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  • awww, lol my maths is bad so at least you have that in common? :P

    plus liking JoCo is plenty a thing, and those two are more than enough to talk about ^-^;

    >"btw, whast a mandlebrot set?"
    >"i dono, oh JoCo sung a song about that right?"

    or something like that maybe ask about the local sports team>.>
  • I know very little about computers, my maths isn't great but it gets me by and I just realised I have a Mandelbrot Set on a bookmark....
  • hehe, welcome to the club i was just blessed with having to much time to take my old computer apart and put it together.
    I should acctually revise maths considering i want to do computing and programming for a job later on >.> hehe
  • I need to rethink my career path it seems, which sucks, might have to give up on a life dream. Damn you responsible parties! Damn you all to hell!
  • life dreams? if it's any help i always wanted to be a graphic novelist... but computing seems more viable.
  • Mine is teaching, but apparently you have to pass a health check, there is no way I can pass that...
  • how so? ( f i pry too mch just tell me)

    and why teaching? i take my hat off to you for any kind of stupidity/courage you have, i was terrified as a student and i'd probably be even more if i was a teacher todays youth are brats (bar the few that have no friends, like me!).

    but kudos all the same.
  • See, I planned on teaching primary education because I believe it to be more rewarding, and it's less likely for a child to talk back and try and beat you.

    Anyways, the health thing. If there were such a requirement I don't think that occasional uncontrollable motor function would have a very good impression do you?
  • it may be the drink so i'll re-read it in the morning but that sounded awfully rude :P

    and primary school, kids i can see what you'd think but as far as i know, they are still pretty brat-ish...
    still it takes a good teacher to mold a good kid, so i'm sure at least some would turn out okie...
  • It might have come across rather badly, my head is exploding (not literally) and I still haven't slept properly, and all the other typically "I'm a teenager, ohmigod, my life is so unfair" stuff so I'm a little up the pole.
  • I may as well answer these.

    "Where about do you live?" About Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.
    "What'd you like?" What did I like? Or what would I like? I would like to understand which you meant by the contraction. I did (and do) like things that rhyme, preferably cleverly, and have decent music or, barring music, meter; I enjoy the music and the forums of Jonathan Coulton. I like people who say clever things and put forth some modicum of effort at making them grammatically correct, factually correct, relevant, or funny, hopefully at least three of the four.
    "Favorite ice cream?" I rarely treat myself to ice cream. There are no common flavors I dislike, and no particular flavors I like.
    "Pets?" Never.
    "Where'd you live? XD" I did live in Texas, I would live in Texas again if circumstances permitted, I do reside in a state of confusion over your use of the apostrophe-d.
    "Favorite games?" American football, for watching / obsessing; for playing, no favorites. Games I will play (not particularly "like to play", just will play): nothing much computer-related except maybe Minesweeper, no RPGs, no card games that require anything other than a poker or Uno deck, a few board games but not with particular interest. In both chess and Scrabble I'm in that funny gap where I'm better than the majority of people who have put no effort into the game and worse than everyone who has, so I can never find an opponent who will give me an even game.

    Mucklet, let's start a thread for people who don't share the typical "geek" interests -- Shruti and I will see you there. :)
  • well okie like i said i'll re-read that in the morning, probably ater class, I'm not sure what your problems are so i won't try the fixing them crap but good luck with the sleep, i might try myself, after this glass.

    hell a forum is as good as any a place to spew out your crap for sorting out, i used to do it. and it helped, suppose it depends on the forum though.
  • @Bry: That is a fantastic idea!
  • yeh sorry they don''t allmake the greatest sense, are all of use (slightly) more common geeks alowed in? :P

    this forum is pretty active at night huh?
  • @Jon: Here in the states, the main health requirement for teachers is that they not have communicable diseases, primarily TB. If you don't mind me asking, what's the health screening like in England?

    @Bry: Look at you sharing! :-)
  • this forum is pretty active at night huh?
    It is now that all the Brits / other people who live in Europe who signed on in preparation for the JoCoLoCo are around -- I'd say the ratio of Eastern-Hemisphere-based new members to Western-Hemisphere-based new members has been significantly higher than usual these last few weeks. Hopefully y'all'll stick around, of course.
  • hopefully haha, it's getting late and i'd planned to go to bed long before now^^ no more drink tonight though =3

    transfering some files between computers, but it seems to have slowed down lately :P

    /me has nothing better to do but refresh the main discussion page every minute or so.

    so you'll have to put up with me till then ^^
  • @Colleenky: I have no idea what screening is like. If it's only transferable diseases, that'd be nice.
  • Sorry I haven't come back to respond to some questions asked of me. No excuse, really.

    @Jess - I'm going to be at the Sunday Seattle show, as I wasn't able to buy tickets to the Saturday one. I'd rather be at the Saturday one, of course, since Sunday is kind of inconvenient to the ole work schedule, but I'll take Sunday over not going at all.

    @Shruti - Yes, Threadless is a lot of fun.

    @Kero - Your project sounds like a nightmare. When I say I'm converting ASP to .NET I really mean I'm rebuilding. I don't reuse anything in ASP, as the code is awful, awful. Built by someone just starting out, not well thought out or planned, just spaghetti code hell. So, I mostly recreate pages when I'm allowed to, and build entirely new web apps.

    @Burha - The programmer Hierarchy was hilarious. Thanks for posting!

    And hello to everyone new who has come in since I was last in.
  • They're having a sale now, with t-shirts starting at $9. I just ordered three of them.
  • Ok here goes:

    My name is Joel and I live in Georgia. Just recently discovered JoCo like 4 or 5 months ago while surfing WoW videos on YouTube (thus I found Spiffworld). Have been working as a systems / network engineer for the past 10 years, last job was with Microsoft. But I decided to leave that behind (with the wifes blessings) and move back to where I grew up. This was so that I could be closer to my family and that we can raise our daughter and son to be (another 7 weeks) on the land that I grew up.

    We're starting a small business using my family land which has been farmland for the longest time and has been neglected since it's my grandfathers generation that last was doing active farming here. So these past few months have been a crash course on starting a small business, learning about buckwheat which will be our cash crop, being organic, and beekeeping.

    In the few hours that I do get to crash and just veg I enjoy playing Lord of the Rings Online. I don't watch much TV except for The Daily Show / Colbert Report and some Sci Fi like Battlestar Galactica, although not much after Sci Fi channel killed my Sci Fi Friday >=/. Use to watch Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network (Harvey Birdman, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, Samurai Champloo, Futurama) but not as much these days.
  • Wow Joel. I need to introduce you to my friend T. He left behind a geek job, moved back to Georgia and is now running a goat farm (or something) on the old family property.
  • howdy joel. i played lotro for a bit. actually my crew and i went into the open beta for that thinking it'd be fun while it was free and then we'd move on, and ended up buying the damn game. i still have fond memories of my hobbit burglar, but i had too much trouble finding groups for the quests i needed.
  • @robgonzo That's awesome, we plan on having goats as well (that field is a future project to clean up, it's the real mess). Free range chickens as well, there is another small farm close to us that has a waiting list on their free range eggs..freaking crazy!

    @three08. I was in Beta too! That's where I met my Kinship "Insanity Inc" (well that and a LOTRO release event in Bellevue). I love my hobbit burglar, lol game has been out almost a year and he's just now 49. Plus got him to 20 before release and carried him over! I've always been a big Tolkien nut, and that's the huge draw for me to this one out of all the other MMORGs, even through Turbine does take some liberties with lore (but hey can't have a funtioning MMORG without doing that I guess). If it wasn't for them though, I don't think I would have stuck around as it is hard to find groups at times for those quests.
  • @ Joel: Always nice to meet Daily Show/Colbert Report fans. Welcome!
  • I was also in LOTRO beta, and honestly was pretty unimpressed. Harvey Birdman owns all other superhero/lawyers. Well, I guess She-Hulk would kick his ass. But any other superhero/lawyers ...

    "Shape of a washcloth ..."
  • @Joel -
    That reminds me of my Aunt and Uncle. As part of their Born Again experience they decided to sell everything and move from LA to Wisconsin and buy a dairy farm. They lasted two winters before they decided that getting closer to the earth did not necessarily mean getting closer to god. I don't know if it was a spiritual positive for them, but they said they DID learn how to get closer to the kitchen stove during those cold cold winter nights.
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    My name is Mitch... and I'm an alcoholic. Oh wait... wrong forum. Let me start over.

    My name is Mitch and I live in Keller, Texas. That's about 10 miles north of Fort Worth. I've been working in IT for the last 13 years. I still have some portion of my soul intact. I've got a family and such, but escape into XBOX-land whenever I can (gamertag: Klaks (Killer Lacking Any Kills)). It was when I finished Portal ( a genuinely heart-breaking moment; to be done with a game I enjoyed so much), that I was introduced to JoCo's work, with the song I'm Still Alive. I was hooked, and have been regularly picking up his albums from Amazon ever since.

    I seek out privately popular artists and I listen to a lot of music, and stuff I've been grooving on lately includes: Flaming Lips, Tom Waits, Polyphonic Spree, Neutral Milk Hotel, Southern Backtones, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and of course, JoCo.

    I dig the site.
  • Hi Mitch! Oh wait wrong support group *D'oh*!
  • @Mitch - Neutral Milk Hotel are my favorite band. Nice choice. :-D
  • I feel i should say hello officially in here as i am the sort of person who puts the shelves up all wrong then looks at the instructions after to see where i went wrong. This is what i did with the forum, i went straight into the discussions that interested me and thought to heck with the rules, most likely just to be a nice person and not be rude, etc. Now i have gone and read them i see i am supposed to properly introduce myself.
    I am, as the name suggests, Ben. I hail from south London, UK. i am a relatively new comer to JoCo having being introduced by my physics teacher in december and not looking back. I will most likely spend a month or two completely obsessing from now until then i shall be a frequent of the forums. Then i will think my god i am spending far too much time on these forums i need my life back and leave without another word but try not to hold that against me, i love JoCo nonetheless.
  • Hey, Joel, hey, Mitch, hey, Ben! Welcome to the forums!

    Joel, that's really awesome. Good luck to you! (And I can't help but notice the parallel to Our Hero, who worked nine years in software design before deciding to quit and pursue his dreams right as his daughter was to be born.)

    Good to see another Metroplician around here, Mitch -- although I moved out of Texas and to Boston a while back.

    Ben, don't worry too much if you deviate a little from instructions, we've got a tiresome bureaucrat of a forum admin to tidy up after you. ;) [I should clarify -- I'm referring to myself, and as admin most of what I do is things like move threads to different categories or fix broken HTML. Of course, I prefer not to have to, but there you go.]
  • You're a tyrant, Bry. :-P
  • If you dislike what you do Bry, shift it onto other people. That's how society is, and this is a society, is it not?
  • Hey, if I disliked what I had to do, I wouldn't do it. What I'm saying is, other people dislike what I do. ;)

    Actually, what I mean is, it's easiest if everything gets put into its proper category. So I'd like to shift the burden of categorizing threads onto the creators of the threads. But if they don't, it's not drastically much trouble for me.
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    Welcome BenS. A word of caution, this forum can be addicted, kind of like JoCo's music. Did you go to the show in London this week?

    @Bry: We appreciate your admin work, however many times you belittle yourself about it. Imagine how disorganized it would be. And we would have to find obscure references all by ourselves :)

    ETA: Oops, meant addictive, but maybe addicted is more provocative.
  • this forum can be addicted
    A bunch of addicts, we are. :-P
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    @ Mitch & Muckalarkuary - Missed the whole Neutral Milk Hotel ref somehow. Funny thing, since we used some songs at our wedding - Oh Comely being one =). BTW a great song for teaching guitar as well, doing that with my wife and it's a nice easy pace to get even a couple of chords down!

    @ Bry - Thanks. Toughest decision ever in all the decisions so far in life (espicially when I get calls from my old boss asking if I'm ready to move back to WA and work again heh..must be strong!). But will be worth it when it's all up and running I think. Just the way our daughters life has changed in being so close to grandparents and a great grand father and great grand aunt. Plus the look I see in my grandfather and grand aunts eyes at having us all back here let alone getting these fields in shape to be farmed again.

    EDIT - A very new fact. After last nights show in Pantlanta, both my wife and I have become avid Paul and Storm fans too! ARR!
  • Is there anything wrong with being an addict mucka?
  • Is there anything wrong with being an addict mucka?
    It depends. Mostly, typos are funny.
  • I'm confused. Where's the typo?
  • Oy, Jon Who!
    A word of caution, this forum can be addicted, kind of like JoCo's music.
  • I see, that implies that we can corrupt a forum, woo!
  • Well, those of us who perceive it like that are by definition egotists. Methinks the forum is addicted to Jon though, so he doesn't have to say it.

    (New junky take on mondegreens: Having a confused brain that causes otherwise innocent lyrics to crave throwing themselves at you for the pleasure of getting misheard.)
  • Well, those of us who perceive it like that are by definition egotists. Methinks the forum is addicted to Jon though, so he doesn't have to say it.
    G'buh? How does that make us egotists, and what does the forum being addicted to me (which it can't be by the way) have to bear on the ignorance towards my comment? Will I form a coherent sentence? Maybe.

    And I was merely stating what the use of addicted would do to the meaning as opposed to the more accurate-addictive.
  • I guess my question is, what did you mean when you said that saying "the forum can be addicted" implies that "we can corrupt [it]"? Were you casting us in the role of Socrates in "Socrates corrupted the youth of Athens," meaning, "Socrates caused the youth of Athens to be addicted to something he was offering," or in the role of heroin in "Heroin corrupts the youth of Plano," meaning, "Heroin causes the youth of Plano to be addicted to heroin"?

    Borba, I take it, interpreted it the second way, so that "the forum can be addicted and we can corrupt it" would mean "we can cause the forum to be addicted to us." Or perhaps even, "Each of us can cause the forum to be addicted to him or her." Hence the egotism.
  • I haven't a clue what I was saying to be honest with you, it made sense to me. If there are 2 different ways to interpret what I interpreted something else to mean, then I feel a little screwed in making a decision.
  • Socrates as a dealer? That's a new one on me. "Hey, kid! Mind if I ask you a question? First one's free!"
  • To be clearer, the train of thought as I saw it was this:
    "We can corrupt the forum" -> "We can cause the forum to be addicted to us"
    (by analogy to
    "Alcohol corrupts a person" -> "A person may become addicted to alcohol")
    and so
    "The forum can be addicted" -> "Jon can corrupt the forum" -> "The forum can become addicted to Jon"
    hence egotism.
  • Well if it was like that then it was purely subconsciously.
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