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  • That is one of the pictures all taken by the same guy that JoCo got done professionally. They are on his website here, they were taken by Dale May. There are a few god ones I have spotted over time.
    One of which is here I quite like. It looks set up but interesting none the less.

    I can't think of any others right now but there are some good lesser known pictures out there.
  • The latest issue of Smart Computing has a half-page blurb on JoCo.
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    edit-bombed... i googled 'smart computing jonathan coulton' and it came up but the link didn't work when i tried it. i can still read it when i click the link for the google search but even copying the shortcut and pasting it in the address bar doesn't work. curious.
  • To view the full text of any article published in Smart Computing, PC Today, First Glimpse or Computer Power User magazine, you must be a
    paid subscriber to one of these publications.
    In other words, you ain't paid so you don't get to see it. :(
  • Good old google caching pages, Not sure if that will work in the long term or if the session will run out but you can read the cached version, using the link when searching google.
  • Finding the appropriate online group to match your interests can be a monumental task. So each month, we scour the Internet to bring you the friendliest forums and most interesting bloggers the Web has to offer.
    Yet no mention of our friendly forums? We've got the friendliest effing forums on the entire effing web, dammit. Jerks. I hate people like that! [/sarcasm]
  • We've got the friendliest effing forums on the entire effing web, dammit. Jerks. I hate people like that! [/sarcasm]
    Lolol ^_^ That made me giggle!
  • Wow, sarcasm. That's original!
    This is not a secret message. That was not a Dr Horrible reference. <.<
  • Wha...what?

    I would have been like haha dr. horrible quote ftw except you're the one who didn't see it and hates joss whedon.

    I'm confused.
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    I believe that Lex is wearing his sarcastic pants today (as opposed to his usual snarky pants). :-)
  • Lex broke down and watched Dr. Horrible after all?
  • So, I've been noticing that Chuck Lorre was really overwhelmed by his reception at Comicon. Maybe now is the time to hit him up about a Joco walk on cameo for the Big Bang Theory. i'm wondering if [email protected] would work? (maybe even if it doesn't hundreds of emails hitting it with one request is sure to get someones attention right?) Problem is, how do you write a short paragraph to capture someones attention and yet adequetly cover the scope of a genius smashing expectations that is JoCo?
  • Good idea robgonzo. I emailed Chuck. Effortless. Brief. Cannot hurt.

    Here are 3 podcasts that Hodgman and Coulton did for NYT funnypages in 2005. I did not see it on the Wiki anywhere but I may have missed it.

    is a link to one of the podcasts... under the lady in the car... click on the link. Then I did not bother to search for the others but just found them by changing the 3 after cast to a 2 and then to a 1 in this link which is the link in the above article.

    Yes, I am still wikiphobic. Thanks.
  • HAHAHAHAHA. God bless that John Hodgman. I want to see the day when he finally breaks character and just starts cracking up, but I don't think it'll ever happen.
  • Am I blind or crazy or stupid? The link under the lady in the car didn't seem to be the right one. Could someone clear this up please? I saw no Coulton or Hodgman?
  • Did you click on it? It's titled "Funny Pages Podcast Part Three, featuring Elmore Leonard"
  • No I didn't click on the mp3 one because I'm at work and don't want to download an mp3 here. But I still don't get it. Is Elmore Leonard a pen name or something?

    I guess I'll have to listen once I get home =S
  • BryBry
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    (Elmore Leonard's a fairly famous popular writer -- lots of Westerns, lots of crime fiction, lots of Westerns with lots of crime.)
  • He has had many novels and short stories turned into movies as well ... probably most notably Get Shorty and 3:10 to Yuma.
  • This was interesting. You can tell John Hodgman's interest in radio is matched with an aptitude for it. He's got the voice, he's done his research, he goes after the good questions. There's even an echo of his skull-ring & leather jacket period as he starts riffing on heavy metal music while trying to find Elmore Leonard in Detroit somewhere. Alas, though, his erudition demands an audience that's not exactly a mass audience. More a Jeopardy audience. Or a JoCo fan audience.
  • As John Hodgman is the reason I listened to JoCo in the first place, I imagine he'd have no problem finding an audience among JoCo fans.
  • An interview by The Voice of Planet X episode 100 with Paul, Storm and Coulton post concert from back in April 2008.
  • Just saw JoCo appear as a celebrity commenter on VH1's "100 Greatest Songs of the 90's". He was on about 3 times in the first hour (songs 100-81).
  • I wish I knew in advance when that was coming on. last time that happened it spawned two seperate threads (here and here). You'd think I'd set some kind of reminder or something.
  • Las Vegas Sun article

    Len's flickr photos from New Media Expo. Some of is comments are funny... an artist and comedian. Funny how Paul professes his crush on Felicia Day and now these photos.. it is a tiny online world. Wait until Paul hears about this....

    Coverville Mr. Fancy Pants

    This is an interesting vid of Still Alive but further away than the one on youtube so captured how loud it was in there and the Twit booth set up.

    The zombie charge.
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    last time that happened it spawned two seperate threads (here and here)
    Thanks for the links to the other threads, robgonzo. I didn't realize that show was from last year!
  • God, there needs to be a photo of JoCo, Felicia Day, and Veronica Belmont.

    Total Geeksplosion. Also, my heart would also explode.
  • JoCo on Evil Avatar Radio

    PAX Friday night!
  • The JoCo interview takes place at about 46:28 if you don't want to sit through them talking about games for 46 minutes...
  • does anyone know if there is a way to see the whole TWIT thing?
  • Ooooh on the Evil Avatar Radio show they ask him to play Space Doggity at PAX, Fingers crossed he does and someone gets a good quality recording!! XD
  • According to that Evil Avatar interview, Coulton seems to think I'm some sort Rain Man nerd who does nothing but make videos and play WoW. Great. ;)
  • Hehe yeah I noticed you got a mention! I think he was more marvelling at your ability to control your WoW habit enough to hold down a fulltime job and have a creative and productive hobby! I know, from experience of not being about to do that, that its hard!
  • I like that interpretation better. ;)
  • This is an old podcast (from this spring, around the time of SxSW) but I just recently ran across it. In the interview, JoCo talks about CC licensing, DRM, and how to do a music website.
  • Penny Arcade today hints at a JoCo related comic due to be posted today but delayed. Can't wait!
  • Unless they can retrieve the comic off Gabe's dead laptop, it'll be a while.

    And I believe this might be the comic they drew at PAX. Those are always fun.
  • Its up today :P And its delicious! Possibly one of my favourites ever. Might have to order it as a print!
  • I'm starting to think he needs another photo shoot. Those photos he's been using are good, but I've seen them all a million times.
  • I don't actually get that Penny Arcade comic. :( I also don't get why they don't put it on the front page. Why do I have to scroll down and find a little button to get to the main content of the website?
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    Thats the layout of the site. Dunno why, it is a bit confusing at first.

    I think the idea of the comic is that JoCo is such a big rockstar now that he's having wild crazy "parties" in his trailer including Gabe, playing the fanboy.

    And I agree Mark! Some new press shots would be nice!
  • The Penny Arcade site is a blog so that takes up most of the front page, just like JoCo's site. And also like JoCo's site there are links across the top and around the page to take you to various other places on the site.
  • Well, it works well for the website of a musician, but as far as I know it's not common for webcomics to not have a comic on the front page... the only other one I know of that does that is phdcomics, and their front page, while a little annoying, doesn't have much text on it and makes it quite clear that it's a webcomic and where you need to click to get to the content. I guess if Penny Arcade is primarily a blog, with a comic as a secondary attraction, then it makes sense.
  • they're big enough they don't have to worry about something like that costing them hits.
  • Giant in the Playground (the home of Order of the Stick) is structured the same way, with the difference that he updates the main page far less often than Gabe and Tycho do. But the site began as an outlet of his game stuff, not as a home for the comic, so as a consequence .. the comic isn't the main page (even though it's the sole reason people go there nowadays).
  • Those of you who don't get the comic, don't feel bad. Judging from this thread, not many people get it.
  • Wow, what a bunch of pleasant people. Makes me want to take a torch to the entire internet.
  • Heh. Yeah. Basically, it's a girl and a robot coming out of Coulton's trailer, and another guy either coming out of it or coming from somewhere else and giving two thumbs up, and they're all calling anyone who doesn't see a joke in that a retard. I'm glad I'm on this forum and not that one.
  • MitchO, you don't appear to be a PA forumer, so I will tell you now. The new comic thread is posted in a forum called Social Entropy, which is essentially a hive of scum and villainy.

    There's a reason SE++ used to be titled (Happenstance and Ribaldry)
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