Songs for Rock Band?

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So, what would it take to get some Coulton songs into the Rock Band video game? Legally and properly, I mean. The makers of the game are releasing new songs every week, we should be able to sneak a couple in there somewhere. Who do we need to get together and talk?

Just as importantly, which songs have an interesting drum, vocal and guitar part(s)?


  • I'd go with I Feel Fantastic and CBP for the songs according to your spec, but I don't know the game as such. What does it involve?
  • The developers at Harmonix, maker of Rock Band (and Guitar Hero), are well aware of JoCo -- before the Somerville, MA, show in October, they had him over for a visit, and they went to said show (as did I), where JoCo announced there were no plans at the time to include any of his songs in their products.

  • Wouldn't a song for Rock Band also need a bass part to go alongside Guitar, Drums, and Vocal? Now I'm not an expert, but I don't think JoCo's songs have a bass part. Am I wrong? Or even, are there songs in Rock Band that don't originally have all parts that have made it in anyways?
  • Bass parts can be subtle. I recall for a fact that "My Beige Bear" had a bass part, and I suspect that many other songs have at least some bass line going on in the background. I'm not generally aware of such things, but I'm normally not listening for them.

    Of course, this only applies to studio work. I only know of one time that he played a bass in a live show.
  • He played a bass alongside that... person... with the ukelele thing... in a Tom Cruise crazy live video. I think. Probably.

    I know there's a bass part in Creepy Doll and The Big Boom, and probably others too.
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    Bringing a two-year-old thread back from the dead to note that more JoCo songs are coming for Rock Band. Which songs would be the most fun?

    ETA: I see this already being discussed in another thread, so I'll repost it there and let this one die off again :)
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