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  • Hey! Nice choices, those are definitely among my favorites as well. Welcome and all that.
  • Welcome, Dan. The Future Soon is the first song that I loved from JoCo.
  • Welcome Dan!
  • That's awesome -- if you type in "creepy" in YouTube, my video is the 8th one in the list. Out of all the videos on YouTube, can mine really be the 8th creepiest?

    No. Yours is just one of the top ten creepy videos that anyone actually wants to watch. :)
  • i liked still alive without having played portal, but i exist in circles such that i was well aware of all of it before i heard the song, despite.
  • I don't get it. Ive never played Portal either, and yet, Ive memorized "Still Alive". Strange.
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    Hello, all! I just wanted to drop by and introduce myself. My name is Alex, and I'm a Computer Science student (I will hopefully have my Bachelor's degree at the end of the summer), and if things go as planned, I'll also have a minor in math behind me. I managed to find myself hooked on Coulton's music with "Madelbrot Set" and "That Spells DNA."
  • Hey, Riffy, and hey, Dan! Welcome to the forums!
  • Hi all! My name is Donovan, and I figured I'd join this forum after meeting some of the great people from it a few days ago at the SF show. I live near SF and work at a medical device company. I think the first JoCo song I heard was "re: Your Brains", but my favorites vary from "I'm Your Moon" to "First of May"... honestly I haven't heard any that I didn't enjoy on some level. It was awesome meeting some of you and I look forward to chatting with the rest.
  • Nice to see you in the forums, Donovan!
  • Hey, everybody! My name's Jimmy, and I joined this forum to meet other people who also love JoCo's music. My story is that before I stumbled upon Jonathan Coulton's music, whenever someone would ask me what my favorite musician was, I wouldn't have a response because I wouldn't know who to mention, but now, I have the confidence and faith that it's JoCo. From the more popular songs like, "Code Monkey" to the more heart warming ones like, "You Ruined Everything" I absolutely fell in love with his music. The funny thing is, the biggest reason why I think Jonathan Coulton's awesome is because he's like Jack Johnson if he crashed head on into the internet, and to me, it's the most wonderful idea in the world to imagine. So that's that, and I look forward to talking to you all, and maybe even seeing some of you guys once JoCo comes back to Los Angeles because I got both of my fingers crossed.
  • A guy named Jimmy whose user name is Doug? That won't confuse me at all! ;)

    Meanwhile, there's another guy whose real name is Doug (the one who inspired this thread)... if he ever shows up there'll be trouble.

    Welcome, Jimmydoug! I'm sorry to hear about your condition (or was it an accident? I hope you don't mind me asking) -- it must be hard to get by with only two fingers.
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    nice to meet you Dan, Riffy, Donovan and Doug... nice to see more people recognizing the greatness that is JoCo. Doug, I totally see where you are coming from. The one time i'm close for a concert I can't go. I wish Joco was like Wallace Rudolf-Barry Allen-Jay Garrick(i'll leave that to the comic book geeks), and could go anywhere he wanted for free... It would be great. Then he could come to Sacramento.
  • haha, that was rank Bry.
  • "Rank"?
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    stinky.. the pungent aroma of wordplay (kidding)
  • Oh, okay, it's not some kind of newfangled slang. That makes me much happier about our future, actually.

    (Personally I thought my quibble was better than a lot of puns. Certainly less forced, at least. Just to brag a little more.)
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    It was a good pun; I was just goofing around and being the monkey on your back.(hence the name)
  • Jimmydoug, huh? Ha ha haa! Absurdity. Won't mind if people called me that though.

    Also with my finger impairment people always think I'm flipping them off.
  • Must be hard to get a date or a good grade if everyone thinks you're flipping them off Jimmydoug.
  • "Raise your hand if you know the answer to this question."

    I can't even drink from the can. I gotta use straws.
  • I think I'll leave my hand down instead of removing all doubt of my being a fool. What is with the confusing riddle? I'm not the brightest, please enlighten me...
  • I would tell you.

    But then I would have to raise my hand.
  • It was a good pun; I was just goofing around and being the monkey on your back.(hence the name)
    If there was a good pun, would it be terrible-since that to me is the very nature of a pun... Oh, and welcome to all the new people since my last post-sorry, I'm terrible with names at the moment, yes...even when they are on a screen in front of me...
  • It wasn't a pun! "Pun" implies two meanings. "Both of my fingers crossed" does not have two meanings, it has one. I was certainly ribbing Jimmydoug, and I was certainly taking him literally, but it was not by my definition a pun.

    A pun would be if I took the word "ribbing" and "fingers" and continued to make references to other bones, but I dislike it when others do so and hold myself to the same standard. :)
  • Hey there, I'm Dave. I've been listening to JoCo for a little more than a year when I discovered Gle3nn's video of a performance of Baby Got Back. I play guitar in a band called the Spoony Bards. We play video game or anime music at anime/sci/whatever cons by request for hours on end. We also have a zendrummer! Music is what keeps me going every day and as of late I've been learning more and more JoCo. I play acoustic and electric guitar, bass, ukulele, a touch of piano, and very occasionally I'll mess with drums. You guys and gals seem like a great community so I hope to put in my 42 cents whenever possible.
  • That's a lot of cents, suuuupaaaahdaaaave. Have you reinforced all your pockets just in case?
  • Hello, newer-than-me people. Welcome! (And I envy those of you who were at the SF show -- sounds like it was great fun!)
  • Welcome everyone! Wow, a bunch of new folk I haven't seen this many messages on this thread since it was introduced (consider that a pun if it makes you happy).
  • Sorry for my miss-use of pun, guess i forgot the meaning.
  • Wow Suuuupaadave that is a lot of instruments an a lot of talent to be able to handle them all. Sounds like a lot of hard work.
  • You have to be careful with puns. Haven't you seen the sign?

    Use a pun, go to jail
    By order of the Justice Department
    Poetic Division
  • Oh, jeez, thanks for reminding me -- I've gotta go renew my Poetic License.

    (sorry, officer, it won't happen again)
  • My main instrument is guitar, I just fool your eyes and ears with the other ones. In other words, I fake the rest of it. Once you know how to play guitar, it's not insanely tough to play other stringed instruments. I've often been told by bass players that I play the bass like it's a guitar. Same goes for the uke. One of these days it'd be cool to pick up banjo and mandolin. That's something I'd like to see more of, JoCo mandolin covers.
  • Okay..Bry.. so was THAT a pun? It looked like a pun, but now I find myself questioning everything. ;)
  • That, yes, that was a pun. ;)
  • Okay. Just making sure. :)
  • Hello Everybody...

    I'm Alex because I'm WAY too boring to come up with anything truly interesting. :)

    Actually, when I first got on the interwebs I started to go by Orion because every time I looked up into the sky at night it seemed I was always looking right at the constellation orion. Of course, that's mainly because it is the most distinct constellation that I can consistently identify...

    Then, after taking some latin in college, I came up with "Ludo Ergo Sum" which means "I play, therefore I am." I'm actually pretty proud of that since I really do feel that it is what we do for fun that defines us more than just about anything else.

    I started in college as a Computer Engineering major which changed to Computer Science and Fine Art. UW Madison doesn't do double majors, though, so I ended up just a Computer Science major. I'm actually slightly disappointed I didn't work harder to get more involved in the art department here, though.

    Now I just turned 37 a couple months ago (December 28th, to be exact) and have a wife and two kids, (six and twelve in first and seventh grades, respectively) so I'm not shifting the average too far here... I got into JoCo through his Paul and Storm connection who I was into when they were in DaVinci's Notebook who I learned about when they went on the Bob and Tom radio show.

    My music interest actually goes back to grade school. When I was nine years old I joined the Appleton Boychoir and have been singing (sometimes just in the shower) ever since. My singing peaked a couple years ago when I was between jobs and so my schedule was flexible enough that I ended up being called up by my church for funerals. Depressing, but acually quite fulfilling since I got some really nice letters from the families afterwards thanking me for helping them out during such a rough time.

    The only person I know on the forums is Mark (mtgordon) who was actually the best man at my wedding... (October 2nd, 1999 for anyone who is curious.)

    I've been to three JoCo concerts here in Madison, now, and they have gotten better every time. I'm wondering what the heck he's going to do for the 20 or 30th concert. At that point it's going to have to be pretty much the best concert ever performed by any being in the history of the universe... :)
  • Hello, Alex. I just met Mark in person at the SF show. Welcome to the place where most everyone is within about 12 months of your age. :-) [Says the 38-year old]
  • Nice to meet you alex. "I play therefore I am" sounds like gamer to me. Play video games much? (i'm not anywhere near 12 months from 37)
  • monkeybiznis: I don't play much... <says alex trying desperately to hide the CD case full of games started, but never finished>...

    I've been doing the WoW thing on the Echo Isles server lately, but my attention tends to not be friendly to sticking with any one thing for very long. In WoW I have eight characters going between levels 14 and 35... (I think. I haven't played my highest level character in a while.) And, of course, that's only on the one server. I've got a couple more floating around on other servers as well that I play even more rarely...

    Before that (as in a couple days ago) I was trying to make it through the Wii version of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I Haven't quite made it through yet, but at least I'm starting on the quest to reunite the mirror... I've also played a bit of Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii. Good game, but some of those worlds are pretty obnoxiously hard.

    That's just recently, though. I did some of my first real gaming on a TI-99/4a. Tunnels of Doom ROCKED!!! :) My favorite on that platform was TI-BASIC, though, where I recorded my programs on casette tapes. :) My uncle had the floppy drive for his TI and boy was I jealous! :)
  • I'm a fan in my teens. Why does it seem that JoCo's fans aren't my age? I need peers, man!
  • Nice Alex I had a 60 shammy and 48 rogue in WOW(highest characters). I'm also too broke too afford any of the new game systems out now so I don't have much experience. Cooljammer00 I'm 16 almost 17 so yea...
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    There are teens here too.

    Man.... games on the TI... I'm suddenly having flashbacks of Lode Runner on our Apple IIe. When I was nine, I totally OWNED that game. ;)

    (Clearly, I am not one of them.. But they are here, I promise!)
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    I wonder if there aren't more teens because of the small circles of friends most kids tend to stick to. I know when I was a kid I had a few friends that I practically LIVED with. Now I have a family of my own and I have to work (two jobs, actually, with a third waiting in the wings) so I end up with a lot more acquaintances but fewer friends, so I've been able to introduce JoCo to a LOT of other adults.

    So, if you want to see more teens, just go to where there are a bunch of teens and talk about JoCo and all the various shades of his awesomeness... :)


    P.S. To avoid irate parents, I'd avoid recommending "First of May", but YMMV... :)
  • @CoolJammer: What the last two people said, I guess. I'm eighteen, for reference...
  • So, if you want to see more teens, just go to where there are a bunch of teens and talk about JoCo and all the various shades of his awesomeness... :)
    Won't you get arrested for that?
    And even if you don't, you think teens would think that music you like is going to appeal to them?
    I'm afraid we're just going to have to wait for one of their number to find him, and start raving about him to their friends.
  • For some reason, JoCo seems to appeal most strongly to two demographics: young adults (roughly college-age) and his cohort (roughly twice that). I'm tempted to ask for a poll: "In what year were you born?"
  • Thanks for the welcome, guys. What a decent bunch of people (With excellent taste in music).
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