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  • Sorry, this was over 50 posts back:
    number of search results spikes up to 678000 which is another half as many as the original search
    This is because google result numbers are not real, they are estimates. You really notice this if you find a website that uses a google mini, as the result numbers are a lot lower.
  • Thanks Kerrin for letting me know. Fortunately I discovered this way back when it happened and never said I had resolved it due to the conversation moving on. What it was that really got me was the reliability with which it went up upon removing a website from the search. Still seems kinda stupid but I got over it. Thanks again for letting me know despite the delay, I appreciate it.
  • Don't know if this really counts, but apparently, Cory Doctorow has a short story coming out on Tor's website soon called "THE THINGS THAT MAKE ME WEAK AND STRANGE GET ENGINEERED AWAY."

    Mentioned here:
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    (*cough* Four posts up. *cough*) ;-)
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    (P.S. FWIW, my husband's company built the new Tor site. Yay, honey!)
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    I don't know where else to put it and it's not really media-related, but I think JoCo should do a cameo on the tv show The Big Bang Theory. It's the perfect geek show and he would fit right in, it'd be great promotion + it would be awesome if his song The Big Boom would be the theme song for at least that episode.

    Here my view of Jonathan Coulton + The Big Bang Theory:
    The Big Bang Theory cast + Jonathan Coulton

    (sorry for my crappy Paint skills)
  • But he's holding a soldering iron, not chopsticks.

    BTW, am I the only one who suspects he was composited onto that blackboard? The shadow looks fake to me. And really, whose hand it that?!
  • I think JoCo should do a cameo on the tv show The Big Bang Theory
    You aren't the first person to think of this, I don't remember the thread, and you won't be the last. All we need is the show producers to think of it.
    If it happens, I will actually watch the show.
  • Kerrin: Yea, someone else suggested it at the same time I was thinking about it in the other thead, that was like a month or two ago...
    You should watch the show anyway, it's frickin' genius and hilarious. :)
  • fresh from the Onion AV Club.
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    thanks for the pointer motown,

    I mentioned JoCo on BBT a while back. Though I didn't post it, I even went so far as to send an email to JoCo's hollywood type agent telling them that I though we could get the producers attention with a letter writting campaign but we just needed to know who to write to. I got no response. :(
  • bry posted that last month in this thread.
    It's a newer interview, posted just today. It's a more conventional interview, in contrast to the earlier Random Rules interview.
  • yes i see that now.
  • BTW, am I the only one who suspects he was composited onto that blackboard?
    No, you're right mtgordon, it is a composite photo. A darn nice one, keeping w/ Dale May's awesome style (damn I love his lighting style). Jonathan was most likely shot on a solid background in a studio and the chalkboard, equations and shadows were added in photoshop later. Props to May, b/c whenever I have to photoshop flyaway hair like that usually involves me cursing like a sailor and looking for a wall to put my fist through. :-) The new cover of Esquire w/ Colbert is similar w/ most of the arrows added in post. *The more you know*

    /end threadjack.
  • This is a crowd that, maybe, doesn't go to concerts that frequently.

    JC: You mean, "Am I getting some of the shut-ins out into the world?"
    This was a darned fun interview. :)
  • I know of a veritable shut in from the Chicago area who went to see JoCo. I wonder if the interviewer and I are thinking of the same recluse~
  • I keep hearing you forumers clamor for JoCo to be on Big Bang Theory. I saw one episode, and besides not being able to get over the main guy being from Roseanne, the whole thing just seems disingenuous to me. They're "physics" nerds who "play video games" all day and can't "talk to the hot girl". It seems so cliched and just....that they're trying too hard. I also think Kaley Cuoco, while hot, is not a good actress on anything she has been on. Also, the names Sheldon and Leonard just seem a bit too, I dunno, focus group-nerd name.

    Though I did find the Indian guy quite lulz-worthy.
  • so you're saying the characters in a network sitcom are cliche?
  • I wanted to like that show, because it's about geeks. But I feared it, because it's produced by folks who are not geeks. I watched one episode, which confirmed my worst suspicions. The episode centered on a physics competition, and one of the guys wore a Star Trek uniform to the competition. (We all know that a proper geek would wear a wrinkled suit and a borrowed tie. C'mon!) Granted, he was the jerky, "bad" geek, but still. To put this in perspective, I was forced to watch it in the exercise room one evening, because someone else turned it on. She was not a geek. And she was laughing. I rest my case.

    What were we talking about?
  • See, Big Bang Theory to me has at least one scene in every episode that is specifically there for the geeks. When Sheldon bought a replica of "The Time Machine", they all walked around it in speed motion to mimic the scene from the movie. They argued about the physics of the "You got me? Who's got you?!" Superman scene.

    And when they were all sitting around the living room, playing an unnamed MMORPG, Sheldon, as the wizard, ninja loots the "Sword of Power" and gates out, leaving the rest of the raid to die. He then stands up, proclaims "I HAVE THE SWORD OF POWER!" As the rest look on in disgust, he puts the Sword immediately on eBay. While he argues with Leonard about it, he notices someone has chose "Buy it Now". Suddenly, Wojo stands up and says:


    <HomerSimpson>It's funny because it's true</HomerSimpson>
  • Same here. Cliche or not, I've met all those characters before in several different incarnations.
  • MitchO: It was Leonard who bought the Time Machine, not Sheldon. And isn't it the "Sword of Azeroth" ? Which makes it sound like World of Warcraft.

    It's just hilarious, and I love the geek stuff. <3
  • You're right about the Time Machine, and probably right about the Sword name. I don't play WoW, so I didn't catch the name.

    I do remember Leonard commenting on having a prehensile tail, which I believe doesn't exist in any current MMORPG.
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    They're "physics" nerds who "play video games" all day and can't "talk to the hot girl".
    I thought that sentence basically just described one each? They don't all have all of those qualities
    *has only seen 3 episodes but would love to see more and would second (or third or fourth or whatever it is now) the JoCo cameo*
  • I think that was my main fear. You have folks who, as far as we know, are not geeks, making a show that has people "who are just like you, geeks! Love us!". As we all know, in this day and age, "nerd is the new cool" /TRS. So it just seems like they are pandering.

    Also, it's frickin Darlene Connor's boyfriend!
  • Network television? Pandering? Say it isn't so!
    Also, sometimes Darlene is on the show. Which is pretty cool as far as i'm concerened.
  • Well, I'd say How I Met Your Mother, one of the only sitcoms I watch, doesn't pander. In fact, it does shit we hate, like have Britney Spears on twice.
  • surely there must be some happy medium between strung-out former starlets and crass pandering....?
  • How I met You Mother...they had me at Allison Hannigan...Mmmmmm....Allison Hannigan
  • They had me at NPH. Erm, for non "Mmmmm" reasons, of course. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  • Who knew that little Doogie Howser would turn out to be such an interesting actor & human being? He reminds me of the actor who played blond pal Nigel in the UK "Adrian Mole" TV series. An intelligent, nuanced actor without too much of the "Am I looking good NOW?" vibe that too many goodlooking actors seem to be giving off.
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    I saw an Old Spice commercial with him in it on TV yesterday. It was quite a pleasant surprise. And they used him well - something about it being prescription strength without needing a prescription, and so he, as somebody who used to be a fake doctor, could recommend it. He it was cute.

    Edit: My main point, which I forgot about, was that both Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris are quite "mmmm"-worthy, and I didn't know that a convergence of them existed. This How I Met Your Mother thing sounds like something I should look into.
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    It actually strikes me that there is somewhat of a history of child actors that "survive" manage to have interesting outlooks and various levels of unrecognized talent. Wil Wheaton was so universally hated as Wesley, but look at the internet tech world celeb he is today. NPH turned out to be a great B'Way performer but really only made his way back to the mainstream in part because of his willingness to self-parody in Harold and Kumar. Ten years after he disappeared from kid roles like Richie Rich, Macauly Culkin turned in some damn interesting performances in Party Monster and Saved!. Lisa Bonet .. well, she just got weird. But damn she was sexy in High Fidelity.
  • Short article on the Tenori-On, with reference to several superstars who are known to play them.
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    Via P&S, here's a review of the Toronto show. (Already on the wiki - not by me.)
  • Thanks for posting that review. The reviewer captured the magic of a JoCo show pretty well....
  • Sorry, I put that on the wiki but never said anything about it here. I must make myself post any new media I bump into when I get it here as well as over on the wiki. I knew about that review a few days ago at least. Thanks for letting the nice people know Colleen, I will try to raise my game in future.
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    I only meant to show that someone had beaten me to it on the wiki, not to imply that anyone was remiss in posting here. Sorry, Ben.
  • No I did not take it in that way but through my own guilt was lead to that thought. I just forget that people are actually interested in stuff sometimes, this was one of those occasions. Just wacked it on the wiki without a second thought for anyone else. So in conclusion no offence taken from what you said, all is good in JoCo land.
  • Ok, not that I'll watch Big Bang Theory, but I may be willing to rescind my comments.

    The creator of "BBT" also voiced and created the theme for TMNT.

    Then again, he also is the creator of "2 and a Half Men" which makes me very sad.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Wait, are you serious?? Ninja Turtles like, DEFINED my childhood! I wanted to take karate b/c of it and I wanted to be an animator (so I could grow up and animate the show ;-) b/c of it. Quite a few years later I ended up with a black belt and and graphic design degree! See, cartoons can be good for you. In fact, I submit proof of how troublingly deep I loved TMNT. And yes, that IS me.

    Also, great article. Really captures the "WTF is going on, this is hawesomeness." of your 1st P&S/JoCo concert. Well, at least that's how mine went.
  • 1) TMNT didn't start off as an animated TV series. I first heard of it back when it was a fairly respectable comic.
    2) That was my adolescence, not my childhood.

    For the record, I'm speaking for myself rather than for Colleenky.
  • I do know about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, just didn't recognize the abbreviation without any context. :-) And yes, TMNT was something that my nephews watched, not me.
  • The last 5 posts might give the impression that somehow JoCo was in TMNT. That would be Oresum Sauce™!!!
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    Here is that Cory Doctorow story I mentioned at the top of this page.
  • Chuck Lorre manages to walk that tightrope between giving us things we hate (Grace Under Fire, Dharma and Greg) and things we like (Big Bang Theory). I recommend a glance at his Vanity Card Archive; his shows blip a text filled message every episode where the "Vanity Card" for Chuck Lorre Productions usually goes. It's straight forward and honest, usually a dangerous thing to be in Hollywood.
  • reading more on Chuck Lorre. Interesting guy, I think he and JoCo have some stuff in common. He's originaly from Brooklyn and started out as musician/guitar player and likes songs that tell a story.
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    i actually hadn't seen that picture of coulton that's on the second page of the article colleen posted, which is weird. i thought i'd seen all the press photos there were already. again, and again, and again. there's, like, what, 3 or so? lab coat, sideways, and, um....

    but i suppose most people don't read every review/interview/article he's had, so it wouldn't really be worth the effort to take more.

    that new one is very rockstar, though. all it needs is a bra hanging off a lampshade, and maybe an empty bottle of jack on its side on the nightstand.
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