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    Lurking? LURKING??? I do not <em>LURK</em>!!!! I have spent too long buffing my stalking skills for it to be relegated to lurking...
    I've known about the crazy JC through Spiff's vids. First view was about 7 months ago...

    Oh - and BTW - Flickr is our new favourite song...

    Ciao for now.
  • Thanks for the welcome :)

    Bry the Cincinnati show is on the 5th of june as listed on Paul and storms website. Time to update your shows page Joco!
  • The Cincinnati show is now also listed on the wiki.

    What? I have to catch up to Bry in wiki plugs.
  • Trouble is Lex, by plugging the wiki in the forums you are to a certain extent preaching to the converted.
  • If constant plugging in the forums gets one new editor, then I'll be happy.
  • Lowly Peon (real name: Kirbs), that video of your dad is amazing. Thanks for sharing it! May we link to it from JoCopedia? (By the way: Have you heard JC's cover of "Rainbow Connection"?)
    Sure! And no, I'd not heard his cover of that song before you mentioned it, but I have now!
    - Lovingly pats all her muppet show vinyl..
  • Well, I'm new here, and I was introduced to Jonathan's music by my daughter and son-in-law. And I love it. I am not sure that I have any favorites just yet, I like everything that I have heard.

    I found the web site from the email sent to them (they are on Jonathan's mailing list, as I will be soon).

    I live in the Phoenix, Arizona area, and I have tickets to the show at the Brickhouse in May. I am looking forward to it. And I plan to load up on music while I am there.

    I also thoroughly enjoy that Jon has music available for download in the .flac format, which is the format I use to download music onto my computer from CDs and whatnot.
  • Hello, I am sparkly new to the forum if not to the music. My favorite song at the moment is Still Alive although I whirl through favorites so fast it probably won't be by the end of this post.

    I've lived in Madison, Wisconsin since I got my first code monkey job not too long ago so I'm relatively new to the area. I'm planning on going to concert this Friday if I can find a group or individual to go and, to be perfectly honest, fangirl with *hint* *hint*. But for now I'm going to go lurk in the general direction of the music forums and see what other people have to say about the musical workings of Mr. Coulton.

    I'm Eishne and my favorite JoCo song is Skullcrusher mountain
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    I like what you did there. Remembered what you said earlier. I can't, in fact Spiff made a joke of it a while back(and here).... Oh well. Welcome, hope you enjoy yourself.
  • Welcome, Eishne! Have you met alex or PonderousMan? They're the forum irregulars currently living in Madison. I used to live there (went to school, worked for Epic for a while) but moved to the Boston area almost eight years ago. I'm quite certain PonderousMan is planning to attend, since he's advertising the show on his blog.
  • Thanks for the welcome. To be honest, I had ulterior motives in joining this forum although I'll probably stick around even after my not-so-schemes have been realized. A friend of mine went to the show in San Francisco where he either met up with or randomly ran into some forumites... and at some point he was zombified... I'm still not quite certain about the details. Anyhow, he said that if I was looking for someone to go with, this forum might be a good place to start... and this probably isn't the place to be posting this...

    To Jon Who: Oh yes, it's quite the gift. I can remember anything I write down... at long at it's been in the last couple of days... hours... minutes... seconds... and it's still right in front of me... what was I talking about?

    To mtgordon: Nope, I haven't met alex or PonderousMan although if they're going to the concert, I might meet them there if only in passing :)

    Ellipses are fun.
  • Who was the friend? I was in the big forumite group in San Francisco.
  • Hello, celticgeek and Eishne, welcome to the forums! Eishne, feel free to start up a "JoCo in Madison" thread (if you get a chance, file it under "JoCo Gigs", wouldja?) -- no doubt other Madison forumgoers will turn up pretty soon.
  • (If not, I can poke them.)
  • Thanks, Bry. Consider this conversation moved. :)
    @mtgordon: My friend's name is Brian. Or, in case you're as bad with names as I am, he's has a beard, long hair, hails from Denver and spent at least a portion of the evening as a zombie.
  • Eishne, not to worry -- I'm perfectly okay with this thread meandering a little, I just figure more people will see your message this way, y'know? :)
  • @Eishne: Oh, I remember Brian! I was wondering whether he was who you had in mind.
  • Eishne wrote:
    I'm planning on going to concert this Friday if I can find a group or individual to go and, to be perfectly honest, fangirl with *hint* *hint*.
    My humble advice: go whether or not you can get a companion. You really don't want to miss it for anything!
  • Hello, Eishne. I also met Brian in San Francisco. Tell him howdy! Also, Gina is giving you good advice. :-)
  • It's Coulton, of course I'm going! I've been looking forward to since... well Monday, when I found out about it :-)
  • Hello, another new Madisonian here. Saw the forum as I was cruising the site in between classes today. Ummmm, let's see, favorite song. Varies from day to day, I guess I'd have to go with Furry Old Lobsters right now. I think that covers the basics, um, oh, first heard Coulton a few months back I think, First of May, followed by numerous others as I rode with my friend along the beltline (Highway cutting through the city). Yeah, I think that covers everything, hello. *waves*
  • Hi, Ragaman! *waves back*
  • *falls off surfboard from all the waves* Augh! Stop making waves!!

    Hi to all new people that I haven't said hi to yet. *waves*
  • Agramna: does this picture mean anything to you? image

    Also, hello to everyone new, as always.
  • @Lex: I haven't seen that thing in a long time, but yes, such is the basis for the handle.
  • Welcome to the forums, Nagamar -- hope you have a great time at the show!

    I'm Jake. I was introduced to JoCo by my sister about a year ago. I was at the ever-so-awesome Chicago show on May 3. I am a freelance codemonkey (PHP mostly)... yeah, I have no idea what to say here.
  • What song did she hook you in with, Jake? And what song is your favorite now, after a year has gone by?
  • Hey, Jake, any wiki-extension-writing experience? ;) Welcome to the forums!
  • Hey all! This seems to be the place to start, being new to the forums and all. I got turned on to JoCo from Neil Gaiman's blog months ago, and have lurked around ever since. Also, I seem to remember something from Penny Arcade showing his performance at PAX last year ... At any rate, I am originally from Missouri, but currently am an actor in L.A., which puts me right alongside tens of thousands of other frustrated twenty-somethings in the Southern California region. I read too much, cook like a fiend, write music, love baseball, and indulge in all sorts of various and sundry nerdery. A prime example of this is the fact that I am totally psyched to be a new member on the board here.
  • I am originally from Missouri, but currently am an actor in L.A.
    It's the anti-mucka!
    I read too much
    Oh, I doubt that. ;-)
  • No such thing as reading too much.
    Nope nope nope.
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    Hi everyone! I recently discovered JoCo's music through the animated series Code Monkeys, and I just love his work, it reminds me in a way of Weird Al Yankovic's music (though JoCo's songs aren't parodies of existing music, just that his work is as funny and enjoyable as Weird Al's). My favourite songs are Still Alive, Code Monkey, Tom Cruise Crazy and Ikea, but most of his songs are just great. ^^

    I live in Belgium, I study linguistics and literature (Dutch & English), and in my spare time I enjoy reading, singing, playing the guitar and writing music, messing about on my computer and more stuff.

    I hope we'll have a great time here discussing all aspects of JoConity and worshipping our robot overlord (yes, Jonathan is really a music robot sent from the future to entertain us!) ... Just be sure, mr. Coulton, one day I shall come and steal your brain so I can absorb it and become as great an artist as you are... *evil laughter*
  • Hi Dantes! In what part of Belgium are you? I have a friend from Verviers/Heusy who currently lives in Clermont. I am guessing you are a little more North, what with the Dutch and not French. I love that little country!
  • Hey vagabondmonkyey! You're right, I'm from the north-west Dutch-speaking part of Belgium called Flanders. I also speak some French though. :)

    Belgium is indeed a nice little place, we have great chocolate, beer (though personally I'm not a big fan of the brews) and French fries (since these are actually Belgian in origin, as I guess most people here have heard already, what not with the controversy all Belgians are making around it online, telling all Americans and foreigners about the true origins of French fries... But it's all the same to me, as long as we can enjoy those delicious snacks). But I'd still prefer to live in the UK or USA (so I could at least get to see JoCo perform some time). :D
  • On the subject of french fries, the question must be risen. How much mayonnaise do you have on your frites? And have you ever said to someone, hey that's too much mayonnaise?
    I apologise I couldn't resist but ask.
  • I'm not sure if that's appropriate, BenS. "Frites" being the French word, and dantes being from the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. :P

    Welcome to the JoCo madhou- I mean, forum, dantes.
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    BenS: Of course you can have too many mayonaise on your fries... Sometimes it just gets too gross.
    Personally I prefer just having your fries and next to them a "puddle" of mayo in which you can dip them, but when you go to a "fries shack" you usually get them in a sort of open box like this: French Fries and it often occurs that they put too much mayonaise on top of the fries, which can be gross when it trickles down between the fries and it becomes a gross sticky mayo-fries bunch. And not all mayonaise is equally tasty.

    But I do have to say I definitely prefer ketchup to mayonaise to compliment French fries... Although if I would go to the USA I'd adjust to their customs and eat them with ketchup. :)

    Agent Lex: Doesn't matter to me so much, you can call them either. Thanks, I'll sure enjoy it here at the JoCo-worshipping-and-adoration-forum. ^^
  • see now when they do that with chili and cheese and your fries turn into a large lump of chili/fries/cheese, that's my favorite kind. but maybe i'm a touch mad.
  • but maybe i'm a touch mad.
    Hanging out here is a sign. ;-)
  • it's been awhile, but i think i already introduced far as remembering names, i answer to crazy.
    i could probably get papers justifying this, if that were needed.

    i just wanted to wave to you all. i'm so thrilled, i think i finally get to see joco in columbus in a few weeks. trying to reach the venue to make sure i'm not gonna drive 3 hours only to find it sold out.

    been lurking and reading, but work is getting in the way of having any sort of online life. wish i could say
    'real life' was the interference, but i pray to all the gods that my current work does not constitute my real life.

    have a good day!
  • Hey, Crazy Diamond -- welcome back from lurking! Didn't I read about a Pittsburgh show somewhere in the offing, too?
  • If JoCo comes to Europe sometime soon, I might not have to kill him and steal his brain... But I probably will anyhow.
    And no, don't say he's only been to Europe like two months ago, because I didn't even know his music back then (except for Still Alive, but I didn't know that was his). :(
  • Well it is not so much if, in case you don't know as you seem not to. JoCo will be returning to Europe in october/november time this year. Last I heard he was trying to work out where he would get an audience so where to go in Europe. London is a definite though i believe.
  • welcome new people!

    @dantes- yes, you do have good chocolate(I've been to Belgium). I think the thing i remember most vividly, though, was the two gummy rats I bought. They were so cool and pretty tasty too.

    @crazy diamond- any correlation to Pink Floyd? As in shine on you crazy diamond?
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    Anyone not getting monkeybiznis1's reference:

    Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun.
    Shine on you crazy diamond.
    Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky.
    Shine on you crazy diamond.
    You were caught in the crossfire of childhood and stardom,
    blown on the steel breeze.
    Come on you target for faraway laughter,
    come on you stranger, you legend, you martyr, and shine!
    You reached for the secret too soon, you cried for the moon.
    Shine on you crazy diamond.
    Threatened by shadows at night, and exposed in the light.
    Shine on you crazy diamond.
    Well you wore out your welcome with random precision,
    rode on the steel breeze.
    Come on you raver, you seer of visions,
    come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine!
    -Roger Waters
  • @BenS: Ah nice, I didn't know he was going to! I expected London, I could go there... But it'd be sweet if he'd come to Belgium too, preferably Ghent or somewhere in Flanders, not too far from where I live... I'd be sure to convince as much people as possible to go, JoCo, so please consider this! I'd even be willing to look into a place where you could perform if you gave me the specifications and criteria needed. Just say the word! :D

    @Monkeybiznis1: Yes, the gummy rats they sell at markets and candy shops are quite yummy too, we've got a lot of great pastries and candy next to our chocolate. :)
  • Welcome to the forums, everyone!
  • Dantes, i think you should be warned, due to JoCo's success he no longer has time to actively read the forums on a regular basis and certainly not reliably read them. If you want to contact him then e-mailing him is the way to go. However, you may want to consider using eventful as JoCo listens to this when deciding on where to play. E-mailing him as well wouldn't hurt if you still want to. Also make all the other people who you would drag to go see him request him on eventful. I think that covers it all.
  • I have this horrifying vision of JoCo playing in Belgium and getting pelted with mayonnaise.

    "Maybe I used too much mayonnaise. Isn't it enough to know that I ruined a pony making a sandwich for you?"
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