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    BenS: I've already sent him a mail for something else two days ago and haven't received an answer yet, so I don't want to send another mail until he answers... But I'll mention it in my next mail after he's answered though. And I've already requested on Eventful, but it seems i'm the only person in Belgium who's requested him yet, or at least the only one in my area... Don't feel like going through all 300+ ones. :S And I don't really know if there are any Jonathan Coulton fans around here but I know there are a lot of people who like Still Alive and would certainly like his other music, and the people I can convince of JoCo-fanhood I'll ask to request him to come here on Eventful. :)

    MtGordon: We only do that to artists we hate. ^^ Nah seriously, nobody pelts anyone with mayonaise here, more likely beer. :)
  • Holy Moly...I think there's only one new person so welcome Dantes.
  • I spent a year of college in Kutztown Pa, where I learned to love french fries with a puddle of mayo and ketchup on the side, the two condiments only barely mixed so you can get the taste of each clearly. I also learned to love cottage cheese mixed with apple sauce (they used apple butter but it was too sweet for me that way).

    Mark- making a sandwich for you- from a pony? You are a sick sick man. Of course, I like that. I like Dantes apparent obsession with straling JoCo's brains, sounds like he is well on the way to zombiehood. Just don't touch the eyes, ok Dante?
  • @JoAnn: I recall hearing stories from my wife about members of her family who've been to central Asia. The mystery meat in those parts is often horse. And the whole point is a sandwich that would make someone scream, right?
  • @MtGordon: Sure we do, we got Jonathan *and* Coulton!

    @Jon Who: Thanks!

    @JoAnn in VA: Mayo and ketchup mixed (usually with some whiskey added I think) is what we call "cocktail sauce". I have no clue why it's named like that. It's gross anyway. And what's a JoCo fan else to do but become a zombie and eat his idol's brains? But I don't want the eyes, that'd just be too creepy.
  • My cocktail sauce is alcohol free and tastes just fine. Things you'd expect to taste bad but don't: Half frozen strawberry gateaux with mayo, egg cress and custard sandwiches and barbeque sauce with mayo.
  • Things you'd expect to taste bad but don't: Half frozen strawberry gateaux with mayo, egg cress and custard sandwiches and barbeque sauce with mayo.
    Add to that list "sausage and chocolate" and "chips and yoghurt (specifically the stuff you get in the yoghurt half of a fruit corner)"
  • Oo, and chocolate coated pork (pies).
  • Oh, yuck. Reminds me of the Luther Burger.
  • chocolate coated pork
    If it weren't for the fact that I add chocolate to chili sometimes this would make me gag.
  • I know this is not really on topic but since I was discussing this with BenS:

    @BenS: I just got an answer from JoCo about my last mail and now I'm gonna mail him about the Europe tour. :D
  • Just to let you know, there's a private message feature that allows you to contact a specific member without having to use the "offtopic!!" disclaimer.
  • @ Dantes: I haven't had a chance to visit much of Flanders. My trips have been relegated to mostly Wallonia (Spa, Namur, Liege, etc...), with breif stops in Brussels, Brugge (of course) and Oostande. Next time I am in that part of the world, I really want to try to get to Antwerp.

    How about the classic combo of chocolate Frosty from wendy's and french fries?
  • I don't want to say that there's anything like a coherent topic that this thread needs to stay on, and bringing up something from earlier on this page certainly isn't going off-topic. Just make sure that, if it's not your introduction, it's something related to something else in the conversation, and it should be fine! For unrelated subjects, of course, it'd be better to head to one of this forum's open-type threads.
  • Hey welcome Dantes! If you speak Flemish, that's as close as I've got to a fellow Afrikaans speaker on the forum ;-)
  • @vagabondmonk: Ghent is also a city with a rich culture, would be worth checking out, and since I live close to Ghent and study there we could meet up and talk about how wonderful JoCo is. :D

    @Bry: Okay I hear you, thanks! :)

    BorbaSpinotti: Thanks! As a linguistics student I *must* correct you: there is no "Flemish" language, we speak Dutch, most of the time though in a Flemish dialect (Flemish Dutch dialects are often called just "Flemish", but it's incorrect, so I wanted to clarify that ^^;;). I've learned about Afrikaans in my studies, and it is indeed rather close to our language. :)
  • Hi - First day on this site but long-time JoCo fan. I live in AZ and went to the concert in Phoenix last night (see Phoenix forum) I am not very IT savy but I did create my own website last summer. I have 2 degrees in music. I couldn't possibly name my favorite song but after the concert, I have a new appreciation for Skullcrusher Mt. and Code Monkey. These were not part of my original list of favorites. I am probably one of the oldest fans after seeing the crowd last night (52) but since I am a musician, my teenage sons and their friends think I am an acceptable sort of old lady.
  • Welcome! What's your instrument / what sort of music do you play? Are you a professional performer?
  • Welcome LaDeDa perhaps you'd be interested in helping with out Song Book project.
  • Piano. I have taught piano lessons for over 30 years. Masters was in Music Composition. I will check out the Song Book project. Time is limited until after the Nov. election because I am also a devoted Dem. volunteer.
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    Welcome LaDeda! Glad to have another musician joining us in our quest for JoCo's brains and musical talent. :)
  • Thanks everyone for your nice welcome.
  • Hi LaDeDa, forgive my ignorance but where is AZ? Is it better than Oz?
  • Arizona -- postal abbreviation thereof.
  • I see...Thanks!
  • Hiya.
    I'm "new" and decided to post and say 'ello.
    I discovered Jonathan Coulton by accident.. Or perhaps it only 'seemed' like an accident.
    Perhaps it was the universe reaching out to me. I guess I can't be sure.
    But yeah.. I'm a computer nerd at a national accelerator laboratory by day, and a wanna-be rock star by night.
    I found an article about Jonathan and how he quit his day job to pursue his music and said to myself "Self.. this guy is our new hero."
    To which I replied "you know, you really do talk too damned much."
    Well I didn't like that one bit, let me tell you.. The whole inner-dialog thing went straight down the crapper from there, and now me, myself, AND I (don't even ask how poor 'me' got involved in this) are serving life sentences in Alcatraz for our heinous crimes.
    It's a little lonely here in Alcatraz, but the wi-fi is nice. And they leave the doors unlocked, which I think shows a level of trust you don't normally see in a maximum security prison.

    So lately I have been listening to 'I Crush Everything' and 'Millionaire Girlfriend'. I think right now those are my two favorite songs.
    I better stop now. another group of guards came by and started taking pictures of me.
    I hate it when the do that. Why cant they just hit me with billy-clubs or spray me with mace like any other prison guards would?
    And why does the guard at the front of the group always feel like she has to tell the other guards the history of Alcatraz as they do their rounds?
    I mean, Jeez they WORK here. They should know by now.
  • This is why I dislike people, I can't tell if they're joking. But I get the feeling that ManFriday and myself are going to get on SO well. Welcome!
  • Welcome ManFriday! And I can't agree with you more, he's my hero too! :D And you seem just crazy enough to fit in right here. :)
    I am also a computer nerd and wanna-be rock star. :O

    And your introductory story is just awesome. You'd be a great (lyrics) writer. Lucky you. :)
  • I like him. He's silly. Silly is good. Welcome ManFriday!
  • It's the anti-mucka!
    Ha! Maybe it's alternate universe-mucka?
  • Bizarro Mucka?
  • Must be the day where the internet steals my word again.
  • Which word would that be, Jon Who?
  • Bizarro.
  • You created the word I've seen in numerous forms of media, some of which possibly pre-date you?

    That's pretty awesome.
  • Yes, yes I did. They did the same with a car name. (I never claimed to invent the word)
  • Not prior to your last post... you're right. You've claimed it now though. :-P
  • Ah, in humour. It's just another one of those coincidences where I use a word that I believe to be either non-real (also known as fake) or really not used and then it's used again the same day.

    I used to like saying Berlingo and then 2 years later there was the Berlingo car...That or it took me 2 years to find one.
  • Isn't Berlingo just a German dialect spoken only in Berlin?
    Next you are going to tell us you invented the German language!

    Yeah, well.. I invented the question mark!
  • The ellipsis... All mine.

    Also, to go back to on topic things: Greetings to everyone who has come in here in recent days. I have read through your introductions, but I'm a bad replier and am thus extending this general salutation.

    Good to have you all here!
  • Stop picking on us!
  • By the way, Bizarro first appeared in 1958. ;)
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    <removed for containing lies (not cake)>
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    Mucka, I don't want to alarm you, but I did just find Out that I look exactly like you, but with a goatee. This bizarrotheory is starting to weird me out. You don't like Reese's Pieces, do you?

    Edit: Oh yeah, and welcome to ManFriday. That's kind of the whole point here, isn't it? :)
  • Hey...What happened to my message?
  • You mean:

    Yeah, the way HTML-posts work, it's disappeared. I had to use special commands to get it to appear there properly. Try editing it and turning HTML off.
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    @vagabondmonk - *hides Reese's Pieces* No! Not at all!

    Wait... You're addicted to Food Network? Me too.
  • weirder and don't live in Jeff City or Springfield, do you?
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