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  • Hi Shane! I had dinner one night with you, Beth, and @melagee. I was so pleased to finally meet you!  We don't live too terribly far apart, so perhaps I'll see you before JCCC5 at something or other. Welcome :) 
  • Just wanted to drop a line and say hello.  Attended my first JCCC and have already signed up for the next.  I met a lot of seriously awesome folks and had to join the community.  Not sure how active I'll be, but it's definitely a group I want to be a part of.
  • @ricoxg - That's awesome! I'm glad you had a good time! The community for me is the best part of going on the cruise each year, so hopefully we will see you around.

    @shane - I mentioned it on Twit-arrr, but you were brilliant in Scrimshaw's set! I'm envious of Jim that he got to meet you at dinner. :)
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    Hello, humans!

    I'm moderately active on the various JoCo Facebook groups,
    but am new to forum-ing (I think I posted twice just prior to JCCC2).

    I'm Joseph. I'm currently living in Rochester, NY, though I
    expect to be relocating within the next year. I work as an operations handler
    for a nonprofit, but my background is in writing, editing, research, and
    business ethics. I live on the Internet, but when not here, I dabble in painting,
    music (I have a YouTube channel of covers I've done), and other artist-y
    endeavors. I administrate the Monkey Postcard Trading Alliance and the Sea Monkey
    Networking groups on FB, and I like planning things.

    I discovered JoCo maybe 4 years ago when a friend made me a
    mix CD with "Big Bad World One" on it. Little did I know...

  • Howdy all! Recently discovered JoCo's artistry.  Hooked!  

    I wonder if I am the only member from South Dakota...  

    Anyhow into computers, golf, television broadcasting (my job!), farming/ranching, snowmobiling, and dabbling in with PLC programming.
  • Hi and welcome @NaturallyAspirated. I didn't think PLCs were things that people dabbled with much, but I think they're a lot more useful than an Arduino for a lot of things. Unless that was a typo, in which case ignore that last sentence.
  • @Angelastic It was surreal trying to match up faces, names, nicknames on the cruise!  JoCo Cruise Crazy has "ruined everything in the nicest way" for me.  I guess it is like an adopted person meeting their "real" family for the first time.  You look alike, talk alike, act alike even though you had never met before and now you can't imagine a life without them.  I can't wait to see my new extended family again in January!
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    Washington DC ER doc, Mars One Applicant, Looney Pyramids enthusiast. I somehow didn't find out about JCCC until this year when I met multi-year Sea Monkey and Mars One applicant Dan Carey, and first time Australian Sea Monkey from JCCC4 Tom Wells. These, these are my people!

    If anyone is ever in DC and wants to hang out to play games or needs an informal tour guide for the National Air & Space Museum, drop me a line (sorry, Dr. Leila is NC 17).

    Trying to decide now whether or not I can squeeze in JCCC5 along with my previously scheduled ski plans. While there's always next year, I'd rather regret things I do than things I don't do. If you are someone with a last-minute cancellation, I might be a good person to keep in mind to take a cancellation off your hands if I blow it by waffling too long. Drop me a line if that happens to you, perhaps we can help each other out!
  • Hello everyone! I am long time fan of JoCo, going on JCCC5 after minimal urging from friends who went on JCCC4. I am an Internal Medicine resident, currently living in Salt Lake City. I am an avid hockey and theater fan, and spend entirely too much time and money on both (because I live in a state that has little of either). Also into table top role-playing, video gaming, board-games, reading any and all good sci-fi/fantasy literature(suggestions welcome) and traveling outside the US, all of which I do very little of thanks to my current job. I am very excited about the cruise next year and am looking forward to making lots of fabulous new geeky friends both here on the forum and on the cruise!
  • Been a fan for a few years. Seen him twice, once opening for TMBG and once when he toured with Jonathan Roderick. I'm a pretty broke individual, but I wouldn't mind joining on a JoCo cruise one day, especially the ones that stop in Puerto Rico.

  • Welcome @cptpatches! Even if you don't make it to a cruise, it's always fun to meet other JoCo fans. (:
  • Howdy all!  I'm signed up for JoCo Cruise 5 and very much looking forward to it.  How y'all doing?
  • Hi, @The_Mutha! I'm doing great, and you're going to love JCCC5.
  • Thank you, thank you verah much!   
  • 21 year old son and I are long time fans coming from Atlanta.   
    This will be our first JoCo cruise and I'm really looking forward to it.  
    He doesn't have a clue yet, this is going to be his Christmas present this year.   

    I suspect we'll both be spending the majority of our time in the boardgaming area.
    Looking forward to my High Five that Wil Wheaton owes me for helping fund TableTop.

    BTW,  any geocaching groups get together on these?   Hoping to find a few caches on the islands.


  • Welcome, Derek, and unknowing son!
  • Welcome one and all!     @romeyde not a geocacher persay but I've recently gotten into Ingress
  • Hi, I'm Jennifer. New to this forum, new to the cruise.

    Anybody bringing their ukulele? I figure I'll throw my cheapest one in my big suitcase and pack my clothes around it and hope for the best.
  • Hi Jennifer! Yeah lots of people bring ukuleles and other instruments, too! 
    Here's the thread about the ukulele melee from last year. It's super fun to play with a big group.
  • Hi all! Fist-time SeaMonkey (not first-time cruiser) here, but really looking forward to JCC5.

    I enjoy table-top gaming, RPGs, video games, reading and beer (I guess that just described 99.8% of all users on here). Any way, I don't get to do nearly enough gaming regularly and I'm anticipating a sharp up-swing in gaming hours during our sail. Look forward to meeting you.

    See you in January.
  • Welcome, CdnArmyMedic!
  • Hi all! Everything you might wanna know about me, but briefly:

    I'm Lonnie, 28, male, gay, atheist. Originally from NY, but moved to Seattle a couple months ago. UX Designer by day, cartoonist by night/on the weekends. This is my first JCC(C), but I've wanted to go for years, so I'm very excited. : D

    Nerdy stuff I'm into, broadly: books, comics, video games, tabletop gaming (incl. DnD), various youtube channels, and Nerdfighteria. Other stuff I'm into: nonfiction, studying/practicing Japanese and Icelandic, social justice issues/politics in general, stuff like that.

    Hoping to make a lot of new friends. : )
  • Oooh, Icelandic is really hard! I have a language-nerd friend who is learning it, probably for that reason. I did Japanese at school myself, but I've come to realise we were only taught the easy bits, and I've forgotten so much that I doubt I could practise it with you. Welcome! :) Nerdfighterwise, it's a shame you didn't manage to come on the JCCC that Hank Green was on, but with your other interests you'll find plenty to geek out about.
  • @Angelastic - I know! I have a not-so-secret hope he'll be on it again this year. :x But probs not.

    Actually, I think a Japanese Practice Session might be fun. I'll take a tally of those interested in the fb group and if a bunch of people say yeah, I'll register it as an official shadow event. : D
  • Hey, I'm Kendra, and this is the first time I've been on a forum since probably... 2005? I am a little out of practice, admittedly.

    At any rate, I've been a JoCo fan for years, and next year I am excited to be joining in on this fantastic cruise business (finally)! No one I know will be able to join me, though, so I would appreciate any help in the "finding a roomie" department.
  • Hi Kendra, and welcome!

    Someone will probably start a thread in the JoCo Cruise section soon (or revive an old one) for people looking for cruise roommates. Keep an eye out over there, and you shouldn't have any trouble finding someone compatible.
  • Hi! I'm Rachel, I'm a JoCo fan (duh), and I'm a pre-Monkey. I'm psyched for JCCC 2016, and my SO and I will be booking as soon as we can! I live in the Boston area. My now-retired guide dog has kissed JoCo, but I haven't. Maybe the current guide dog will get a chance. I guess we'll find out next year!
  • @tikva Welcome, Rachel! There's quite a few Sea Monkeys in the Boston area, I think. You'll likely have many chances to connect with other JoCo fans before and after the cruise!
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    Hi, my name is Ali and I happen to adore Jonathan Coulton's music -- he's my most played artist scrobbled on my computer (my profile indicates this). I legitimately own most of his music catalogue thanks to kickstarters among other reasons. 

    When I'm not busy listening to great music by similar (and different) musical artists, I've been looking for work in my field of choice (I'm a librarian among other things). I'm an avid board gamer (I helped organize a board game convention this year!), a reader, a writer, a graphic novel reader (the Code Monkey graphic novel was awersome!), a Whovian, and more besides. I like to dabble in different things such as ballroom dance, trivia, and traveling. I'm an avid volunteer, a Kiwanian, a Canadian, a girl geek, and an academic geek (I have 4 degrees!). I finally got an account here mostly because I'm tempted to go on next year's JoCo Cruise... and I figured I'd learn a bit more about the community among other things. 
  • Hi Ali! Jonathan is my most-scrobbled artist too, although it's partly because I have so many rare and live tracks of his and I try to cycle through everything in my music library. But yeah, I might be a bit of a huge fan too. :D

    Anyway, welcome! I hope you give into the temptation to go on the cruise. Especially if you like JoCo, librarians (there seems to be quite a posse of them on the cruise) board games, reading, writing (it looks like there will be a writing track again) Doctor Who (because we think fezzes are cool) dance, trivia (there have been a few trivia shows on the cruise, though most of the answers were made up) and travelling.
  • Hello everyone,

    This is my second introduction here in the forums - I last registered and said hi in 2013.  My husband and I were all set to go on JCCC4 when I had a medical emergency and had to cancel at the last minute.  (I'm fine.)  Thanks to Scarface's incredible efforts, a last-minute Replacement Monkey for our cabin was found, and it wasn't a total financial loss for us. 

    I'm very excited that I was able to book a cabin today (!) for JCC6.  Sadly, the husband can't make it for those dates next year, but I have my fez and fancy pants, so I'm ready! 

    Looking forward to the cruise, the events, and meeting Sea Monkeys!

  • Welcome, Moura and AliKira!
  • Aww, thanks for the kind words! :) I'm pretty excited about the cruise -- and have a cabin booked. Sometime in the next month I'll know for sure if I'll be able to go, and then can make more plans, of course! :)
  • Edwin here. Will be my first JoCo.

    Looking to meet a bunch of great people!

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    Hello Peoples,
    I am accidental fan.  I liked RE: Your Brains at DragonCon and my husband is a bigger fan.  A friend told us about JOCO6 and it seemed like a lot of fun and we have booked a cabin.  I started lurker on this forum and I like what I see.  I am very excited about the cruise and have never been on a cruise ship.

  • Welcome @stahlnee and @bracyr! I think there is a HIGH PROBABILITY that you will meet great people and have a lot of fun in this community. (:
  • @chicazul - It is absolutely guaranteed that I will meet great people and have a lot of fun! No downers going to get me down!
  • Reintroduction time! I'm finishing up my time in the US Army and am pursuing a career as a history teacher - this cruise will be happening during my transition back to civilian life, and I can't think of a better way to grow a moustache than with my fellow nerds.

    I an ready to book, but am hoping to find someone with an open bunk rather than paying for a whole cabin by myself (if you're interested, please shot me a message!).

    I have had very limited tabletop rpg experience and hope I can change that during the cruise. I'm a moderately accomplished swing dancer, a lover of board games, and still haven't gotten over the events of Mass Effect 3.
  • Hallo! My name's Carolyne, and I'm an alcoholic first-time Sea Monkey.* Fell for JoCo sometime during Thing-a-Week (Baby Got Back, if memory serves), and was delighted to get to see him play with TMBG in Orlando a couplefew years back.

    Fiance and I chose this trip for our honeymoon. Or maybe it chose us. Ukes, Fezzes, inside jokes and board games? MY G-D, WE'VE FOUND OUR PEOPLE. LET'S HONEYMOON WITH THEM.

    [TL;DR-- I'm a textbook Gemini, minus the evil twin.] By day, I'm the marketing director for a CPA firm (EXCITING! Actually, I really dig it); by night, I'm President and haunty-ghost-in-residence of the ART, a little 501(c)3 theater here in Gainesville, Florida (GO GATORS!).** In addition to marketing and theatre, I'm into puzzles (of all kinds), crosswords, wordplay, board gaming, AD&D/Pathfinder, wine, whiskey, videogames, improv, Shakespeare, reading, computers, karaoke, trivia (I wrote & hosted a diabolical weekly game for several years), music (I play several things quite terribly), cooking, comics, science, writing, graphic design, fountain pens, fun-natural-fun and a variety of other things too numerous and boring to list here (I recognize when I've gotten to fountain pens, I've probably gone too far). I'm an introvert by nature, an extrovert by practice and almost always over-scheduled. I have a tendency to go off on tangents, use too many parentheses and semicolons and dote on our cat.[/TL;DR]

    Really psyched for this experience (the cherry on the proverbial sundae of finally getting to marry my best friend!), and genuinely delighted to make your acquaintance :) 

    * Same difference?
    ** I will be tarred and feathered if I don't say that I mean, I love our sport team! Go sport team!
  • Welcome Carolyne! Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

    Also, hello again @countzane! Good luck finding a roommate!
  • Hi! I am an accidental fan via my husband, who told me about this weird "JoCo cruise" for a couple of years before it registered enough for me to say - "sure, whatever, I like cruising." I think I had heard one JoCo song (First of May) when we went to JCCC5 and was really more excited about John Scalzi and Wil Wheaton and Matt Inman, to be perfectly honest.

    We had an amazing time though, and I have since bought several JoCo albums, enjoy his music and love the community. We met so many great people, none of whose names I can remember (except chicazul - I remember her and her awesome hair), and we're definitely going back (already booked!) next year. Next time I'm going to be more involved than I was this time though! So the forums are part of that, plus this fan community is pretty awesome too. I love being around smart, creative people.

    I like MMOs, and LOL, and tabletop gaming and RP, and dogs and dog training, the SCA, reading (mostly sci fi and fantasy) and cooking - oh I love cooking - and music and math and science and and and.... And all the things! So hi, everyone!
  • Yay! Hi @SavagePuffin! Looking forward to seeing you again. (:
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