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  • Hi monkeybiznis! I'm a video game addict too, although never WOW as my old slow computer just wouldn't be able to handle it. If I could play it, I know I'd never stop.
  • @sniffit-Yay, more Wii support, and I hope your son isn't having too rough a time with the Aspergers (Unless that's his name, which I might have missed.)
  • Welcome Monkeybiznis. He is pretty wicked (reminds me of my Boston days!)

    About The Future Soon comments, I'm not sure it is mainstream but it is definitely a palatable way into the JoCouverse. If there is any interest, we could start a thread discussing it. It's the first song that I fell in love with and, although we are just friends now, I still smile when I hear it.
  • I'm going to desticky this because I find I kinda skip over it when it's lumped in with "the stickied posts," since the Untabbed Songs thread isn't updated very often. Also, now it's linked in the Forum Code of Conduct thread, so hopefully it's easy to find anyway.

    If anyone feels it should still be sticky, let me know.

    and three08, even after this thread is destickied, may you continue to win at life. :)
  • future soon is a pretty sweet song... the one that got me was RE: your brains... when i first heard it i thought it was awesome concentrate and the video from spiffworld was cool juice so when they mixed it was an unnaturally crazy cocktail of wickedness.
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    Most of us, geek or not, probably have a Laura in the closet.
    How literally that statement applies is probably a pretty decent measure of how close one is to turning into a psychopath.

    Welcome, by the way, monkeybiznis!
  • Hey, you know what they say: Beauty is under the porch of the beholder.
  • haha never heard that before but that is hilarious.
  • There was a guy that carried a bee in his hand everywhere he went. I went to ask him why he carried the bee everywhere but, when I got close to him I saw he had a tattoo in his eye that said beauty . It freaked me out so I didn't talk to him.
  • What a bizarre anecdote, I probably missed something again, but I will think of bee farmers in a new light.
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    Jon: Beauty is [tattooed] in the eye of the bee holder. Ba-dum chick!
  • And code monkeys engage in API culture.

    Diversion 2. I once had a conversation with somebody who claimed to be interested in the entomology [sic] of words. Initially I thought it's a cute idea: the word "insect" has six letters as opposed to, say, "arachnid" which has eight. Then I read a bit about invertebrate morphology and learned that insects have a head, thorax and abdomen, making the word "a-rach-nid" a good example, whereas arachnids have only a cephalathorax and abdomen, e.g. "in-sect".

    Eventually I moved on to bigger and better projects, like getting a life. Will let you know once there's any progress.
  • @Jon Who: Thanks! for that. Sounds as though you might know a little about the Aspie diagnosis. It is what you think it is-Asperger Syndrome, not his name. Went through many years of He!! but all the hard work and persistence has paid off. Thing is, we learned to not want to change the disorder/symptoms, which are quite amazing & good & wonderful in their own right. Instead we chose to help him understand and then navigate the 'typical' world so that his gifts & differences are appreciated and not scorned. Most people don't go that route and instead they want to "cure" or try the change-to-conform nonsense. He's very smart & high school is not easy socially (& in so many other ways) so we're going for graduation @ end of Jr. year and college for Sr. year and beyond.

    Yes on the Wii! He has every system except 360, which he's wants badly. He's a MAC guy, too. He's dying for me to learn games. First Joco, then a gamer? We'll see. Portal looked interesting...and that SONG is so great. Need 360.
  • From what few posts I've read in here thus far, seems like there hasn't been too many actual introductions recently, so I shall correct that.

    I am Dr. Perry Cox. Not really. I wish I was. And if you don't understand what my name references, then damn it all, you should start watching Scrubs.

    But really, I'm 16, and a junior in high school in Northern Ohio. I had first heard of JoCo only a couple of months ago, and I thank the Kingdom of Loathing for introducing me to this musical genius. From the time I first heard Re: Your Brains until now, he has taken over a greater part of my life.

    Of course, Mandelbrot Set holds a special place in my heart, because I am a huge math nerd. I absolutely love math (Which, that fact makes one of my friends vomit occasionally), and I plan to major in math in the Honors Tutorial College at Ohio University. Where specifically I'm going beyond that, I'm not completely sure. My 2 biggest plans are either to become a cryptologist, wherein I'll end up working for the government (NSA, FBI, CIA, whatever tickles my fancy), or a math professor. Either way, I think a Ph.D is in my future.

    There's really not too much else beyond that to say about me, I think...
  • nice to meet you Dr. cox, and i got the reference the second i saw your name... sounds like you've got a big future planned out. Best of wishes for goals and aspirations.
  • But is it cryptology you're interested in, or, perhaps, matters crypto-zoological?
  • No, cryptology, which entails codemaking (Cryptography) and codebreaking (Cryptanalysis)
  • Just swinging by and saying hello. I've just recently found out about Jonathan Coulton showing my girlfriend some Paul and Storm stuff on youtube. I just had to buy TAW3 from the moment I heard a few tracks, the work is great. I'm a PC gamer as most of you seem to be and I have a wii for my sons, it keeps them off my computer. Anyway, nice meeting you.
  • I'm really upset that IU doesn't offer a cryptozoology major (or even a single class!), especially with their extensive folklore department.
  • Chupacabra fans represent!

    Though actually I think my favorites are wampus cats.

    Hello to the new(er than me) folk!
  • Welcome, welcome to all.
  • Hello, I'm a new JoCo fan. I had actually heard RE: Your Brains before, and thought it humorous but not enough to check out more about the artist. Then I played Portal and heard Still Alive, and even though that song is really awesome I didn't look into the artist, either. Then right after watching a live recording of JoCo at PAX, which Gabe of PA called "damn near a religious experience", I read a post on another forum which someone pointed out that JoCo wrote both RE: Your Brains as well as Still Alive, and that I could listen to his music on the site. Because of his link to the recommended listening page, I heard a few more JoCo songs (specifically "Code Monkey" and "I Crush Everything.") and I've been hooked since.

    You can call me Cambiata. I currently have a really boring job that pays well, and where I have to work 10hours a day whether I want to or not. Since I discovered JoCo, though, I've been listening to his music at work, it really makes the time go by faster. I've been listening to "Octopus" on a loop as my most recent favorite, partly because it looks like I'm going to break up with my boyfriend and that song is strangely therapeutic.

    One thing about JoCo's music that is quirky for me, I almost never like a song the first time I hear it. Then if I try it a second and a third time, it becomes increasingly more interesting, until finally I can't get enough of that song. This has happened on almost all of his songs, excluding "Still Alive" (which I loved immediately) and "Beds Hurt My Booty" (which I still hate).

    Sorry for the novel! I hope to be a worthy contributing citizen of this internet burg. :)
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    Really? That's interesting, because JoCo's pretty much the only artist who I've really loved on the first listen - which made him an even more exciting discovery for me.

    (Well, I say that as though I've grown to love lots of other musicians, which I haven't really...)

    Anyway, welcome!
  • Hey, Cambiata, Barstool_Prophet, and Dr. Cox! Welcome to the forums!
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    You go away for a weekend and you miss three intro's and a lovely comment on coping with Asperger's. But, Hey new people!
  • Cambiata -
    Your experience mirrors mine. I kept hearing songs of his and not really putting it together until finally I read about the connection and decided to listen to more. Maybe we should have a JoCo Advertizement:

    Hey Kids!
    Remember that cool cover of Baby's Got Back? And the funny riff on Zomie Flicks RE: Your Brains? And also the awesome (spoiler) song from Portal? That's all one guy! Come check him out!


    The problem with viral marketing is that some people have an immunity.
  • Seeing ads on definitely makes you immune to them. But the ones with sound are SO annoying.

    You _could_ do one of those "ads by Google"... (I think)
  • Hello everyone, I'm Aaron.
    I was introduced to JoCo excactly one week ago. I typed "creepy" into youtube (I have a strange sense of humor) and there was a WoW version of Creepy Doll. I was addicted to that song right away but I was kind of in the middle of avoiding homework so I went back to doing that. In class that day we were learning about fractals and the mandelbrot set. I discovered the fractal song credited to him and thought it was a pretty weird coincidence. I've been obsessed with this music ever since.
    In less than a month I will be old enough to get a credit card and I will pay for the songs I downloaded from this site (sorry).

    Great stuff, keep up the good work.
  • Hi Aaron, nice to "meet" you.
  • And Aaron, have you ever played the game "Portal?"

    There is MORE that isn't even on the songs page, Aaron. You have only BEGUN to be as addicted as the rest of us! But welcome.
  • Lol, reminds me of that guy in the matrix with those coloured things. I should probably point out that I am having thinking problems in terms of making things concise and finding the accurate word for minimum space usage. Sorry.
  • The "mot juste"?
  • Yes, that is what I seem to be lacking. That and a memory for what I just read. Twice.
  • Welcome, Aaron!
  • Jinx is right, your addiction is just beginning. It doesn't take long for JoCo to get under your skin. Welcome!
  • He should write a song about that. Some kind of parasite. But a nice one.
  • I already suggested strangler figs to JoCo.

    I saw a TV program about them.
  • AlAl
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    Mistletoe is similar.

    On second thought, not so similar. Mistletoe is actually a parasite, sucking nutrients from another plant. A strangler fig... how to say it... "outcompetes" the other tree (with the help of strangulation).

    I think we need a "Topics for JoCo" discussion.
  • good idea Al... sounds like a plan.
  • AlAl
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    I suggest someone more regular than I to the forum start it and keep an updated list at the beginning.
  • Hi, I'm MaW (that's an online name, a contraction of my given name and surname which came about because I don't have a middle name and 'MW' wasn't a distinctive enough set of initials in pottery lessons at the stage where everyone's thumb pot animal looked more or less the same as everybody else's because they were just two thumb pots stuck together with no distinguishing features). I'm known by some other names in some other places, but this one's the one I'm using here.

    I live in Nottingham, England, where I pass my time by going to work (I'm a software engineer), having music lessons (on recorder, viola de gamba and singing at the moment), playing music (at last count I was a member of six groups of varying quality and style, which might be a little excessive), reading, attempting to write, conducting a social life almost entirely on the Internet and experimenting in the kitchen.

    Currently I'm trying to persuade the office band to do at least one JoCo cover for our 2008 set. I've got some support, but I'm worried that Re: Your Brains might be considered too silly. Ultimately I think we might have to go with Code Monkey, which should go down well with a lot of people given that our office consists of 200 people who are by and large almost all programmers.
  • @Aaron - I'm curious. What were you actually searching for when you typed in "creepy"?
  • We used to have an old Suggestions thread for JoCo, don't think it was used too much on the other end...
  • Even if he just took a few ideas to start a train of thought leading to song lyrics, that would be worth it, wouldn't it? What's the forum for, anyways?
  • I don't think he writes songs that way. Seems to me it's a Talk With George kind of thing -- if the idea of three-toed sloths inspires you, it's up to YOU to express that idea in the framework of your own creativity.

    Well, after you've hung out a lot with Hemingway, I mean.
  • Speaking for myself only and not for JoCo, I would feel a little strange about using someone else's idea. It'd be different if I were doing requests, but if I were writing for my own amusement, even if I saw that someone else offered me an idea that sounded really interesting, I'd hesitate to "steal" it.

    That said, we've had some suggestion threads before:
    Song Suggestions
    Helping JoCo
  • I knew it, and still you find everything Bry.
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    That's awesome -- if you type in "creepy" in YouTube, my video is the 8th one in the list. Out of all the videos on YouTube, can mine really be the 8th creepiest?

    Welcome, Aaron.
  • DanDan
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    Hi, I'm Dan. Like many others I was first introduced to Jonathan Coulton's work through the excellent 'Portal'. I bought the first 'Thing a Week' and have been hooked ever since. Other favorite artists are They Might be Giants (Huge Fan), Pink Floyd & Flight of the Conchords.

    Fave JC songs (at the moment) are, Mandlebrot Set, Future Soon, Creepy Doll & Someone is Crazy.
  • Yay for Mandelbrot Set love!

    Maybe it's just because I never played Portal, but I don't really care for Still Alive too much... Maybe I should give it another try.
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