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    @bry+Colleenky I'm living in edinburgh born and bred, i'm studing HND computing (software development) so uni year one basicly or i plan to anyway, i just need the go ahead from my college.
    i've not really learnt much C atm, as i'm not really meant to be on the course till they tell me i can be, i jumped from high school year 3 level to about uni 1st year in a year ^^;
    but due to having no "real" grades in my other subjects from being a brat basicly in high school,(reformed when i went to college) it's a bit touch and go.

    one of my friends is going to st.Andrews this year ^^ but hes ridiculously smart self employed at 17 >.>
    i would like to go there at some point. i'm just doing my first year at college then going to uni (not sure which one yet though)
  • I suppose I should post an introduction since I've been lurking here for at least half a year now and only recently posted a couple replies.

    I'm Dany but my online handle has been Encubed for a very long time now. Soon turning 25, I live in Mississauga, Ontario which is very near Toronto. I work as a trainer in at a big financial company, training new/existing employees with information on various topics in the industry, from internal systems use to RRSPs and mutual funds, etc.

    But I'm more than my job, of course: I'm a huge geek who's tried a bit of everything typically considered geeky I suppose, short of LARPing (but not due to any aversion to it). During my wonderful university years, through meeting many people who shared my interests, I discovered collectible card games, did a bit of roleplaying (D&D and other systems), continued my love for videogames, and took up some expressive writing. A far cry from my life growing up in the United Arab Emirates (until I graduated high school), where many of these things were looked down on and somewhat stifled my ability to forge many friendships.

    I did start studying Comp. Sci in University but by the second year I found that I hated it and switched to majors in Communication and Management, and a minor in Professional Writing. Despite my mostly 'social' post-secondary education, I've always had a mathematical and nerdy mind and read up on such things when I get a chance.

    And I love music: I've been a karaoke regular for five years now, and singing makes me very happy. JoCo's music makes me happy too, though I've yet to hear a large portion of his work. On multiple occasions I've sung JoCo songs at karaoke, particularly Code Monkey, Re: Your Brains, I feel Fantastic, and Big Bad World One. Depending on the crowd they can get great responses and whenever anyone shows interest I tell them all about JoCo.

    Lastly, I'm a big Super Smash Bros. fan (I'm sure there's bound to be someone here who plays the videogame), and last Saturday held a Wine & Cheese Semi Formal to celebrate its release.

    So I guess that's me in a nutshell.
  • <welcome Encubed (is that relevant if you've been here longer than me?).

    Another D&D fan, sweet, i'm still waiting on smah bro's brawl's release haha, it's on my wall planner, only 45 more days to go till it's released here in the uk.
    could swap wii numbers at some point, prob play some brawl.

    what CCG's do you collect? i'm still to LARP but i plan to eventually.
  • @Encubed: I notice you'll be ensquared at 25. Looking forward to 27?
  • Geek humor at its best. I love this place.
  • Dear BorbaSpinotti,

    I love you.

  • Welcome, encubed! Love the karaoke idea -- do you use the officially released tracks, or what?
  • @Shruti: Without any fear of being contradicted, this is definitely the nicest thing anybody has said to me today. Just don't make too regular a habit of using phraseology like that to us married folk ;-)
  • Nobody's married ... on the internet!

    (kidding, kidding...)

    Would you prefer "I am really quite fond of you in an entirely platonic way." ? It's a little drier, to be sure, but I suppose it works.

    (Then again, I'm probably over-thinking your comment and would have been better off just saying something along the lines of "No problem, and I'll be more careful in the future.")
  • No, no, no - the phrasing was wonderful, and a great bouquet of words. And I'm still amazed at your age. You can't imagine how incredibly stupid I would have come across on a forum like this when I was 18. Whatever I said.

    P.S. 18? Make that 28. I think I'm finally mellowing into human shape in my thirties.
  • Haha, human shape's always nice.

    Also, oh dear, I'm a youngin' again, I suppose. Hopefully I'm viewed less as the requisite angsty teen of the forum and more as just a part of it, although that would require me being less angsty and teenish; it seems as though in every post I make I'm revealing my youth in some fashion or the other, much to my dismay.

    I have a tendency to divulge far more about myself on the internet than is prudent, and certainly more than I do to people in real life. It terrifies me on occasion; there's something so nice about writing, though - while more permanent than speaking, I suppose, it also has the absolutely wonderful benefit of being receptive to proofreading, which gives me this sort of infallible feeling and then I go and say things that I would never have said aloud because I feel as though I've put them eloquentlier or something, when in fact I've just said the same thing I'd never be comfortable saying only the fact that it's written makes it okay.

    I guess writing is a sort of an antidote to repression, in that case, but it's unsettling sometimes.

    And this is why, on a related note, I absolutely hate it when people say the internet is killing language and the written word, because for me it undoubtedly, absolutely fosters it ... [I was going to mention fanfiction here but decided against it].
  • Keep writin', Shrutes! There's nothing like filling up a blank canvas, whatever your medium.
  • @shruti: One of my friends once said to me that when I meet people, I metaphorically open up my brain to them and say, "Here! Have a look!" I always say too much about myself. I suppose there are far worse habits. :-)
  • @Colleenky: You're fine. I've known people who have shared entirely too much about other organs.
  • Hahaha, I'm glad I'm not the only one.

    That said, it always freaks me out when people *don't* talk about themselves (hint: Bry. Jon Who.); there's something about that self-restraint or sense of privacy or whatever it is that I am incapable of understanding.
  • I'm not opposed to talking about myself in general (there are specifics I don't feel much like sharing, of course), I just don't know what anyone would care to know about me. :)
  • Tell us about your organs.
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    @Bry: Everything! ;-)

    ETA: After reading shaggy's comment, it put me in mind of, "Tell me only the good things that come to mind about ... your mother." "My mother? Let me tell you about my mother..."
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    And I'll show you some juggling tricks in the pulpit...

    ETA: I second Colleenky! Turn on the arc lights!
  • You're referring to the horny choir soprano who chased the minister around the sanctuary for hours until she finally caught him by the organ?
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    Which reminds me, I always thought the Suppository was a little room behind the sanctuary where you can safely play with the hypothesis that God doesn't exist, without fear of retribution.

    ETA: Ah, found it. According to my trusty Dictionary of Euphemisms, the following church organist story comes from Dickens' The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit (1844):
    When she spoke, Tom held his breath so eagerly he listened; when she sang he sat like one entranced. She touched his organ and from that bright epoch, even it, the old companion of his happiest hours, incapable as he had thought to elevation, began a new and deified existence
    I'm not sure if she was a soprano though, Colleenky.
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    @Mark: I keep my discussions about my organs confined to my locked LiveJournal posts. ;-)

    @shaggy: What are you saying about church choir sopranos, huh?! [She said, feigning indignation.]
  • @Shruti, if there's stuff you want to know in particular then hey just ask it, the worst that can happen is I refuse to respond, or produce a period of evils like last time :D. But I think I learned my lesson from that one.
  • All I have to give is all of me.

    I hope it's enough.
  • @Colleenky: Not all organs are created equal. Oversharing is more of an issue in some cases than others. Again, you're fine, but I once knew a woman who freely shared all the clinical details of her recurring reproductive physiology, sometimes during dinner, and discussions of mittelschmerz weren't the worst of it. Seriously TMI...
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    Nummy. Thanks for sharing. ;)

    (But props on the obfuscatorily florid phrasing.)
  • sharing is good in moderation, i also talk far too much about myself.

    more online than not, and with an imagination about as active as my hedge, i'm glad this sort of stuff don't bother me :P
    because i'm eating just now =3... yummie...
  • I'd just like to say I'm thrilled to see lurkers posting. It took me WEEKS to read all the posts in all the threads back in 2006, and there wasn't nigh as many as there be now, nohow.

    So big welcome Encubed and other former lurkers!
  • Big welcome to all the new posters! I agree with jinx... It is very cool to see people coming out of the shadows.
  • I mostly agree, although I'm finding myself shrinking back to the shadows as a Lurker. There is just so much discussion going on that it's impossible to follow everything, much less contribute anything meaningful. Except there seem to be a handful of people who never seem to leave this forum and who post nearly constantly. That's some serious dedication. ;)
  • I lurk more than I post.

    I monitor the forums when I'm supposed to be studying... like now! Oops!
  • I would say I lurk more than I post, but more often than that I just open threads to get rid of the darker yellow.
  • I just open threads to get rid of the darker yellow.
    hahaha! Me too!

    Oops, back to studying!
  • Me, three.
  • Hehe, shruti makes a complaint, and doesn't follow up in any way whatsoever.
  • @Spiff: I've been doing the same thing lately as well. I haven't had as much time for this place, and the discussions are going far faster than they used to. Sometimes it is hard to catch up.

    @Jon Who: Me four.
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    i put up with the darker yellow ive conserved myself to about 6 topics, max, i dont have the time i used to for anything XD.
    should be in bed, had that prelim i was talking about a day ago >.< it went okie woot, but i sucked at computer networking section :P

    oh and bed soon got C in the morning :(

    is there a unread link at all to display responses only to what you've typed in? or just the dark yellow and such?

    @christophano i'm the same lurk way too much >.>
  • Whoa, I somehow missed all the recent goings-on in this thread. If, Jon Who, you were referring to your statement some posts back along the lines of "ask and ye shall receive," I don't think I have any specific questions at the moment, though I will probably voice them if I do in the future. There's a difference, though, between answering questions and voluntarily saying stuff about oneself, you know?
  • Well, I have no idea where to start, so I can't voluntarily spontaneously say stuff. Same with any kind of work, I need almost crippling parameters set, so I'll do my best in making up some things to put that match what you guys have done. But I can't promise anything successful.
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    where about do you live?
    what'd you like?
    favorite icecream?
    where'd you live? XD
    Favorite Games?

    btw don't answer these if you can't be arsed, little bt drunk and felt like spacing out my comment count!

    EDT: some help? just read your post ^_^
  • Live: Southwest of England, either Plymouth(Devon) or Looe(Cornwall) depending on monitary statues
    What'd I like: To do as a job? To see/do before I die? What?
    Favourite Ice Cream:Not a huge an of Ice Cream so that's pretty much useless, though I will say I did like that caramel yoghurt I made.
    Pets: 1 dog-Border Collie, Brown and white 12 years old in 6 weeks. Oh, and a fish called Pip who just doesn't die. (Not that I want him to)
    Favourite Games: Smash Bros series, Zelda, Portal (blatantly), Peggle, Audiosurf, some parts of HALO 3.
  • Spiff, I feel the same way. I was busy throwing my mom a 60th birthday party on March 9th and I missed checking into the site for a few days. I just finished reading up on everything yesterday and I barely have been posting anything. I feel like a lurker newbie again.

    Oh, well, welcome to all.
  • now those are some games i can relate to!
    and yoghurt? really? gives me headaches :P

    do these forums have an irc channel? because they should!
  • They had one that really wasn't very popular.
  • really? i thought a chat room would be good in any forum.
  • Yeah, well it went under a brief re-use about a month back, and just died away.
  • I still haven't figured out how to use it.
  • Heh, mtgordon and myself did but that was about it.
  • thats a shame, i'd set up another one and a quick guide for people to access it if people wanted to.

    but i suppose if it was tried and tested... my offer will more than likely stand as long as i'm on the boards^^.
  • I've had a couple of folks explain it to me, but I never got it.

    Which maybe gets to the core of why I've been lurking lately. I don't know much about computers. I'm not good at math. I don't RP. I'm not into science fiction. I don't know any foreign languages. I didn't go to college.

    So I don't have much in common with folks here, besides loving JoCo. :-P
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