE it occurred? Oh my!

    Maybe the live aspect of the interview has a bit to do with that.
  • I wonder what the "surprise for loyal fans of Jonathan announced after the interview" is? Now I'm hooked!

    Rock n' Roll Boy sure is a strange song to recommend, though...
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    I'm guessing its his appearance at some of the English game/geek events that are scheduled while he's there but are not (yet) on his official concert page.
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    I'm guessing, if that's the case, it's GameCity. Which has been announced on their website already. Hah!

    ETA: I will be intently listening in 20 minutes. I ahve my winamp repeatedly hitting the stream ready for the broadcast start.
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    Maybe a new song? Haha, riiiight.

    The stream doesn't seem to be working on WMP at work. It keeps telling me that this is an invalid format file. Anyone else having trouble? I don't want to miss this live! Does it not work until 3PM or something?

    Also, the play button on the DTRN site does nothing either.
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    Stream just went live now (it was down until the start of the show, Encubed). Make sure you pick the right stream-thingy for your player.

    I shall be reporting!
  • Passed up lunch with coworkers to listen live in LA. Plugged in now. :-)
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    Update: Coulton is on... later. And recorded. No live interview :/
  • I am listening in now, did they say when Coulton interview will appear? I know it will be shortened but when?
  • Later on. That's all I know, sorry.
  • Blah, blah, blah, top movies, blah, blah, Dark Knight, blah, blah, Shawshank Redemption, blah, blah, blah....
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    Yay, it's working!

    I'm actually kind of enjoying this non-JoCo stuff. Sounds like the type of stuff my friends and I ramble about.
  • Psycho-analysis of top 500 lists, and other voting things. o.O
  • Link's not working for me. Drat.

    Hopefully can download later..... in the meantime, post updates of anything interesting!
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    "There's nothing good on TV..."

    Oh, I'm sorry, that's not interesting.

    ETA: Getting frustrated. This is eating up my lunch hour. >:-|
  • This will only be an abridged interview on the live cast anyway. Full interview will be available to download later.
  • Yeah, I know. I think it's time for me to eject and get some food.
  • I learned that Red Dwarf is returning. Huzzah!

    JoCo soon, apparently.
  • At last it starts
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    Starting with the usual TAW/beginnings story, "for people who don't know him any more than Still Alive"

    London - people talk funny, cars are different, JoCo was overwhelmed at our reaction
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    Is it just my work internet or does the show keep needing to buffer?
  • Nice to see people like Angelastic got recognition for travelling from all over Europe.
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    It feels wonderful to be "treading the same ground as The Who and David Bowie" (on SA being in Rock Band)

    Current project - Concert DVD and "greatest hits" compilation (it's a little early, but the catalog is huge thanks to TAW).

    And... IT'S OVER!!!
  • And the big surprise for loyal fans was ... ?
  • ...that Alan Cumming is on next week's show? Seems the surprise was a cake.
  • Or, perhaps, the fact of a compilation CD? (I caught the tail end of the segment, starting from the middle of his answer about Still Alive and his story about hearing Ellen McLain speak in the GLaDOS voice.) I know he'd mentioned in an e-mail that he'd seen the various Survivor threads, but I hadn't heard anything else about the idea for several months (not that I usually hear any more or any earlier than anyone else).
  • Maybe it's at the end of the *real* interview. :-p
  • Did he mention when that DVD might be for sale?

    Also, I wonder what will be on that Greatest Hits compilation.... that might make for an interesting thead on it's own.
  • hmm, a greatest hits? really?
  • Hmmm, I'm not a big fan of their web page. Anyone know if the full interview is available for download somewhere?
  • Oh, I saved this thread for last since it had so many unread messages that I thought it must be one of the threads I don't read. So I haven't listened yet, and I'm not going to (assuming it can even still be listened to) yet because it's 4:25a.m. and I should probably go to bed before sunrise (if I weren't tired, I'd turn that into a D, SJ, D quote) even though it is Saturday. But, of course, I'm curious, what did he say about people like me?
  • Answering my own question, the download is now available here.

    This download is the show that was broadcast. According to the page, the "full, unedited" interview will be available on Wednesday. It will include "four of his fantastic tracks." Maybe that's the special surprise for us loyal fans?
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    He was just saying that the people who work at Dingwalls had never seen anything quite like what happened with people booking tickets from all over Europe, coming miles to see JoCo. This shocked both JoCo and the Dingwalls person. I don't know how many people came from all over Europe but I am sure that your booking influenced this comment Angelastic.
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    Yeah, I've listened to it now, but thanks for the summary anyway, it sounds more exciting the way you put it. :)

    ETA: People from all over Europe came kilometres, not miles. :D

    EATA: Or, in supersymmetric partner land, "Your smile is no match for my skill-o-meter!" What, you think I should go to bed and sleep until I can say something coherent?
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    The robotic tale of Jonathan Coulton

    ETA: I see this has already been added to the wiki, but I hadn't seen it on the forums.
  • "Part two deals with a very pretty redhead, and an addiction to MMO gaming. Stay tuned!" OK, we can pretty easily guess who that is.
  • This last, by the way, was an awesome read. Thanks for the link, Jmonkee!

    (Only nitpick: Seriously, Mr. Kuchera? Your list of "essential" songs is I'm Your Moon, Ikea, Shop Vac, The Future Soon, I Crush Everything, and... Sibling Rivalry?!)
  • I had that same thought Bry! It reminded me of the Sci-Fi Guys page the other day, recommending one JoCo song.... Rock & Roll Boy. Not exactly the first tune I'd play for a JoCo newbie. :)

    On another note, I looked into the archives on that arstechnica site and came across this article, from PAX 2007. Nothing groundbreaking, but a fun read, from the point of view of someone who had never heard of Jonathan Coulton before.
  • My daughter just pointed this one out to me.
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