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  • There's a Facebook guy who's actually been doing one a week. Not heard any of it though, keep meaning to....
  • If it's relevant, I just found the vid of JoCo and Hodgman's appearance on Attack of the Show! on G4.

    The link to the vid is dead on the song page, since G4 ironically got it taken off Youtube (ironic in that a television network that claims to be based on internet culture and 'getting' its fans got all its clips off Youtubez).

    PS: JoCo's hair is really lustrous in the vid.
  • You're right. It is....
  • Advance word that JoCo will play at PAX 2008.
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    Here is a complete way to waste time.

    See what others are saying about Coulton on Twitter.
  • Whee, mine is in the earliest ^^ (dantesxx)
  • not on the blog, but apparently JoCo was on Epic Fu this week, or something like that.

    Behold, Code Monkey from his bed!
  • Just googling around for a Brooklyn Ikea video of Coulton. Found this instead

    Young(er) JoCo
  • Oooo, he looks good with short hair...
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    Here's the Onion's A.V. Club interviewing JoCo for their ongoing "Random Rules" feature.

    (Tip of the hat to the excellent coverblog Fong Songs for linking it.)
  • Horse Pig Cow podcast interview with JoCo from yesterday is here and Spiff you get some airtime.
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    "...this guy Spiff’s videos are very good"
    Finally, the validation my wounded soul so craves. ;)
  • Okay, I tried to be a helpful girl and put this in the Wiki but I did it wrong so if someone could fix it please. : ) Thanks. Here is an interview from a Toronto source.
  • Thanks, Cali! That was a pretty good interview.
  • Thanks for that, it would seem I have taken charge of the press coverage page unofficially. In that I mean I haven't told anyone that I have I have just added a lot of the content to the page. I add any interviews that pop up here straight to the wiki so if you spot one that isn't there and say here the wiki will be updated. Also as of yesterday I have an arrangement with JoCo (well more specifically Scarface) to inform me about any interviews JoCo does so I can put them on the wiki. It isn't quite that simple but that is the gist. It occurred to me it would be impossible to keep the page up to date not knowing when or where to look for the interviews. Google brings up a silly number of results for me to spot all the new ones that appear. So I did the obvious. I can post here as well with any interviews that come through if you want.
  • I said this on your JoCopedia talk page, Ben, but I really appreciate your work on the press coverage page, and I'm really glad you're taking charge of it. More power to you!
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    This is the opposite of timely, but according to this article, " Comedy Central is launching a new bi-weekly live comedy event at New York's Crash Mansion."

    The first show is tonight [7/7/2008] and features Joe DeRosa, Bob Powers, The Buffoons, Amy Schumer, Kurt Metzger and Jonathan Coulton. Be there!"
  • Curious that it didn't get plugged in the blog.
  • Hmmm. I have no idea what this even is, but I hope some resourceful Coulton fan is there with a video camera....
  • Did anyone watch it? tape it? see it in the listings?
  • Was it even taped, or was this another thing like during the strike, when SNL did a live untaped episode with Michael Cera?
  • I have no idea about the thing -- I get a Google update every Monday afternoon of public stuff -- articles and blog postings, basically -- regarding JoCo. I was hoping that CoolJ or Mitch or some other New Yorker would know what the Crash Mansion might be. And, since it's Comedy Central, hopefully it'll be videotaped and show up on TV eventually.
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    No clue here, though my mighty Google-Fu powers work wonders when you type in
  • wish i'd known about this last night. i'd of tried to - wait for it - crash the gate.
  • "There is no gate key."
    "Fezzik, tear his arms off."
    "Oh, you mean *this* gate key?"
  • That bar does NOT look like the kind of place where you could play "Big Jim Farts a Polka" and get away with it.
  • After looking on imdb for JoCo's wife I discovered he has an imdb page. Then I saw that he is credited with a 2008 film as a composer. It would appear that the film "Miss Shellagh's Miniskirt" is featuring When You Go in the soundtrack, taking advantage of it being creative commons licensed.
    Also upon further google search it would appear the same song is used in the trailer for the film.
    And now I have found the official site for the film.

    I decided this did not need its own thread, but definitely needed a mention. Only a little independent film, JoCo would have liked it as a teenager.
  • Too late, Ben. It already has its own thread. ;-)
  • Oh right woops, I thought that thread was for a live show of some sort. Silly misleading name and me not reading threads for live shows I don't attend.
  • I actually remember that thread.

    Oh dear, I really am turning into a "better JoCo fan" than Bry!
  • I remember that thread too, just not by name. Oddly, I didn't think this was all that good of an idea back when it came about, but now I'm intrigued.

    Also, if Miss Shellagh's Miniskirt were to ever make money, would she have to license the song from JoCo, or just remove it?
  • I'm more intrigued with JoCo's role in "The Social History of Hair" and "The Social History of Piercing," on MTV back in 2003. Anyone know more about this?

    (That's the cue for Bry to come by and point me to a long-ago thread on the topic... :)
  • Well that would be the song "The History Of..." I would expect. This song can be found on awyrone's download page. Of course this is only a guess through logic, not fact.
  • I remember watching those shows when they aired. I guess I was more aware of JoCo back then than I thought.
  • BryBry
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    Nicely reasoned, Ben -- also, here's the JoCopedia page about it (where it's titled "Social History Theme").
  • Kat Angus reveals JC's love of a certain girl band.... in this interview and here is an article.

    But nothing can distract me from waiting for the next part of the Bry-jinx surprise interview...
  • This post by Len at Jawbone is interesting.
    The Coulton/Mumy Connection...
  • What a nice set of articles those Kat Angus pieces are! She even asked a question that Bry & I ditched from our question list -- about the poker game at Pop!Tech. Thanks for posting this, Cali!
  • Thank YOU for your interview jinx.
    Kat's article linked above has appeared in the National Post and is titled "Squid Songs"
  • Ditto Jinx's appreciation of the Kat Angus interview (and of CALI for linking it) -- it was a good read, and not only did she ask that question we'd scrapped, she also asked a few that we ask in not-yet-released segments, grr... ;)

    And her intro paragraph to the interview (not the article), which I have to QFT:
    No, Jonathan Coulton isn't TV-related, but he is one of the most delightful people alive and the half hour I spent talking to him was the highlight of my year, if not my life. Not only is he a brilliant song-writer, he's also hilarious and incredibly humble and in the days (...weeks) following the interview, I bugged countless friends with "And THEN Jonathan Coulton said..." anecdotes.
    (I also like how she mentioned her not having segues. Any segues we had we forced in awkwardly on the fly.)
  • The first show is tonight [7/7/2008] and features Joe DeRosa, Bob Powers, The Buffoons, Amy Schumer, Kurt Metzger and Jonathan Coulton. Be there!"
    Ha, I saw JC with his guitar when I was on my way home on Monday evening, I bet he was on his way to that. Now I wish I had done the whole "Taking the guitar for a walk, eh?" thing and found out about it.
  • clearly, you should have used that situation to be witty. and then you could have warned us earlier.

    you've failed us. :-P
  • The problem with having eight, count 'em, eight stickied threads is that threads keep falling off the front page. Here's video from the Crash Mansion performance.
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    wow, his segue into First of May is so wonderfully awkward.

    edit: hmm, on that Comedy Central site, looking at articles tagged with Jonathan Coulton, I saw a link to This

    Is this an as-yet unreported article about JoCo?

    double edit: You know what, it actually looks like an old article. Never mind.
  • You know what I love about that site? If you just follow a link, say, to look at the JoCo VideO, then click a link anywhere else on the page? While loading, what you can see is a little sentence at the top that says "You are so not logged in."
  • Technically not a JoCo media article, but rather one about John Hodgman, but it contains this quote regarding a holiday gift:
    How did the last good book you read end up in your hands and why did you read it?
    I received Jon Krakauer's Under the Banner of Heaven for Christmas, at my request. Jonathan Coulton, who accompanies me on guitar when I read in public, asked me if I wanted to read a fascinating and disturbing history of Mormonism and of religious fundamentalism in general. Because he has been such a good sport about playing guitar and wearing a buckskin shirt when I read, I figured I owed him one.
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    Sorry if any of these are repeats... just trying to fill up the wiki with every spec of info we can find. Some day I will be able to contribute more but for now it is this... short of the wiki...
    Scroll down on this amazon page for Hodgman's book to see the commercial Coulton and Hodgman made for the book.

    Here is his creative commons promo... I think it is the best one... but honestly... who submitted THAT picture.

    Finally, this Bills, Bills, Bills, youtube video that syncs Coulton's version to the Destinys Child music video.

    Ha. Thanks for the crash mansion link.. so interesting to see him perform in front of a different audience.

    ETA: had to fix the CC link.
  • This is a link to a video about Coulton with Andy Bates participating in the comments.
  • Heh, I've seen all those with the exception of the Amazon ad. Jonathan's face when he plays the limited time offer music is priceless.
  • just noticed this post on Boing Boing from Cory Doctorow about the new website from publisher Tor. Apparently Cory has a story to be published there soon called, THE THINGS THAT MAKE ME WEAK AND STRANGE GET ENGINEERED AWAY.
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