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  • that is too awesome!
  • I can just imagine his reaction at a concert when he comes out, and between the intro by P&S and him going on every dons one of these masks...hee hee hee. We have GOT to try this someplace!!!
  • It must be done.
  • The radio interview I mentioned a few days ago has been broadcast, and it's posted to listen to or download here.

    I just started listening so I can't vouch for the quality, but it's almost an hour and a half long, so I'm sure there's some interesting stuff there.....
  • Check out Marigold's shirt in the latest Questionable Content.
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    @Jmonkee: I'm almost done listening to it.

    I think she might be drunk.

    She sure likes to talk about herself a lot. I suppose if you are a fan of hers, this is a bonus.
  • She sure likes to talk about herself a lot.
    omg, does she ever!
  • I stopped listening after a few minutes, I take it I shouldn't bother going back to it? :)
  • dammit jmonkee, I'm 5 mins from the end. If I have to listen to the whole thing so do you! ;)
  • Of COURSE you should listen to it.. *I* get a mention !!!

    I'm actually in the process of editing / cleaning it up for her... At places its almost un-listenable-to.

    I think I may put some JoCo songs underneath it all too...
  • Well... Thats that finished.
    The lag and echo was bad in places, I think its cleaned up nicely though!
    Its actually a pretty groovy 'blether' as opposed to a "best behaviour interview"
    Comes across as two geeks having an informal get together.
    (Apart, of course, from the lots of plugs!!) ;' )
    and, of course, I got a mention ! ;' )

    Sadly, station rulings mean the version I did with songs probably wont see an official "light of day availability" anywhere.
    Still... good to get back to working with the tools again, its been a long three months !
  • Wait a minute... you're saying you worked and scrubbed and edited the thing into a listenable form, and you're NOT going to let us listen to it? Are you mad, man?
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    It occurs to me that I've not seen this posted here in the forums, so I thought I'd make sure.

    Scott "VGCats" Ramsoomair's "Still Alive"-flash
  • Well....
    I've spoken to Jules (the interveiwer) and she has given me permission to put up the SONGS version !!
    I have to record a 'disclaimer' at the end giving all credits where due (which I was gonna do anyway!) and as long as it's made available for free (of course!) there should be no problems!

    Also, I think Jules herself will be putting up the cleaned up and slightly editted version without the songs in it.

    (I really did make MINOR cuts to the content, we NEED to hear JoCo saying "Um..." a lot !! ;' ) )

    I will post when all is complete!
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    Thanks for handling that Joe. It was really making me twitchy listening to it and I was considering cleaning it up myself, now I don't have to.

    BTW... I'm comment 666 in this thread. Isn't there a seal I'm supposed to break or a pale horse to ride or something?
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    The 404 today mentioned "Code Monkey: The Musical". They also took credit (tongue-in-cheek) for JoCo's popularity.

    They added this to their blog:
    OMGWTFBBQ! The Robsham Theater Arts Center from Boston College is putting on a musical comedy inspired by songs by our buddy Jonathan Coulton! If you didn't hear his live performance the last time he was on The 404, go check it out and get ready for some musical theater. Luke Jorgenson, the associate theater professor at BC, was "taken by Coulton's satire of office life and technology," which inspired him to produce the script. We're very psyched for Jonathan. Congrats, buddy!
  • Do we know if there's any way to get a video of the show or anything?
  • RovingTroubadour, who is in the show, posted in the Boston show thread. You might want to try PMing him(?).
  • Here is the edited interview from above.
    Check out the "With Songs" version !
    Hell, check out both !

  • Catching up on my "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" shows from NPR. On this one from 9/5/09 they were making fun of Ikea and the term Bjorkful. Host Peter Sagal got a good laugh out of saying, "It is I, Bjorkful...I have the power to furnish divorced men's apartments." I expected to hear Ikea as the bumper music but alas, no.
  • I was watching some Onion News-videos and at the end of this video there's an interesting line:

    "Stick with us, because after the break we're going to be visited by a singer-songwriter who'll be teaching us to write lyrics to songs that sound like they're about sea-creatures, but they're actually about sex"

    Hmmm.... HMMMMMM...
  • Song about sea creatures but actually about sex = Sea Horse?
  • Actually, given what P&S say in their latest podcast, Jonathan has been hanging out with the editor of the Onion, so it's actually not impossible that there might have been some inspiration around that way.
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    I don't think this has hit the forums yet. Wired's GeekDad did a nice write-up of the Flood show.

    Also, JC will be covering Spinal Tap's "Big Bottom" on the upcoming Coverville Spinal Tap tribute CD. I knew that was happening, but I've forgotten where I heard it before.

    (Gotta love Google Alerts.)
  • If I'm reading that sentence right, it's actually P&S who are covering Big Bottoms...

    "Jonathan is flanked by frequent tour colleagues, Paul & Storm, who will be recording a cover of “Big Bottom” for the upcoming Coverville Spinal Tap Tribute Album."

    Maybe the three together...?
  • If you click through the link below the video, you come to the album page, which shows our hero covering (possibly with the help of P&S). :-D
  • I knew that was happening, but I've forgotten where I heard it before.
    From me in this very thread. lol.
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    Aha. My bad. I searched "big bottoms," plural.
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    I did ask Brian about it awhile back but his reply was a couple weeks before his last update on the Tap page.
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    Here's a podcast interview with Jonathan & MC Frontalot...
  • According to the artist, this wasn't actually made for I Crush Everything, but it might as well have been :P

  • New interview on the How Stuff Works blog discussing music tech.
  • Got this email from TMBG. Jonathan gets mentioned w/name spelled wrong in two different ways. But looks like he got to hang out with them!
    Flansblog 2009

    Four guys named John walk into a bar.

    Had a great time the night after our benefit show in Williamsburg seeing Long Winters frontman and
    old pal John Roderick's solo show at the low key but beautiful Union Hall in Park Slope. Roderick did an inspired set with a tremendous amount of spontaneous hijinx
    and a nice duet with Nada Surf's Matthew Caws. Ran into the Deranged Millionaire himself Mr. John Hodgman in the crowd with Jonathan Colter. After the show we all
    went up stairs for a game of bocci (which I believe is Italian for "horseshoes with balls"). We understood the game a lot better by the end, although still probably not
    well enough to go against real players. In spite of our blissful ignorance , the competition was intense. My team with Coulter, The Good Guys, got an early lead but
    as the nuances of the game were revealed the subtle, graceful touch of Mr. Hodgman began to dominate the play and we lost.
    I think we felt like the Yankees do right now.
  • Oh dear - reading this made me want to send JoCo a virtual hug or a teddy bear or something. I would feel crushed if I spent time playing bocci with one of my heroes and he couldn't remember my name correctly. I get the feeling that Flansburgh is forgetful/distracted, in a mad scientist kind of way, and tends to make these sorts of mistakes often, so it's probably nothing JoCo should take personally (even though I would).

    But I just have to say: what's more incredible than a Hodgman/Linnell v. Coulton/Flansburgh bocci match?! I couldn't have dreamed up that scenario in a million years. Yay for truth being stranger (and more wonderful) than fiction!
  • Let's just call him "Flonsberg" from now on. ;-)
  • Slightly different twist on the usual questions here.
  • Woot! Shout out to "Bus Plunge." I'm way too excited that I was there for that one.
  • I'm glad I have the bootleg at least so I know what he's talking about.
  • Its not exactly "the media" but there is a very popular facebook application called (fluff)Friends and one of the Cake items that just got released yesterday has "It's so delicious and moist. I've got experiments to run. There is research to be done." as its flavour txt. Nice little JoCo nod in a really random place! (You'll need to add the app to see it I imagine)
  • New York magazine just ran a cover story about awesome Brooklyn-based musicians and didn't include JoCo. Why??
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    While Jonathan was in the UK, he was on a major radio stations drive time show:
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    Interviews from Manchester: music and videogames
  • Not quite "JoCo in the Media," but close enough: Hodgman on Jawbone Radio
  • Another random mention I noticed recently, in the Think Geek newsletter:
    "Timmy has been transformed into a monkey reindeer monster (not to be confused with a pony monkey monster, which can apparently have "too many monkeys"--lies, we say! lies!)"

    Love it!
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    @Percephene I confirmed that my friend E, of Geek's Dream Girl (.com), who now works for Think Geek, wrote that one. Her blog post about going to a JoCo show with me was mentioned/linked to here on the forums a while back...and that is here
  • Ryan Sohmer of the webcomic "Least I Could Do" posted this about Dragon Con. I knew I didn't like that con for a reason! However the Joco link, check out his Quote of the Day at the end of his missive.
  • Did anyone else see this?
    Mercedes Lackey Filks Still Alive
  • This is only indirectly media about JoCo, but here's a video interview I did for Spintown where I talk about my videos and JoCo's music and how it all fits together. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the only real video of my actual voice and face to be found out in the wild (I'm apparently quite elusive).

    Part 2 of the interview.
  • Nice interview. Now I don't have to wonder what you look like anymore. ;-)
  • He's all over the concert DVD, JoCo keeps pointing him out without saying why he's worth pointing out.
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