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  • I watched the video of Glee's performance.

    As others have noted, they cut all the references to Johnny C.  That was probably an easy edit to make.

    But they also added different backing vocals.  They're awful and autotuned and I'm going to assume they were a quick job to try to distinguish their arrangement from Jonathan Coulton's.

    (Also note that this is an easy way to change the song without having to reshoot the scene.)

    I can't confirm that this is the version that went to the US iTunes because there is no way I'm paying for that.
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    On another note, if the song airs on Glee tonight and JoCo isn't given proper credit (and the story drags on), I think we should consider giving this subject it's own thread.
    Done. While I've got you, nice work with the Buzzfeed post -- that was basically exactly the amount of summary/links I wanted to see at that point in time.

    Everyone, I don't want to kill this discussion, but I'd be obliged if you moved it to the new thread.
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    A lawsuit would do three things. It would generate more publicity (and I do not believe that it would be negative); it would likely get him compensation for his work; and it would clarify the law. All three are good things. This has to be weighed against the expense, of course. Ironically, corporate lobbyists for Google/YouTube (some of them, like Public Knowledge and EFF, masquerading as "public interest" groups) might well try to chime in against JoCo, because they don't care about authors' rights -- only Google's bottom line.
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    redacted - incorrect thread. :)
  • Sunnytana, Weird Al always obtains a direct license from the original copyright holder for any of his derivative works whether he actually needs them or not (since his style is unarguably parody and fits squarely under fair use he probably doesn't have to).

    So he's pretty well doubly-protected, because he could argue fair use as parody and I think he'd have a strong case, but he gets the licenses anyways.
  • Years ago, when asked in an interview if he gets permission for his parodies Al responded "I have to. My mom makes me."

  • @Reldan and @mikesphar - Thanks for your help. I removed my question, and posted it under the Glee is Wrong board. Paul also responded, and I now have a BIT more of an understanding of how this works. I just find this all extremely frustrating, and can't even begin to imagine how JoCo feels.
  • I recently took advantage of a Steam sale & bought a copy of Anno 2070.  On the portrait selection screen I found someone very familiar looking:


  • An amusing thing to me is that the forum renders the image on my screen just in such a way that the "who's online" and "in this discussion" columns block the view. ;) *opens in new tab*
  • Now I feel like that portrait should give you the exclusive ability to create powerful half-pony, half-monkey monsters.
  • That sounds reasonable.  I'd imagine half-pony, half-monkey monster units would provide something like  +1 to law/order, -1 morale/happiness.
  • I don't know whether this counts as media, but I just finished listening to an episode (alas, I can't find a way to link to the blog entry for the episode, so that's just the mp3) of @chicazul's and @aliceandstuff's podcast which is about Jonathan Coulton, and fandom, and cruises, and such; including that time @chicazul appeared on the forum with a home-made 'It doesn't mean Wil Wheaton doesn't love you' shirt, and saved the day with the finale of the first JoCo Day video by learning Adobe Premiere in a day (after I'd wasted half a day trying to learn Final Cut Express while it was crashing every ten minutes, and then gone back to iMovie.)
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    JoCo is not mentioned at all, but this bit of news about a possible Portal film would probably affect him in a more indirect way, unless Still Alive and Want You Gone are used in the score (which I don't see why they wouldn't be), or he is hired to write a new song.
  • Sort of depends on whether they make movies of the games, or make a NEW movie about the Portal universe, which I would vastly prefer.

    Of course, if they make a new film... yeah, they'll need some Coulton to spice that up.
  • But who would they get to play Cave Johnson? What actor could they possibly get with just the right voice?
  • Joel Watson of the webcomic Hijinks Ensue has had webcomic friends updating his comic because he is on the cruise. This one is by E.K. Weaver (of The Less Than Epic Adventures Of TJ And Amal) and features JoCo. 
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    Ripped from last year's headlines!  Legal drama The Good Wife uses The Glee Incident as inspiration for an episode.  JoCo shares his thoughts here.
  • Last night, saw JoCo quizzing contestants and serving as the one man "house band" for a taping of NPR's Ask Me Another at The Bell House in Brooklyn, New York. Great fun and highly recommended! I expected to see at least some Sea Monkeys there, but didn't.... No one but I and my wife seemed to be singing along as Jonathan played "Shop Vac" and "The Future Soon." The Bell House is in an odd waterfront section of Brooklyn called Gowanus, and it's a little tricky to reach by subway, but if folks are interested in attending I can provide tips on how to get there.
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    When we lived in NYC, we went to a taping of Ask Me Another and some other people had been singing along, but not a lot. The Bell House really is a great venue and not terribly hard to get to. I highly recommend that if you're in NYC or they take the show (and JoCo) on the road to your town, you should check it out.
  • JoCo has another Bit Of A Chat with Ken Plume. The live album, the upcoming studio album, Billy Joel, and acoustic sandwiches are discussed.
  • This week's Spontaneanation with Paul F. Tompkins
    (episode 21) has JoCo as Paul's interview guest and JCC 2016-featured-guest Janet
    Varney in the improv section (along with TAH's Annie Savage and Hal
    Lublin). Learn all about Jonathan's family's grandparent-naming
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    From the above article:

    "The score will feature original songs by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Jonathan Coulton, Dirty Projectors, The Flaming Lips, John Legend, Lady Antebellum, Cyndi Lauper, Panic! At the Disco, Plain White T’s, They Might Be Giants and T.I. and David Bowie."
  • Perhaps JoCo is penning the "SpongeBob FancyPants" movement of this impending opus?

  • As long as folks don't get all crabby about it. ;-)
  • I was listening to NPR's summer TV preview this morning, and during the segment on CBS's "Brain Dead" they played a short musical clip that I thought sounded like JoCo. It turned out there was a good reason for that; he sings (at a minimum) under the "previously on" segments.

    The show starts tonight.
  • BrainDead is from the showrunners of The Good Wife, which famously reworked the JoCo-Glee controversy in a season 5 episode, then featured JoCo Himself in a cameo in season 6.
  • Much more on Braindead.
  • "Last week on Un-LearningTown...."
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    Update: JoCo's complete cameos in season finale of BrainDead. Spoilers.

    Here's a handy playlist of all the Previously on BrainDead songs.
  • Jonathan Coulton, Paul & Storm talk JoCo Cruise via The Asbury Park Press Fan Theory podcast.

    One thing to note is that JoCo's upcoming album Solid State is mentioned having an early 2017 release date.

    This article mentions a February 2017 release for the album.
  • Cool! Jonathan, if you send me lyric sheets and tracks without lead vocals, I'll do karaoke for you.
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