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I didn't see this anywhere, and I thought I’d put up a post about it.

A Joco twitter alerted me to a new site

The gist of it: Get points, use them to 'bump' your favorite songs, and if the songs turn out to be songs that are popular with the community at large, get awarded more points.

So, the better your picks, the more influence you can wield.

It seems as though the site is at least 2 months old, and there is an ocean of independent artists to pick from. What is really delicious, is that JoCo songs appeared on the site about 2 or 3 days ago and Mr. Coulton is now far and away the highest ranked artist on the site.

Feel free to visit me to see my irrational tastes.


  • I saw it here a few days ago.
  • Just looking at it from a technical perspective that site is damn impressive. Of course the fact that it can be used for JoCo pimping just makes it better.
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    I've just been there, signed up, and bumped my fave JoCo songs. I also ambled around a bit, checking out songs liked by some of those who like JoCo music, but apart from a very funny Flight of the Conchords song, I didn't much like their other musical faves.

    I always come back to the same dilemma -- what other artist will you love if you love JoCoMusic?
  • Went there last night, signed up, and bumped several JoCo songs. I'm also bumping Paul and Storm too.
    I'm just leaving the Rack playing, racking up points. Discovering some good music I wouldn't have otherwise.
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