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    Thanks Shruti. My iPhoto program doesn't seem to allow a tiny sized picture - still working on this.
    ETA: Never mind. I think I know the answers to all questions above.
  • speaking of photos...
    My avatar photo is showing perfectly on my profile page, but not on the thread pages...
    Do I have to resize it myself?
    Cos the info says it would do it automagically!

  • Confusingly enough, there's both an "Account picture" and an "Icon" field. "Icon"'s your avatar for thread posts. I'm generally a fan of Lussumo Vanilla (this forum software), but sometimes I wish their developers would stop saying that they're the simplest, cleanest boards out there until they spend ten minutes making this stuff less confusing.
  • gottit!
    Cheers Bry !
  • I still claim to not have time to revamp this FAQ, but I would like input, both questions and answers.

    I'd like to separate the FAQ into sections, and here are some I have in mind:
    • The forum software (technical stuff, like posting in HTML, searching, making polls, etc.) [someone think of a pithy name for this];
    • JoCo FAQ (which will include things from the official FAQ, but also maybe some other biographical stuff, and maybe updated more regularly);
    • Songs FAQ (lyrics questions, e.g. "at least your favorite thing"? "see" or "feel" the day unfold? What's "Overhead" about? Who's Kenesaw Mountain Landis?, etc.)
    • something or other for the fans (where to go for JoCo rarities -- esp. awryone and Jmonkee; interesting forum threads of bygone days; projects to get involved with)
    • I dunno, you think of something. Input from relative newcomers especially appreciated!
    If anyone wants to pick one of the questions I suggest and sketch out an answer for it, that'd be cool -- killer headache at the moment, so I'm just going to post this and come back to it later when I have time.
  • That sounds good, although be careful about replicating info that's already contained in the wiki (JoCo FAQ, songs FAQ, links to JoCo rarities)
  • Good point. I was thinking, though, that it might be just as well to duplicate some of the info, particularly when they may be hard to find in other places (e.g. the wiki, which is vastly underlinked-to). For the songs stuff, for instance, I was thinking of just touching on the things that are truly frequently asked, plus "for other questions, see the wiki"; similarly, for "who is (person mentioned in a song)", a pointer to the list of such people on the wiki.

    Another thing I realized I would like to add: Concert stuff (things like logistics - when should I buy my ticket? how early should I get there? taping policies? what should I expect to see -- which songs, which instruments, which recurring gags?)

    Thanks for the input, Spiff -- other suggestions more than welcome; it's bugged me for a while that this thread isn't more useful than it actually is.
  • Just dropping this info here so I can deal with it later. Taken from this thread!

    Q: What concert bootlegs are out there?
    Spiff's page has three great shows, from the Temple Bar and the Second Life concert, and "Cafe du Coulton."

    The wiki is always a good place to look. Go here and scroll down to the "Full Show Bootleg" link for a great recording from Chicago.

    This show from Pontiac is highly recommended.

    I have a mediafire page with some good stuff, full shows and individual songs.

    Of course youtube is crawling with JoCo videos. I started compiling some playlists a while back, and it's not a bad place to start.

    That should be a good start. Dig around in the wiki for more!
    -- Jmonkee
    Also I should point out Sniffit's excellent recording of the Cincinnati show (I assume it's still up there on Megaupload -- if not, let me know and I'll drop it on Mediafire or something). Great early recording of "Birdhouse in Your Soul", and some brilliant banter at "Soft Rocked By Me" (as well as an audience-requested "Bills, Bills, Bills").
    -- Bry
    There are also the UK shows that I recorded (I still haven't got around to cutting up the London one though) here.

    I remember thinking a while ago that maybe there should be something on the wiki listing all the recordings. Since many of the concert pages already link to recordings, perhaps it could be done by a bot somehow...
    -- Angelastic
  • I am sad that I cannot use sock puppets.
  • From the latest blog post:
    we’re moving to Vanilla V2
    (Here's one reason to celebrate with me.)
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    Hooray! Vanilla upgrade! PM system will actually be usable! Sneaking suspicion that links to specific comments or discussions have been broken though.

    @Bry: Your link above 404s.

    EDIT: Holy crap @-replying tags people in comments! It sends notifications! Going to spend way too much time playing with this new toy.

  • Wooo, so purty!
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    @chicazul: Never mind, it was a link back to your comment about how the new version of the forum software makes the PM system usable. :)

    Further comments in the new thread.
  • How do I get an RSS feed of a Discussion in these here new forums?!
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