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  • Welcome to the forums, Jmonkee -- what a great story! May I ask what songs you put on your compilation CD for your mother?
  • Thanks for the welcome, and as for the songs on the compilation CD......

    That Spells DNA
    Todd the T1000
    When You Go
    I'm Your Moon
    Betty & Me
    Mandelbrot Set (the demo version, which I prefer)
    Over There
    A Talk with George
    Still Alive
    Chiron Beta Prime
    Under the Pines
    Take Care of Me
    Furry Old Lobster

    When you add those to the Second Life songs, you get a full flavor of what JoCo has to offer.

    I also copied his comments from the thing a week page to a Word doc, along with some other info from popsci and JC's site about as many of the songs as I could find, and gave them all to her. Instead of just writing down the name of the songs. I think they add to the overall experience, and in some cases (like Furry Old Lobster, Still Alive and Under the Pines) are pretty much essential to knowing what the heck he's singing about.....
  • Hello anyone who appeared since Friday, I promise I will read all this but you guys are aways so much more active when I'm not available, I swear!
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    I love / hate that this thread goes inactive for a day and I have to seek it out from the second page and bump it. Oh, right (smacks face), I'm the admin. Re-stickying (check back, like, four pages for where I came up with the brilliant idea of, "this doesn't need to be sticky any more!").

    ETA: I remembered it was three08 who suggested it should be sticky (four pages? more like two full months), but I can't remember where I decided to be clever and desticky it.
  • Hey folks again!

    Since it's been like, a bajillion years I should probably reintroduce myself to y'alls

    So I'm Khavall on the intertubes, but Cale in the real world. I'm a Music Composition major at Penn State, having recently transfered from Oberlin Conservatory of Music, in my 3rd year(Of 5, damn lost credits due to transfer). I'm also a professional pianist and Music Director, most commonly for Musical Theater, but also for classical purposes. Primarily I also wite for Musical theater, but again, sometimes classical. My current big project as a composer is this one right here

    I like to pop my head in every once in a while, but I'm running an extremely busy schedule constantly(MD for two shows, Accompanist for one group and three voice lessons, and revising my show means my free time is pretty limited. Plus every once in a while I get fun gigs like last week, where I was called in to sightread for a shows pit on piano).
  • Hi Khavall, welcome back! I've seen you on the historical bits of forum, but assumed you were a relic. Glad to see you're still kinda around, and there is one more active music theatre fan (hint, find the Musical Theatre thread started by Shruti and bump it). Damn, now that you're back you'll unmask me as a shallow dilettante every time I pretend to have any musical knowledge whatsoever, so I'd better tread more carefully ;-)
  • Hey, Khavall, good to see you around again! As you've probably gathered, this place has picked up in activity by quite a bit, but most of the old guard is still around, I think. Glad to hear you've been, it sounds like, doing exactly what you want to be doing right now; hope you can squeeze out a little time in between everything to stop by!
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    There are Musical Theater fans here? Sweet! I've done plenty of shows over the years, and right now I'm stage managing for a show of little kids (5-8, so cute).
    WElcome back!
  • Here's the Musical Theater thread. Feel free to bump it if you have something to add, particularly as I realize now I didn't tell Muckalarkuary how awesome her story is and if you bump it I'll have an excuse. :)
  • Hello there,
    I've been lurking in these forums for the past few weeks and just finally gave in and registered, so I figured this would be a good place to start. (Starting in an introductions thread? Who would have thought?)

    Anyway, my name is Alora, and I'm 19. I was homeschooled for grades 5-12, leaving me with way too much free time on my hands. I play bass in a band named Lemon Demon; a geek-rock catastrophe.

    I was introduced to JoCo by suuuupaadave back in November, and have been addicted ever since. I went to my first Coulton show a week ago (the Northampton show) and absolutely loved it. My friends and I all had a blast and we will definitely be there next time he rolls around.

    Hmmm... I don't know what else to write at this point, so yeah, hello everyone!
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    Hey, Alora, welcome! Y'all's reputation precedes you, I believe...
    Wasn't Northampton a great show, though? And thanks for prompting Dave to do that "DSJD" mini-lesson -- I enjoyed that a lot. :)
  • Definitely a big fan of Lemon Demon (the stuff I've heard at least; The Ultimate Showdown, Ebaum's World Dot Com.) Bry's right, your reputation precedes you. Welcome to the boards!
  • Holy crap, a guy at school just did a paper on Lemon Demon. haha talk about random timing. Welcome to the blog, Alora.
  • Welcome Alora. Another fan of Lemon Demon here too.
  • Lemon Demon rules. I'm gonna be seeing you guys perform at Youmacon this year and I'm ultra-psyched. Welcome, enjoy your stay, and don't drink the water. :D
  • Feel free to bump it if you have something to add, particularly as I realize now I didn't tell Muckalarkuary how awesome her story is and if you bump it I'll have an excuse.
    Thank you, Bry. ;-)
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    Wow, haha, all these responses were unexpected. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!

    Anyway, yeah Bry, the Northampton show was really awesome, even with JoCo's "fatal bridge-forgetting mistake", as my friend so delicately put it. :) I of course had to call Dave and give him an hour long play-by-play report on the show as soon as we had left the venue. After the idea came up to do that mini-lesson, we hung up, and litterally like 10 minutes later he texted me saying "the video's uploading", haha. I thought that was really funny, and hope Jonathan didn't take any offense to it!

    Also, Phyz, be sure to say hi at Youmacon!
  • Well, I didn't really know where to start, so I figured this was as good of a place as any.

    Over the past few weeks, although I've known a few JoCo songs for a while, I really took it upon myself to learn more of his music, and quite frankly I've become obsessed with it. I've listened to nothing but JoCo for the past few weeks, and it kills me that as a poor, soon to be college student (high school senior at the moment) I probably won't get to see him in concert for years, if ever.

    I'm Julie, by the way. Forgot to mention that, but you could probably glean that from my username.

    And Alora of Lemon Demon?! Don't mean to be a fangirl, but I also love Lemon Demon, well, all I've heard so far anyway. Geeks in Love is a personal favorite of both my boyfriend and I. (He's a pretty big fan of JoCo too.)

    So umm... hi everyone!
  • /wave
    hi new ppl
  • Welcome HyperJulie! The "discover JoCo and listen obsessively" thing is quite common here, I believe. :) Personally, I first heard Code Monkey two months ago, and literally have not listened to a single song by anybody else since. Yikes. The good thing about the youtube age is you can always watch live performances, and feel almost like you're there in person.

    Excuse now, I have to go put on either Rubber Soul, or maybe Coulton live from Austin again. Not sure which...... :)
  • Hey everyone,
    i just recently discovered JoCo's music about 2 weeks ago. while playing a game called zombie master someone started playing Re your brains and then i really liked it and so i looked it up and i found spiff's wow video of it and i learned about a ton of the other cool songs by Joco and now im here on his forums
  • I'm DJ Octoon, grad student and college radio disc jockey for The show I run plays only Unsigned music. A friend passed along "Still Alive" a while back, and I explored the internet and became a JoCo fan.

    And tomorrow night he's coming on my show. Hope y'all can tune in.

    Thanks for listening,

    DJ Octoon
    "I'm in a Band.." - The BEST in Unsigned Music
    Sundays, 8-10pm (Pacific)
    Only on
  • Coulton night on UCLA radio.... How cool is that??

    Can we assume this will be available via your podcast, after the live show?
  • Greeting, all.
    My name is John and I'm a 36 yr old musician/poet/podcaster/photoshop artist/photographer and geek (read slacker) from NJ. In my free time (which I have entirely too much of) I enjoy spending way too much time in front of my PC, playing WoW, collecting Star Wars merch (yes, I'm that much of a geek), art glass and knives/swords (I don't get the connection either) and making parenthetical comments. I first heard JoCo's music about a year ago when Leo Laporte played Code Monkey on his [email protected] podcast. I immediately came to this site, listened to more and became obsessed.
  • Welcome to the boards, john!
  • Thanks, JesterJ :)
  • And you're not the only Star Wars collector here, John. I've been buying the action figures since the 80s!
  • Glad to hear it, jinx. Although, I kinda figured that I wouldn't be. :p I've only been collecting for about 15 years. Of course, I loved the movies as a kid, but I kind of lost interest in them as I got older. Then, in the early 90's, I started helping a friend collect because I just had a knack for finding the rare ones (probably because I wasn't looking for myself). One day I noticed that one of the cable channels (USA I think) was marathoning the trilogy and decided to watch for old time sake. Needless to say, I fell back in love with them and then started collecting for myself (the rare one's have mysteriously gotten a lot harder to find lol).
  • Welcome to the forums, Julie, Exin, Octoon, and John! Hope y'all stick around.
  • The star wars collectibles I had been hanging on to have been ruined in the nicest way by my son. It is nice to have an excuse to own a complete set of lightsabers. It's for my son, yeah, that's the ticket.
  • Gle3nn: Reminds me of Len's VTAW #46.
  • Unfortunately, the best figures of mine that have been ruined were ruined by me as a kid. Shortly after I started collecting again I dug out my old carrying case and amongst the bits and pieces I found Obi Wan's cracked torso. No head, arms or legs. I looked up what it would have been worth mint in box and almost cried.
  • Yeah, I use the "they're for my kids" excuse too.
    For some reason my sons then seem to think that they are for them and play with them!
  • For some reason my sons then seem to think that they are for them and play with them!
    And so they should! I've never understood toy collectors. I mean, toys are for playing with, not keeping in the box and showing off.
  • Don't get me wrong Lex, I'm not a collector, but my kids don't seem to want to share "their" toys! :P
  • Hi there,

    I'm Dan. I found JoCo six weeks ago and have barely listened to anything else since. I've also started doing Suuupaadave's guitar lessons despite never having picked up a guitar in my life.

    I do cartooning, design and Impro Theatre and used to really love the Barenaked Ladies. I'm quite good at impro singing but maybe only average at actually singing.
  • Hello there,

    I'm Antony. I've know about Joco's musical talents since I heard the song Code Monkey at my after-school php classes. I've been hooked since then, and I too an on Suuupaadave's lessons. It's slow going but worth it.

    I enjoy good music, the occasional coding, learning new things and just generally chilling. I also enjoy large posteriors, a fact which I shall not refute. Although, neither shall you other "brothers" I assume.
  • I also enjoy large posteriors, a fact which I shall not refute. Although, neither shall you other "brothers" I assume.
    Fo' shizzle.
  • Hi folks

    Mick here - another new initiate into the JoCo universe. I first heard the uke version of Tom Cruise Crazy on the ukecast, then about 2 days later completed Portal and loved Still Alive. Hearing two great songs (almost) side-by-side by the same artist I've never heard of is usually a pretty good indication that I should check out more, and having now read through a stack of forum posts and heard a LOT more music via the Thing-a-week archives, I'm in deep.

    The closest artists in my collection to JoCo are Mike Keneally and Nick Harper - both worth a listen if you want to widen your record collection... Currently listening to Sandy Denny - hard to believe it's 30 years since she died, and is still relatively unknown.

    I have a couple of musical things on the go at the moment, play the guitar and ukulele, learning (very slowly) on the theremin, and will undoubtedly do something to make use of J's cc licence at some point soon.

    And I live in Scotland, so am hoping that the UK visit in October is a tour and not just a brief stop-over!
  • Welcome, Mick.
    Always nice to hear from across the pond.
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    Even nicer to hear from someone on this side of the pond. Welcome.
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    A big "Hello" to all of you wonderful JoCo-Maniacs from UncaMarty in Melbourne, AU. Seriously, I've been called 'UncaMarty' for the last 15 years... too hard to give up now!

    Ok, ok - so I'm also a fan... I'll call myself a fanatic when JC manages to drag his butt over to Australia.

    So - a bit about me. I am in Software Support (not a Code Monkey - but I tell em when they've screwed up!) living in Melbourne, Australia - like you didn't know that already - that's the biiiig island with the kangaroos and boomerangs.

    I've been married for three months to the most beautiful, gorgeous, smart, fantastic, kind and wonderful woman in the world*, who lives overseas (waiting on visa...)

    Big thanks go to JoCo for 'Code Monkey'. That song got me through a long engagement where I was in AU and my love was in the Philippines... Thank god for the interwebby thingummy! My wife and I spend a whole lot of time watching YouTube videos of The Works of JoCo. And big thanks to Spiff - your vids have been an inspiration. Absolutely Spiffing!!!

    When I found these forums I just HAD to become a part of it... so much inspiration from so many people...

    Oh, yes... I'm also a rabid WoW addict... Characters are all in Aman'Thul realm - anything starting with 'Ook...' is likely to be me...

    See you online sometime!

    * this is a paid announcement...
  • -- digital dyslexia is a bitch.. either that or these Korean Rent-A-Fingers - I knew I should have paid a bit more for the proper Japanese ones that can actully spell, but noooo... I had to save a buck.
  • Big hi to the boards from a first time poster!

    My name is Er/Eri/Rinny or basically anything you can do with the name Erin w/out actually using all 4 letters. I'm a 25 year old student/airport worker/squid from Cincinnati who found Joco via a craaazy california friend who turned me onto re: your brains. Of course I had to immediately find the artist of said work and havent really listened to much else since....

    Sooo yeah thats about it I guess...I am going to the Cinti show that was just announced so hope to catch whoever can make it there.
  • Hello uncamarty and lovinsem! We finally have a squid among us, and if I'm not mistaken our first Australian, at last. Of course if I missed someone, I'm sorry.
    But that's not the point. The point is hello!
  • Hello!

    Oh goodness, where to start. I'm Samantha. I'm twenty-*ahemmumblemurmur*. I discovered Jonathan Coulton when some enterprising individual linked me to "Mandelbrot Set", slapping me in the brain until the neurotic B.A.-in-English inside suddenly wanted to be a mathematician and watch the numbers dance.

    I have not become a mathematician, so I suppose my life has not been utterly changed, but I became slightly annoying about making people listen to the music on this site. "And he lets people listen to his music whenever they want? I must give him money because he does not require it from me!" So many of these songs fill me with energy and a sense of euphoria unequaled without external chemical assistance. It's like a shot of unadulterated Joy (not the detergent, mind; at least, I doubt dish detergent would do that) injected in my spine.

    A confession: I played Portal because the music on the credits was written by Jonathan Coulton.

    Another confession: My mental track when I first saw a YouTube video with The Man Himself: "Oh damn. He's brilliant, he has a splendid voice, he's a marvelous musician, and he's embarrassingly good-looking. Wait, he's married, isn't he?" Then I cried myself to sleep. ...Okay, the last part is an exaggeration. But if I had a locker I would be pasting pictures of JoCo in it with little construction paper hearts. So there's that.
  • Welcome (would you prefer Samantha or littleplasticninja?). Regardless, glad to see another new person, and hope you enjoy it here. Plus, playing Portal just for the song is no bad thing...

    ETA(Sort of): The reason for the sort of is that I technically haven't edited, but I'd like to say that I hereby hate Spyware. Or to be more specific, the fear of Spyware... This laptop is now excessively protected, so much so that it takes forever to do anything. It's like working at 24 Kbps again...
  • Hello and welcome to EVERYONE who has come lately. I'm so bad about checking this thread and greeting people.
  • Helluuu - Kirbs (female 30something Kiwi) reporting in..

    I think it was Spiff's "Code Monkey" World of Warcraft vid that first clued me into the existence of The JoColy One sometime last year.
    Even so, it was probably another month until I twigged that there was so much more to be heard.
    I listened to Re. Your Brains, at which point I promptly caved in and bought all the mp3's!

    My torture-of-work involves doing Special Effects for Special People... it's not all that bad but what I really enjoy doing most is character animation - when the studio actually gets that asked of them.

    I sent some JoCo songs on to my Father. Dad's a bluegrass musician.
    When I caught up with him in Australia a week ago, he obliged me by playing this. (Based on "Just as Long as Me")
    Link of Youtubeness
    I wish I could play the banjo, but I ended up going down the piano road as a child. I wonder if it's not too late to learn..? "eyes ukulele"

    I like very much that JC is a clever bastard who can play many instruments and write clever songs, and sing, and all that sort of thing. My kinda musician! I also think that if the Muppet Show was still in existence, he would make a wonderful guest.
    (I am a big fan of Jim Henson as well... ;) )
  • Hey, new faces! Welcome, everyone! (Admit it -- how many of you didn't realize there was a forum until JoCo linked it in the JoCopedia post?) Next struggle for me: trying to associate y'all's real names with your screen names. Oh, boy.

    Lowly Peon (real name: Kirbs), that video of your dad is amazing. Thanks for sharing it! May we link to it from JoCopedia? (By the way: Have you heard JC's cover of "Rainbow Connection"?)

    littleplasticninja (real name: Samantha), here is my shot of unadulterated Joy:

    lovinsem (real name: Erin), big hi to you too! Thank your Cali friend for us when you get a chance. :) When's the show going to be?

    UncaMarty (real name: Marty, God bless you), you have no idea how much I enjoy hearing stories like yours about JoCo's music and its influence on the lives of you and your wife. How long have you been lurking?

    Lunacy (real name: Mick), I know you've been over this in the Mandelbrot Set thread, but -- a theremin? How cool! I do like your ideas about how to get the group going, and I'll be in touch with you soon, if that's all right. (Hint: At the top of the page, hit "Account"; in the left sidebar, choose "Forum Preferences"; near the bottom of the page, check "Receive email notifications upon new private messages.")

    Antony Mason (real name: Antony Mason, may your tribe increase), "after-school PHP classes" ties with "identity management training" for my favorite mental image induced by a description in this thread of engineering-related instruction... For extra credit, make this your theme song.

    DNABeast (real name: Dan, which is close enough for me to remember it, I hope), good luck again with getting your t-shirts through! (For everyone else, once more: Go to to see and vote for Dan's design!)

    Welcome again, everyone -- really hope to see you guys stick around.
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