SF DVD Show: Going Alone? Join us!

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When I got my ticket to the SF DVD Show I was unable to find anyone else to go with my. My friends were not big JoCo fans, my wife wasn't interested. I faced the prospect of attending the concert alone. Frankly, I can't think of anything lonlier. So, I posted here and managed to find someone else who was going to the show alone.

We can't be the only ones.

If you're going to the SF show alone and are looking for some company, drop me a line at: rex AT schraders.org
Heck, if you're going with a group and want more people, contact us too!

So far we have:
a 33 Year old Game Programmer from Israel
a 33 year old Electronic Engineer from Sacramento
the spirit of a forum user named Jesss
a 37-year-old software QA engineer from Boston
a 38-year-old auditor, who sold a spare ticket to the 33-year-old game programmer from Israel (Because Karma Rocks)
an undefined friend of the 38-year-old auditor
30something designer/drafter from Sacramento
22 y/o web developer from San Rafael
The current Code Monkey Project Carrier, Rose

We also offer free tech support.

(I was considering calling this impromptu group "Single Concert-goers Alone Together", but realized the acronym was bad. . . (and the movie reference obscure))

Jooooooin us!


  • Way to go, Saint Peter! I'm glad you decided to go by yourself and I bet you will have a great time. I was too wishy washy to go by myself and finally the tickets sold out and took the decision out of my hands. But I'll be there in spirit.
  • But I'll be there in spirit.
    We gratefully accept all ghosts, whips, sprites, and astral projections. We are an equal opportunity impromptu group. We do not discriminate based on corporeal form.
  • Assuming JoCo doesn't accept my offer of PA services (which may not be so useful given that I'm from out of town), I'd be free.

    37-year-old software QA engineer from Boston
  • mtgordon -
    Drop me an e-mail at rex AT schraders.org with contact information so we can arrange a meet up on the day of.
  • Jesss -
    I have you officially listed as a member of our group "in spirit" - if you send me a picture of yourself I will print it out and bring it with me to the concert so everyone will know who that spirit is that keeps hanging around us.
  • Pete [I feel like I can call you that now. ;-)]:
    I was planning to go to the lunch that mtgordon proposed, but if all y'all are getting together, count my friend and me in. I'll drop you an email.

    38-year-old auditor, who sold a spare ticket to the 33-year-old game programmer from Israel. It all comes full circle...
  • Colleenky -
    Awesome, glad to have you on-board!

    I don't think I'll be able to make it down for the lunch, as I have to work that day. Also, I'm not sure what I'd do with myself between lunch and the show. However, if work seems like it will be dull, maybe I'll arrange to play hooky and head down early. I never know how things will go with our prototype hardware . . some weeks I'm busy, some weeks I surf all day (shh, don't tell my boss).
  • That is sweet, Saint Peter, you are really living up to your name.
  • I am still waiting to hear from a friend but I might like to hangout. I would also have an extra ticket!!! ;-) I'm staying at the Whitcomb Hotel down the street that night.

    I'm a 30something designer/drafter from Sacramento.

    John (lajeunessj at netscape.net)
  • Great - just drop me an e-mail at Rex (AT) schraders.org when you know.

    I think there was another post in the forums for someone looking for a ticket.
  • Also, this guy wants a ticket.
  • OK, So who should I give my ticket to? I'm not looking to make money or anything. Although, a couple drinks wouldn't be completely out of order. Is there some sort of fair way to do this?
  • Pull a name out of a hat? Or first to respond.
  • I would love to get the ticket, and it would be great to hang out with any JoCo fans as well. Drinks are on me! If I can get the ticket, let me know at andy (at) babybates.com.
  • Saint Peter, I sent you an e-mail but it got bounced back.
  • Yeah, I posted a comment in the other thread a while ago, but I'll post again here.

    I'm still looking for a ticket and if one opens up it would make my day!

    [email protected]
  • How odd.

    Are you certain it was rex (at) schraders.org?

    Worst case, post your e-mail and I'll contact you.
  • (I think he posted his e-mail upthread.)
  • Ok, here's the coin toss between Abby and Andy. Heads is Abby and tails is Andy. Good luck.

  • Tails it is. Andy, I'll e-mail you in a bit. Abby I'm sorry and hope you have a good birthday.

  • Fantastic! Thank you so much!

    Add one 38-year-old QA engineer to the list!

  • Just stumbled on this thread, and I actually have an extra ticket. So Abby, would you be interested in the same offer as John's?

    Oh, and I'm going solo to this, so if any of you have a group that wouldn't mind a 22 y/o web developer from San Rafael joining them, I'd be mighty appreciative!
  • Thanks for getting Abby. It was too tough decision to make, hence, the coin flip. I think it's the more the merrier. We're just waiting for our wise and exalted leader (Peter) to expose his plans to us.


  • Catharsis -
    Drop me an e-mail at "Rex (AT) Schraders.org" and I'll include you on any details. More the merrier.

    I'll be sending out an e-mail to those who have contacted me shortly.

    In general, though, we're basically just going to meet up in front of the place sometime around 6-6:30. Probably the first ones there will grab a place in line. We'll have plenty of time to chat while we wait for the doors to open, and then for the show to begin.

    I'm going to send out everyone's phone numbers (and collect others) so we can all get in touch. I'm also going to collect pictures so we know who to look for.
  • If people are interested in getting together earlier in the day, feel free to email me. I'm arriving late Thursday and have no real plans before the show (though I might work on my t-shirt designs if all else fails).
  • I am excited that Rose, the current Code Monkey Project Monkey Carrier will be joining us. Gonna be quite an eclectic group!
  • Have a great time everyone! I have been appeased because we are getting a show in Seattle and a potential Portland one too. Not as cool as going to the DVD show but still pretty great.
  • SaintPeter: wait, just *how* early does one have to get to GAMH for decent seats?
  • @Tindomiel -
    RE: How Early
    I have no earthly idea. I'm one of those completely paranoid people who can't stand to be late and, thus, am chronically early. I'm also picking someone up on the way in and I have to find parking, so I need a buffer.

    However, my working assumption is that all JoCo fans are, by definition, fanatics and thus will all be lining up early for the show. Even if they aren't, it should be fun hanging around in line meeting the people that I'm meeting up with. Sometimes the line can be as much fun as the show!

    Anyway, I would love to get awesome seats for my first JoCo show ever. Great seats demand great sacrifice!
  • Have I mentioned how jealous I am? I am jealous. I am tinged, nay HUED, a distinct shade of green.

    Which clashes, by the way, with my Indigo. I look like alexandrite.
  • I had an absolute BLAST at the show last night. Aside from the 7 folks who e-mailed me, there were a couple of other people who showed up and one we met in line (Hey Brain!). This was, by far, the best concert experience I have ever had. That was in no small part due to the great people that I met through these forums.

    I picked up the TAW box set and got it signed by JoCo, too. Amazing show, amazing night!

    Thank you Colleen, Mark, Rick, Donavan, Mira, Jade, Andy, Keith, Brian, Abby, Oded, and John for making this not just an enjoyable concert, but a delightful evening!

    If you're going to a show alone, I highly reccomend posting here and making a group of it. The show is ALWAYS better with friends!
  • I couldn't agree more, the concert I went to, and I met up with people off the forums, meeting them made the evening that much better. When else are you going to be able to meet up with people and talk hours on end about JoCo, and not worry that everyone else is getting board? :)
  • Not to mention the opportunity to play a cool zombie board game and eat gummi brains, Kerrin!
  • Still can't believe I gave my ticket to Andy Bates from the Best. Concert. Ever. ....lol

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